Anthony the Anteater

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Anthony the anteater has a diabolical plan...

Anthony the anteater is a sloppy yet complex creature. Being sloppy with his room, leaving trash about, never cleaning anything in his room which would deprive him of comfort is all done according to his master plan. The master plan is as lazy as it is diabolical. Bring every single ant out there to him. (evil laugh...) 1

His philosophy is this: where there is a mess and foods laying about there shall be bugs which journeys from a far to live in such a luxury define setting. Yes, this plan which he will strive for is simple in its tapestry yet complex in its design. He is a marvel amongst anteaters. 2

Anthony started on his mission with passion and determination. After indulging, He left his unfinished cans of cokes on the counters of everything from his dressers to T.V tops. Looking in awe at the splendor of his work, half drank sugar traps design to bring ants to him, a single tear floated down his long pointy nose. It was wondrous. Cans upon cans, cans behind cans, everywhere where a can could stand a can would be. 3

Then came all the unfinished fast foods he partially ate with all the wrappers overflowing the bags and scattered about the floor. Bits of hamburgers, French fries, burrito half's, bits of candy, and Pancakes with syrup sticking about were seen throughout his domain. 4

His plan spewed out into the yard to a local ant colony. “Hey Greg! do you smell that delightful smell as I do? Hamburgers, pancakes and syrup, cokes, the seemingly unlimited quantity of scents drenched the whole ant colony and scavengers about the land outside his home. Get the worker ants together! called out Bob to Greg. We are going to bring back a feast tonight! He said with tremendous delight. 5

The ants were in an up roar. All the luxurious foods they ever dreamed of having were at hand. They scurried deep down inside their passageways beneath the dirt. Communicating, plotting, working together for the common good. They set out to follow the entrancing scent. (Tap tap tap tap their feet's went...)6

Zzzzzzzzz... Anthony the anteater slept dreaming enticing dreams. Dreams which exaggerated the scenarios of his plan which he had devised. One such scenario which was playing out now happened to be this: Muahahahaha... Anthony's evil laugh reign supreme over the helpless doomed ant feast. They were caught in the web of his devices. “Please don't eat me, oh merciful one!, begged one ant on his hands and knees. Another Bunch stood in line as the warriors that they were taking there defeat with dignity. They chanted their alien words as they stepped onto the ant eaters hand. Then he flung the poor ants one by one about in the air like acrobats into his hungry snout. The ants meeting their unfortunate demise in the tomb of their enemy. 7

Meanwhile back in reality, The company of ants marched into the room cautiously in line formation through the window sill. Bob and Greg lead the well dressed army as you might of imagine. Each ant was nervous though at this new world they crawled into. Monstrous dark laughter and mumbling sounds enraged the heavens of this new frontier. However, These men didn't allow their fears to control them, no they were invigorated and adventured on like the true explorers that they were. 8

Downward the wall they crawled with there small hearts pounding, overseeing the scenery before them. It was full of all their desires plus ones they never imagine just like they thought. This was indeed a treasure trove amongst ants. 9

Once upon the ground B.L the bad luck ant was pondering about the hypothetical realities of what will befall him in the nearby future. Being a daydreamer he couldn't help but daze into a trance every now and then.10

K.L. Stood beside him. He was the klutz of the colony but he was B.L.'s closest friend. K.L. was always teased for it. He hated it as much as he hated tripping on a preciously unseen object that now stuck out like a sore thumb.11

B.L. Still stuck in his delusional world was knocked back to reality by his best friend nudging his shoulder. “Are you thinking about the numerous ways life could betray you once again like the lover she is?” Asked his smug friend. All his friend could do for a response was give him the “of course” facial expression which he had long since mastered. Then it was followed with a subtle laugh. 12

All of the ants had gone down the wall already. The scouting ants scattered about in search of unknown treasure laying about. They didn't just search for food but any treasure they desired. They were known as the collectors of the colony. The worker ants went along there way in a line to the task of getting the food at hand.13

This bizarre world still rung with the same dark overtone as when they first arrived but all the ants took strength from one another to cope with the events at hand. Two such ants were B.L. with his friends who went scouting the territory for they were scouting ants. They never traveled any place alone. 14

Anthony being the eventful sleeper that he was, was not just prone to sleep talking but also to sleep walking. Still stuck in his dream state he continued his fantasy with the actions carried out in the real world. Slowly he sat up upon his mattress with his feet planted on the floor. 15

In the dream he was now in the kitchen with a collection of ants in a jar. “Mmmm... you guys are going to make a wonderful bug platter.” remarked Anthony with foretelling content. To the side of him in the open cabinet jars of many other different kinds of bugs were captured helplessly in there prisons of glass. Who knows but the anteater of how long they have been trapped there for. For they lost track already of how many days has long since past. 16

Each of the aforementioned bugs each had their own story of how they came to be there. They spent long days recounting the memories which were now burned into their minds. Henry the caterpillar for one had quite a disturbing tale which unfolded like folklore you don't believe to have been true.17

It was raining that forsaken day. He was alone in the garden hiding beneath a fresh gourmet green leaf. Ironic it was that he was seeking shelter beneath such a fine meal. 18

Lighting sparked throughout the sky as well as thunder roaring in the heavens. The Rain streamed down heavily unto everything below, unbiased. 19

Shivering in the cold he thought of ways to get back home with minimal damage. Little did he realize what dreadful event would happen next to him. Perhaps it could be called fate of the worst sorts that our choices create. 20

A normal looking chap strolling through the rain with an common umbrella was coming towards him down the path. The man was an anteater he could surely tell but he looked charming with eyes that seemed to reassure those who looked into them with security. Of course there were doubts which sprinkled down his mind just like the dark overtones of nature before him at first, but he surely was not an ant, he was a caterpillar. The thoughts dissipated in no time at all. 21

“Hello there, what are you doing out here in the cold rain under that leaf which would of made a fine meal,” the well dressed anteater greeted with raised eyebrows. 22

“I went out to relax, to get a quick meal but got caught in the unforeseen rain,” replied Henry with modest discontent with the scenario. 23

Another sound of thunder swept through the heavens as Anthony the anteater smiled at him contemplatively. What he was contemplating Henry hoped was about helping him. “How far away is your home? Perhaps I could give you a lift there in no time,” Anthony offered with edger eyes.24

“Oh, thank you!” the caterpillar replied immensely. “I don't live far at all for a being of your size, just 500 feet away over the hill.” 25

The Anteater pulled out the jar from the raincoat surely as if it had magically appeared within his hands. “Here you go, come inside, we don't want you to catch a cold now,“ the anteater suggested leaving no room for options. Knowing an unconfrontational man as Henry would never complain.26

Henry happily entered his soon to be hell with only happy thoughts. Then just like that Anthony put the jar into his pocket, then preceded to carry him off away from everything he knew.27

B.L. and K.L. Felt the ground tremble. Looking to see what had happened with fear in their eyes they saw the huge anteater presented before them. 28

B.L. Wanted to call out for help but was clouded by too many thoughts racing through his mind. One such thought was, “of course this would happen to me.” He soon realize it would have been a pointless exercise for when he tried talking to his friend K.L. no sound came fourth. “What bad luck I surely have,” he said with irony frozen in the spot.29

K.L. On the other hand couldn't help but move around, if you could even call it that. How he reacted under pressure could even be called comical. He ran in patternless trails never before imagined but came to an abrupt stop when he tripped over a tangled hair upon the ground. “Ahhhhhhh...” he cried out. “What should we do?”30

The two finally got there senses together. “We got to tell the others,” they said in tune. with a short pause following. “Safety in numbers, of course,” they both said in tune once again. 31

The Anteater now standing upon his feet was carrying on whatever dastardly deeds he was taking unadulterated pleasures from in his dream. The poor dream creatures essences being devoured in unspeakable ways inside to an anteater whose appetite would never be satisfied. Thankfully though for them but unluckily for the ants, for the moments that came when he stubbed his toe on the computer chair. Plenty of pain flowed through him causing him to awake.32

The news had spread throughout to all of the invading ants that they have entered the dwelling of an anteater. They scurried carrying all of the foods they could manage which greatly slowed them down. They wanted to have accomplished something but Being caught now was only inevitable. The comical trail of ants with food on there backs went for escape at a snails paste. So far yet so close they all were. 33

“Bob, what have you got us into!” yelled Greg. “Why did you have to smell that scent,” proclaimed Greg bitterly.34

“Its not my fault!” Bob yelled back. “We all agreed to do this, someone else would of smelled the scent eventually,” explained Bob logically in the midst of the excitement. 35

Anthony hopped about uncontrollably. ”Owe..owe...owe” he roared for some time. However the pain soon subsided. Now he was fully awake, aware of everything happening around him. Still with the memory of the delicious dream.36

The anteater scanned his room with fruitful eyes in hopes his plan had already come to past. Sure enough it had become true. His heart started pounding...thump, thump, thump, thump... How wonderful it all was unfolding. His tongue ready to slurp down the ant track. 37

Anthony stood over the ants exalted. The ants stopped, dropped what they were carrying then looked up at their arch nemesis. Only one thought entered their thoughts that very moment. “What will happen next.”38

A contingent of ants coming over the window sill saw what had befallen their family. Sending messengers for help the whole ant colony rallied behind them to defeat their foe. 39

The ant eater slurped down the line of ants as they scattered, fleeing the immediate area. “Dahhhh...” each ant screamed with each their own haunting voice in terror. Many ants devoured in the aftermath as the tongue sucked them down. 40

“Yummy, yummy, yummy... ” the anteater said to himself out loud. “There's no use in running my friends, you cant escape.”41

An army of ants along with varying assortment of bugs stormed the room working together for a common enemy. Wasps flu around him stinging as he tried to swap them off. The anteater screamed in agony. Hundreds of Ants covered every inch of the anteaters body biting every tender area. Flies buzzed around his ears annoying his thoughts.42

The anteater ate and ate his enemies, smashing them with his claws and feet. Even when he was full, not wanting to eat another sicking bite he was forced too. In the end all the bugs had been devoured or smashed.43

Anthony the anteater had learned his lesson. After that, he had cleaned up his room of any mess so no more ants and bugs would attack him again. He would catch his food out there instead of letting them come to him. For in his mistakes he had learned to become greater than what he was. 44

Submitted: December 30, 2007

© Copyright 2020 Writtensouls. All rights reserved.

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