A Stranger -My Brother

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an unexpected young stranger who comes into life , taking the place of a brother , making a marked change on the complete life of his new found sister and then moving on . This is a reminiscence by the sister

Submitted: March 07, 2013

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Submitted: March 07, 2013




My Brother


Affection is a mutual feeling

sometimes it has no bounds

and affection it was that I entertained

when you came into my life


An adult brother

A mid teen

you came in laughing like the sun

making things seem brighter

you changed my whole perception of life


your senseless jokes

your varied talk

your childish heart

and caring soul


your will to change

your sound advice

your free affection

the right you claimed


You proved to be the brother

Any sister will want to have


I never realized though until the end

that it was YOU who changed my life

and not me yours !


Time has passed

Time has come ….

To let go of what once was mine …


Now that I know

you are not there for granted

I realize how much I really cared.

Something beyond affection, something beyond care

I never doubted you were mine!


The goodbye is hard.

It’s having its toll

I feel so torn apart


A wrenching in my soul

a pain in my heart

a suffocation in my throat

and angry , tearless sighs

Because: I don’t want to let go


And it hurts so much more

Now that I know


You cared even more ………………………..

F. Farwin Rahuman

© Copyright 2019 Farwin. All rights reserved.

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