Home Sweet Home - The Newest Addition

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Submitted: April 22, 2008

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Submitted: April 22, 2008




The Newest Addition to Our Home Sweet Home


Well, despite the furled brows of friends and family members who must have thought we were crazy, we recently made the admittedly-quick decision to add another member to our family this year.


We’ve thrown the idea of adopting around for a few years, but this time we decided to go in a different direction. Instead of getting our kids a little brother or sister, we thought, what if we get them an older one? And maybe a short-term commitment would be better?


Am I talking about fostering? No, no, no. I think the people that do that are super-human! I know God must give them an extra measure of grace. I can’t imagine myself investing so many years and tears into a child knowing there is a promise that it won’t be forever. Always knowing goodbye was coming, and never knowing when or how.


For us, this temporary new addition to the family came in the way of a foreign exchange student. Alicja (ah-LEETZ-yah) Balfanz, or Alli as we call her, is a 17-year-old from Locknitz, Germany who has become the new big sister here in the Allen home, through next July anyway. Did I just say that I suddenly have a teenage daughter?!?!? WOW! Life can sure change fast.


And boy, has it! Life is moving fast these days. Then again, when was it not moving fast? It actually was just with about a week’s notice that we were made aware of the need for host families for some students who were already on their way to America. The idea intrigued me. I threw it out to my hubby, and it really shocked me that he was not only not against it but was actually quite excited about the idea for reasons which I will maybe share in another article.


We were very excited… and yet extremely nervous because it was all happening so fast! But we knew God was in control and not surprised by any of this! All we did was make ourselves available to the possibility and absolutely every detail literally fell into place.  We trust that our hearts motives will be blessed throughout this coming year, and we are looking forward to many good times learning about another culture, sharing about our own, and discovering the many blessings in store for each of us on this journey together.

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