The Leaper

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The beginning....

Submitted: June 28, 2010

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Submitted: June 28, 2010



My light is off My time is on My clock has stop And my trouble has begun

Your light is on Your time is off Your clock is turned For a life ahead

I love you dearly I want you dearly I needed to stay But I can’t bare this sight

Hand shaking, holding the pole Hand shaking, grabbing the stairs Hand shaking, opened the steel door Leading to the stormy wind

For more than a role of sight, I climb up the ladder leading to the top of the building. The sky has turned black, it’s anger has been smelled by a thousands of people. Lightning with it’s light, flashing through the sky as if the sky is broking to pieces. I’m like a bird…

You’re running in a cab You’re trying to stay You’re trying to reach the time Before I jump… and past away

I heard your screaming, as your hair turned slim, stick to your face. Gosh, you’re so beautiful, although you are crying in your fiance’s hand… The marriage ring is clearly shinning, I can see it from 50 feets tall ahead. I know the man will take you well, for the money and the loving he do. I can’t do that, for I’m a man of sorrow. Farewell, my love… I hope we’ll see each other in heaven…

Hard breathing, rain drifting Hard breathing, balcony turns slippery Hard breathing, you’re scream ripping the air

The times stops…

I get to wake up, feeling my heart beats fast. I’m all alone, with the dark night and the thunderstorm. For mostly, I’m terribly fear of lightning, I was wondering where have I get that nightmare.

Days passed, and the same thing happened. The doctors didn’t helped me much but taking all my money. Sitting in a balcony and watching it happening, I have to say I’m pretty lucky, for that I’m already dead, seeing it all happen to you again, my dear.

Sincerely, The Leaper

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