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Here's some poems that I have written. I hope you enjoy them

Submitted: June 26, 2014

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Submitted: June 26, 2014



RIP Penelope
Seven years ago
You were white and black as snow
So small and fluffy
I love you more than me
I wish we could have had more hours
To play some ball and roll in flowers.
I'll never forget, I never will
Even times you were such a pill
You made me laugh, you made me smile
Even made me want to run a mile.
I love you dearly,
RIP Penelope

Gone Away
He swallowed his grief, but what could he say?
All his life he knew her, but now she’s gone away.
A rose lays on stone
As he approaches all alone

Ninety years have gone by
But no one knows how or why
A life taken from the earth
Was in the place where there was birth

Tears fall down as he walks
He trudges around and no longer talks.
Grief and misery fill his soul
For she had played a major role

His face reddens along with his eyes
Too late to say his goodbyes
He swallowed his grief, but what could he say?
All his life he knew her, but now she’s gone away.

Stars above all the sky
Makes me want to go and fly
A sun and moon shine bright tonight
Eight planets in all, that must be right

Some small, others not
And cold and hot
Belts and dippers fill the black
Can you find them and bring the faded back

Silence fills the room
As students sit and gloom
Scratching pencils all is hard
Every now and then cows a bird

Pressure fills the air
Everyone hoping to do fair
A grade depends on all their brains
For testing is their evil bane

Percy Jackson
Sea green eyes and black hair
He is known everywhere
By friend and foe
A future ahead he does not know

Orange and purple join into one
A great, big quest, it is no fun
Giants and titans, what else is next
Several friends and him put to the test

Death is what seems to be 
When done with one, he is not free
Another quest he goes on
Next another thing goes wrong

Rhyming words so hard to find
Flowing nicely and can rhyme
Words that can't like orange
Has to be something like door hinge.

Different rhythms, different ways
To write and express what you want to say
Maybe flowers or maybe sadness
Possibly of secrets, gold, or badness

Some are short, others long
Some are stories, others song
Some with rhyme
And others with time.


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