Alone, Beated, and Battered

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old i remember all of this even that exsact second i saw this!
wow memories SUCK

Submitted: May 28, 2008

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Submitted: May 28, 2008



i can not think strait

because the memory is burned into my mind

when i look for a safe place to think

a safe place i cant find

when i saw what i saw

my heart completely shatered

i went home and cried

alone, beated, and battered

what i saw before me

was somthing i havent seen before

i saw somthing that killed me inside

i saw him makeing out with his whore

why would he do that

did he want to ripe my heart

did he want to see me break down and cry

did he want my world to fall apart

i dont want to stand

because i know ill fall down

i dont want to live

when he's not going to be around

and now i fell empty

im pretty sure im hollow inside

i want to ripe out whats left of me

run away and hide

im shakeing so badly

i can barely breathe

i dont care about anything anymore

after what he did to me

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