Home Sweet Home - Our New Big Sister

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Submitted: April 22, 2008

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Submitted: April 22, 2008




Our New “Big Sister”


Having added a new big sister, practically overnight, you may be wondering, what did my current children think of this idea? Well, they were as thrilled as we were!


First of all, I must tell you that Courtney, my 9-going-on-14 year old, just squealed with delight at the announcement and in the most dramatic voice possible, said “I’ve always wanted a big sister!!!” Poor Cole. I can just see him thinking "what am I, chopped liver? I've been your sibling all my life!" That is if I thought he really cared at this age what his big sis thinks of him. That may be a little far-fetched at this point in time.


Cole, my almost 8-year-old, however, thinks that girls pretty much stink, except for Mom of course (thank God!). Works for me! There was that 6-month period last year where I guess he was “finding his male identity.” (And let me just say “Thank you, Dr. Dobson, for writing Bringing Up Boys, so I would know that I hadn’t lost him for good at that point!)

So, how did Cole react to YET ANOTHER sister... well, the jury was out on that for just a little while. I can safely say he was less excited than Courtney at first, but you wouldn’t know it now! Dad and him have already gave her a crash course on the greatest American past-time… baseball, of course! They watched the Little League World Series and taught her all about the game. Cole can’t wait to teach her to fish! The two of them wrestle around, tickling and tormenting each other like they’d been related for years!

We couldn’t have asked for a better camraderie.

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