Minequest! Look Out For Mr. Creeper!!

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Minequest is a random thing I came up with about... well you guessed it... its about minecraft!!

It is going to be a series of short stories about minecraft,
and the main character in all of them is STEVE! Mr. Creeper is the other main character in this one and there are two star guests this time... Dave The Zombie and Endy The Enderman both from slamacowcreations! Hope You Enjoy The Story XD
p.s. If you didn't notice, the title looks look a dirt block, the first paragraph looks like a creeper face, the second paragraph looks like Dave the zombies face, and the third looks like a endermans face.


Submitted: February 25, 2013

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Submitted: February 25, 2013




Look Out For 

Mr Creeper!!!

Steve punched a tree until his efforts prevailed and one block of wood broke.. Eventually he had destroyed one, yes one blocky tree. When the sun had reached its highest point Steve had collected thirty-five wooden blocks;So he crafted a crafting table.He crafted some wooden planks, some sticks,a door and loads of other wooden stuff for building.. Soon he had build a wood and mud house that he found amazing.

Steve stepped back to admire his new creation; a badly built house.. which he thoght was spectacular. But it was shortlived becuase, catastropically Mr. Creeper walked up to the housewith a large smile on his face. He approached the house and before Steve could think Mr. Creeper went.......... CABOOM! Destroying Steve's terrible house.

Night-time came and Steve sat shaking next to a small fire.. Dave and Endy walked out of a cave and spotted Steve; Dave The Zombie got our three packets of marshmallows... Dave and Endy went over to Steve and they all ended up around the fire eating roasted marshmallows.




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