The Fragments of Ivanhall

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Ignorance is bliss. Ivo Cassferth has always hoped to join The Guild, a large organization sending heroes to aid, if the coin is good enough. However The Guild bears it's own darkness. In The Guild's battle against it's great enemy, The Victus, It may have given up more than it could

“Why is it quiet?” I Pondered, “Ships aren’t quiet… They’re full of gossiping rich folk… Full of shouting workmen... So why is it quiet?”


“Wait a minute…. That smell… Sulfur. The smell of sulfur was the key sign of demon summoning, a dark and illegal magic outlawed by both the Guild and the Empire alike. If the smell of sulfur was so thick here, someone has been bringing demons here.


They said leaving home would be difficult, but I never imagined this. I thought demons would become less of an issue once I had left home, however if they had invaded the ship they were going to become one hell of an issue quite quickly. I wasn’t sure what to do, at the moment I was hidden, keeping refuge within a fruit crate in the bowels of the ship. A stow away, that seems to have chosen the wrong ship


It was then I heard it. The familiar clicking, the taps of claws on the metal of the floor. The sound of tearing metal resonated in the room beyond my crate. It would seem a demon had found it’s way to the cargo hold, I could hear it’s muffled breathing, slight hisses. I held my breathing praying that the creature would not find me, however what little faith I had left fled. I could hear the creature sniffing the walls of the crate, apples were not enough to mask my existence.


Resigning that my peaceful stay amongst the fruit was over I sighed, “Oh well, I suppose it can’t be helped,”


My hand dove into the apples that had amassed around me, I retrieved my blade. A spear like weapon possessing two long blades on one end, and a hook on the other. Instinctively I drove the blade through the wood and met the proper resistance. The creature let out a loud cry of agony, I knew I had hit my target. I gathered my strength, and proceed to cleave the top of the box of, as well as liberating the creatures bottom half from its torso.


The contents of the box spilled upon the floor, mixing with the blood now running from the creature. This monster was without a doubt a demon.


“It doesn’t look special, same red skin, the eyes are bloodshot, claws are average size, its tail only bearing one sharp spike. It seems whoever brought it here isn’t very good at it.” I looked around.


“Demons… even this far from home and they still manage to ruin my day. I suppose I should be happy, only one has made it this far into the ship. So whatever they’re after isn’t in here. Although on the other hand it also means it’s a safe bet everyone else on the ship is dead. Just perfect.”


I left the cargo hold, and ventured out into the ship, Hisses and clicks could be heard off in the distance.


“Twenty demons to the deck possibly more the smell of sulfur is pretty thick. One bad turn into the wrong room, and i’d be buried in demons. Not to mention i’m stranded in the middle of the sea with no idea where I am or where to go. Anything else?” I could hear screeches reverberating throughout the ship.


“Oh boy…” Even I, Ivo Cassferth,  lone adventurer of the continent of Firi had to admit concern. Even if I was lucky enough to survive this, I wouldn’t have the faintest Idea how to sail a lifeboat, nor how to navigate to my destination. Either way, staying here was bound to get me killed. I thought it best to make my way toward the captain's quarters, Perhaps he would have a map or a compass. I crept out into the hall, all was quiet now. I began advancing into the ship, moving as a shade, silently. The ship was a maze of corridors, with turns often splitting off into four directions. I did my best to navigate this madness, often running into dead ends or sealed doors. After a few failed attempts I had managed to find my bearings and at last began making progress toward the captain’s quarters. Arriving to a turn in the hall I froze…


I recognized the sound of a demon eating. Lots of movement, messy sounding, lots of breaks to hiss. I peaked around the corner. There were two demons down this hall, slightly larger than the one I had previously encountered, but not large enough to be of concern. I readied my blade and without a second thought I marathoned down the hall toward the two devils. They heard me, mouths bloodied from their meal, they turned and hissed at me. Both pushing off the wall, threw themselves at me. It was simple enough, I shifted my movements allowing one of the damn monsters to impale itself onto my blade. However, this move disarmed me as it would take no small effort to free the blade from the creature’s ribcage. I allowed my blade to fall from my hand, and allowed silence to enter my mind. Having my weapon taken from me would not be an issue. After all, I was Ivo Cassferth and my own claim to fame was being the first and only lightning mage to have come from my home, the small village of Malore on the vast continent of Firi.


I cleared my mind, allowing the remaining creature to walk within arms length of me. Taking a deep breath I allowed my energy to gather in my chest, then placing my hands against the Demon’s chest the energy erupted, passing through my shoulders into my arms. Sparks flew, as the lightning skittered down the hall, having first passed through the demon.


The impact had burned a hole in the monster’s chest, and had left my arms in serious pain. Performing lightning magic was no small feat. Perhaps this is why I left home? If I was to become the great warrior my mother was raising me to be I need more help then my village had to offer. If I was to learn to become a great mage, I would need to join the Guild.


The Guild was the most notable magical institution. The Guild takes contracts to send support to those with enough coin to buy the services of a hero, and with any luck one day I would be one of these heroes.


I breathed deeply and observed my handiwork. Two demons lay dead at my feet, however I dreaded to see what it was these two monsters had claimed as their meal. I needed only observe a small amount of jewelry surrounding the bloody mass to confirm the worst. A knot formed in the pit of my stomach., grabbing my blade I quickly put distance between the corpse and what little sanity I had left. Stopping just around the corner I took a few deep breaths to gather myself. This trip was supposed to be simple. Hide away on the ship and sneak away once we hit land. However what plans I had made were quickly dismantled by whoever had brought these demons here.


Footsteps could be heard behind me, walking down the hall I had slain the two demons in. Was it one of the summoners investigating the bowels of the ship? I doubt they would be pleased with the damage I had done. I peered around the corner. A man was kneeling at the corpses, seemingly evaluating my handiwork. The man was wearing some dusty robes and possessed a red silk cloak, his hair was hidden by a hood concealing his face. I was not certain if this man was responsible for bringing these demons here, however I was not going to take any chances.  I readied myself, tightening my grip on my blade I was about to rush down the hall to kill him, but he suddenly turned his head to face me. I beheld the most disturbing attribute of this man, his eyes were only bright blue lights, no pupils, no iris just lights. I was so focused on attempting to understand this sight, that I did not notice that he had raised his hand. A gust of air suddenly rushed through the hall, this gust tore several of the sealed metal hatches wide open. The wall of air crashed into the wall of the ship at the end of the hall, tossing me like a rag doll, and shoving me aside. The impact dented the hull, and a loud ringing reverberated down the halls. I managed to pick myself up to my knees when I felt it. The feeling like you're being watched.


I knew the man was right behind me, I could feel his eyes looking me up and down. Terrified, I readied myself. I grabbed the blade hilt tightly and spun around prepared to strike, but by the time I had stood up he was gone. No sign that he had even been here, aside from the dent in the wall and the pounding of my heart.


“How in the hell?” I muttered out of confusion. I was interrupted by sounds deeper within the ship, however these sounds we calm. Contrary to the sounds to tearing flesh and hissing monsters, these sounds were that of conversation. I was conflicted however with no path but the one before me, I resolved to press on. I came to the outside of a great banquet hall, with a door so large it was like out of a fairy tale. The voices I had heard earlier were clear now, and appeared to emanate from within. I creaked open the door a small amount to investigate. Two men dressed in black robes were inside.


The first voice spoke, “I’m telling you, he wasn’t normal! He used wind magic, he must of have gotten to the others. It would explain why the first and second groups have disappeared?”


The second voice responds, “Perhaps the Guild has agents on the ship?”


The first speaks up, “ No No, the man I saw couldn’t be apart of the guild. He didn’t even look human, his eyes were just glowing lights. He sounds just like that Archmage that Lady Iratus is always talking about. A monster with eyes of light, powerful enough to grind mountains to dust, sounding familiar?”


The second responding, “ I always thought that he was just a myth, something she made up to keep us in line… Ok, say I believed that that man is who we think he is, and i’m not saying that I do, but IF he was. What do we do?”


The first voice whimpers, “We should take our boat and leave.”


“Without the others?”, the second voice yells


“They’re already dead. We need to save ourselves before we die to!” The first voice cries out.


“I wouldn’t worry too much, I can remedy that,” I taunted, bursting into the room.


Both of the men jump back. From what they had been saying, the stranger from earlier, the man with the glowing eyes, was not an ally of theirs. I was partly relieved to know that terrifying creature was not an ally of theirs. These men were Demon Summoner's, using a highly illegal form of magic outlawed by both the First Empire and the Guild. They should be dealt with quickly.


“Is this the man you were talking about?” the second voice asked


“No, his eyes are different. This guy must just be one of the passengers,” the first voice sighed. Clearly having been expecting to see the Stranger with the Glowing Eyes, however he would quickly learn that I am not one to be taken lightly.


The second man seemed to gain his confidence back, “Then he shouldn’t be a problem.,”


I responded, “Arrogance…,”


“Die whelp!” Both men shouted as they through their hands into the air.


As they raised their hands the ground around them erupted in green flames, and from the green flames jumped two demons. They appeared smaller and weaker than the demons that I had faced earlier. These two men were too weak to be an issue. I dove at the demons before they could fully gain a sense of their surroundings killing them both in a smooth motion, slashing across. The two men seemed taken back, clearly confused as to how their precious demons had been felled so quickly. I then turning my sights toward the men, cutting down the first man, removing his head from his shoulders. Then turning toward the second man. He was panicking and as he tried to flee, I grabbed onto him, severing the man’s hands and then piercing his heart. The two had clearly been weaklings, falling so easily. The mastermind behind this plot must have still been around.


The room stank of sulfur, and would soon bear the smell of the now deceased men. A slow clapping could be heard from behind me. I spun around expecting more demon summoners, with a legion of devils to destroy me. To my surprise it was not demon summoners, but The Stranger with the Glowing Eyes that stood in the doorway.


“You seemed almost eager to kill them…” the man with the glowing eyes giggled.


“Men like these made my homeland a nightmare. The world will be unfettered by their departure,” I replied maintain my battle stance, gripping my blade tightly.


The Stranger’s smile widened, “Don’t mistake my curiosity for criticism. I was only admiring your work,”


The Stranger began to move closer,” In all honesty I’m not sure what to make of you. You have no insignia, which means you can’t belong to a Guild. However you seem adequate with a blade. More interesting you’re a lightning mage, but your lack of form means you’ve never learned how to use it properly…A mercenary? No, too young. A guard perhaps? No, Your clothes are no match to the uniforms of the ship, and the scent of old fruit implies you are a stow away….”


I began to step away from the Stranger, “And what am I to make of you? Not human clearly, and a wind mage? Not a normal passenger for a ship that has just left Firi”


“Not human?” The Stranger reacted, “What a cruel thing to say. Rest assured I am as human as you are,”


“Then explain the eyes!” I demanded


The Stranger seemed caught out. He stumbled over his words for a moment. Letting out a short sigh of defeat he responded, “I’ve had them since I was young! Would you have me explain why I have hands?”


I couldn’t help but smirk.


The Stranger hoping to regain some control of the situation stood straight up, “I am the Archmage Highborne! Envoy of the Guild Ivanhall!” The Stranger Saluted, moving his robes to reveal an insignia. One that I was familiar with.


An Envoy from the Guild? Strange to see them on Firi, although I suppose it was not impossible. I attempted to get more information, I spoke up “I have heard of Guild Ivanhall, but I’ve never heard of you,”


The Stranger seemed unhappy with this response, and let out yet another sigh, “You know? I really should stop getting upset by this kind of thing. It happens more than I care to admit… But is it really too much to ask that SOMEONE REMEMBERS WHO I AM, AFTER ALL I’VE DONE, EVERYONE I’VE SAVED, EVERYONE I-” The Stranger caught a glimpse of the look on my face, I was clearly not approving of his tantrum.


“Fine… Fine! Just call me the non-human nobody, that’s PERFECTLY fine! What would a non-guild runt like you doing here anyways?” The Stranger whimpered.


I responded, “I don’t see how that would be any of your business… Besides given the current situation of the ship, i’d say whatever plans I had, have changed quite significantly,” I then continued, “So what the plan then Highborne?” I said, using finger quotes to display my lack of affection.


“It’s a simple plan really. We can’t do anything while these Demon Summoners have control of the ship. I figure our first step is to find them, and kill them,”


I stammered,” W-what? Just kill them?”


The Stranger seemed confused, ”What’s the issue? You’ve already started!”


Flabbergasted I complained, “Don’t you smell that? How thick the sulfur is? This ship has to be crawling with demons! there has to be more than twenty of these things left, not to mention to Summoners along with them, they can’t all be as incompotent!”


“Don’t tell me you’re scared? You already taken some of them out already! And now you’ve got a Guildsmen. What is there to be afraid of?”


I lowered my head, fists clenched, “I’ve seen these things tear whole families apart. You Guild types don’t understand, you don’t have to deal with these things. I grew up fighting them, seeing villages swarmed… Buried under carnage left behind… So don’t tell me there's nothing to be afraid of!” Ivo’s head lifted with a glare of rage on his face.


The Stranger seemed taken back, “No, I understand. I promise you i’m not about to let these creatures deal anymore damage than they already have. If you stick close, we can make it through this. Both of us together.”


“I don’t need to be protected,” I protested


“I don’t intend to be your guardian. If we’re going to do this, I need you watching my back just as much as i’m watching yours,” The Stranger


In the end I have no more reason the trust this stranger, Highborne, than anyone else I might have encountered on board. His connection to Ivanhall was reassuring, however it does seem too convenient that a member from the Guild would happen to be on a ship leaving Firi.

What was he doing on Firi? Firi has no connection to the guild. Although given that my remaining choice of companions are dead on the floor, and the ship's situation was not likely to improve.. What choice did I have?


Imagination time (Some events happen that I’ve yet to write that connect these two bits. Rest assured people die, the day is saved, Ivo and the “Non-human-Nobody” (Highborne) arrive to the harbor city of Illbera, home of the guild Ivanhall with the intent of Ivo joining the guild)


We had reached to the top of the hill overlooking the city of Illbera, and as i put my last foot down, I turned to see the sun setting against the horizon, glittering off the waters of the bay.


“Welcome to the Guild Ivanhall,” Highborne spoke. I turned to see it, it was a tall wooden building. It was a humble abode, but I knew inside were heroes of all calibers.


“Are you sure that I could make it in?,” I pondered to Highborne.


Highborne looked at me and responded, “Not many have come to fight Lady Iratus’ acolytes, fewer still have survived them. Given how much of a nuisance they have been as of late, I believe your skills could become quite valuable,” We stood at the door, and pressing his arm against the wood, Highborne threw open the doors.


It was a glorious moment while it lasted, inside were heroes of all shapes and sizes. Some that I recognized, some whose mere presence felt humbling.


However the rest of the room slowly came into focus. The Guild, as it were, was currently engaged in a brawl.


Highborne did not seem surprised. In fact the sight seemed to calm him, as he confidently waltzed into the hall. I attempted to follow him, as he danced around thrown glasses, and unconscious members. While tailing quickly behind I was struck in the back, I turned to see a small bearded man, wielding a chair.


“Oh I am quite sorry ol’ chap, I mistook you Nemex,” The small gnome of a man said.


“Mistook me for who?” I stammered out


“Nemex, the rather large brute of a fellow? The one running around the room, stealing the drinks amidst this chaos,” The gnome responded pointing a finger toward a rather large man, who’s clearly had too much to drink, “Oh my, you’re not an Ivanhall member are you? Please forgive me. I’ll repay you for my mistake at a later time, however as it stands I have a score to settle,” The gnome said. Then screeching out, “Nemex, you good for nothing GALLYWAG! I’ll show you how to run up a tab!” Then suddenly throwing himself straight back into the fray.


I looked onward to see that Highborne had journeyed all the way through the crowd of people, he had taken refuge at the a bar near the back of the establishment. With no path but the storm of drunken slurs and flying glasses I resolved to press on.


Over the course of the next seven steps: I was struck clear in the face, kissed, tripped, handed a drink, had the drink taken away, spit on, and finally picked up and thrown clear across the room, landing perfectly on a seat at the bar. However my would-be guardian Highborne was now nowhere to be seen. The bartender, who seemed enthralled with a book with a pink unicorn cover, looked up looked back down, and passed me a drink.


Out of immense confusion i stammered out, “Who, What? Whe-where is he?”


The bartender once again looked up from the book he appeared to be reading, “Who? Highborne?” To which I only half consciously noded at, “He left a bit ago, you’re the kid he brought with him right? He said you’d make your way over here in your own time.”


I was still immensely confused, “How did he? I mean he was just right here?”


This time he didn’t look up from his book,” You must have just met him. This is pretty traditional for him. I wouldn’t worry too much though, he’ll come find you when he needs you.


I took a look to my left and saw a middle aged women, deep in a glass. She was one of the few people not currently engaged in the brawl, so it seemed like a good idea to strike up a conversation. The bartender shot me a worried look, “You shouldn’t while she’s drinking-” and without looking up from her drink, she motion a symbol in front of my face. A burst shoved me from my seat, and tossed me all the way across the bar, leaving a very distinct imprint in the wall.


I heard a voice from inside the fight yelling, “Hey look who just tried to talk to Kami?”


“Another voice responded, “While she was drinking? That kid’s lucky to be alive!”


And without further notice, I was out…


As I began to awaken, I could hear two voices discussing something. One of the voices I discerned was Highborne’s, however the other voice was one I was not familiar with.


I heard Highborne speak, “So you’ll take him then?”


The second voice, quite raspy and old, responded, “Now, now. I never said that,”


Highborne quickly reacted, “The agreement was that i bring you three, he’s the third,”


The second voice shot back, “The agreement was you bring me three prodigies. Thus far you’ve brought me a fugitive, a runaway….. And a novice,”


“Have I ever been wrong before with the apprentices i’ve chosen, this man has already taken on several of Lady Iratus’ acolytes. Don’t you think that he deserves at least a chance?” Highborne retorted


“Should I remind you of Vidic? The Guild seems quite interested in killing him. Then there was Leerin, such a pretty girl, and such a shame that we’re still trying to resolve the problems she’s causing”  The second voice replied”


Highborne chimed in, “Then there’s Dominus. We both know how he turned out. I said I made great heroes. I never said they go on the make the best life choices,”


“Do you understand you’re asking me to put the reputation of Ivanhall on the line?” The old second voice cackled


Highborne began speaking in a compassionate tone, “Don’t forget I was once a Guildmaster as well. I’m not trying to deceive you Brock, you’ve got to trust me on this,”. The second voice’s name appeared to be Brock…. Brock Esteria? Guildmaster of Ivanhall? Not a day in and I was already meeting with the Guildmaster… But wait? Did he just say I was a novice?


Brock, the Guildmaster, spoke up,” Ah he seems to be waking up. Kami did a number on him, in all honesty i’m surprised he’s awakened his early.” My eyes slid open, I saw the Guildmaster, and uncomfortably short distance from my own face. The Guildmaster was much older than I had anticipated, but he wore three heavy chains around his body, implying he still possessed great strength. This Guildmaster’s office was a small wooden room. Across from where I was sitting was a desk with an accompanying bookshelf filled to the brim with books. On the opposite side of the room I could see Highborne, arms folded, leaning against the wall.


The Guildmaster spoke, “Ah well, I am glad to see the boy can take a few lumps on the head, though i do wish the Guildsmen would stop slamming people into the walls. This place is is made of Havenwood, it isn't as cheap as it use to be you know. As far as the boy is concerned, I don’t see anything special about him. Are you sure he’s even a mage?” I saw Highborne do what I believed is equivalent of rolling his eyes.


Before I could react the Guildmaster seized my arm, and proceeded to lick it.


“Ah a Lightning mage! They always did have a zingy taste to them,” The Guildmaster cried out, as I quickly recoiled my arm in disgust, “I do suppose we haven’t had a decent Lightning mage in a while.”


The Guildmaster, picked himself up and walked over to his desk and sat down. He then continued, “ Well then, how many years for Magical Academy did you attend?”


“ Well sir, I came from Malore, that’s on Firi. Magic is not a common-” Before I could finish my thought, a book came flying from across the room striking me clear in the face.


The book had been thrown at me by the Guildmaster who giggled, “I asked for a number boy, you shouldn’t respond in so many words. As far as i’m concerned each time I don't get a straight answer from you, I get to knock three years off your life. Understand?” I looked over to Highborne, he merely shrugged.


I wiped the dust from the book off my face and responded, “None at all sir,”


The Guildmaster motioned, “Oh well, never felt the Academy was that important anyways,”


Infuriated I yelled, “So, you hit me with a book over a question that wasn’t even important?” Yet another book, titled “Mervin Caloofs’ Summoning Techniques: 105 Ways Not to Screw Yourself Over” came whizzing toward me”


The Guildmaster scoffed, “ Of course I would! You don’t get to be this old, and remain rational! Now then, who was your magical instructor?”


I attempted to explain to the Guildmaster, “Well sir, like I said I came from Malore so I never-,” Yet another book was thrown, but this time I was prepared. I dodged out of its path, but before my grin could fully form, the book bounced off the back wall and struck me in the back of the head,”


The Guildmaster giggled, “Look kid, i've got a two-hundred and fifty set of “Magica Historica” here, that would even be enough to end old bright eyes over there,” I saw Highborne wave.


I tried to speak, finding my head fuzzy, “Son of a… No one sir. Whatever I know now, I had to teach myself,”


The guildmaster ran his hand through his beard a spoke, “It's uncommon to find a self instructed mage these days. You do seem to be quite the oddity,”


Highborne began to chime in, “You’ve got to admit, it would make a good story if he manages to do anything important. Imagine all the publicity Ivanhall would get,”


I could tell the Guildmaster was entertaining the thought, “ How long until Eris, and Artemis return?,”


Highborne let a smirk roll across his face, “ So you’ll take him then?” A book came careening across the room smashing a unaware Highborne straight in the face.


A loud cry came from the Guildmaster “My god, do you people think I bought these books to read them? I asked you a question you pompous air head!


Highborne gripping onto his head in pain managed to squeeze out, “The two should have already returned. It’s just a matter of going down to the guild cells to pick up Eris,”


“Already? Not a day home and she’s already managed to piss someone off, that’s got to be a record for her. And Artemis?” The Guildmaster sighed


I could see Highborne shifting on his feet awkwardly. I noticed the Guildmaster begin picking up one of the books, in response Highborne stammered out, “Your guess is always as good as mine,”


I peered over and saw the Guildmaster and saw he had his head buried in his hands barely whispering out, “Oh yeah, this team is going to be great,”


Highborne once again, doing what I assume, was rolling his eyes. He motioned for me to leave out the door. I stepped back outside the Guildmaster offices. We were on the second floor of the guild. Overlooking the main hall, I could see that brawl from earlier had ended.


It seemed all of the unconscious brawlers had been pushed off to one side and were now slumbering in a gigantic pile. However the other side of the guild had been straightened up. Tables were returned to their upright positions, along with glasses placed on top. Several members of the guild were reading, drinking, singing, and laughing. Quite the opposite response I expected to arise out of a fight.  Highborne quickly followed me out of the office, and rested on the banister.


“Well, that went well,” Highborne smirked


“You think so? He didn’t seem too impressed with me?” I sighed


I could see Highborne smirk in an endearing way, almost as if he was speaking from personal experience,“You’ve got to understand he’s been a Guildmaster for a very long time. When he’s looking at you he’s not seeing you. He’s seeing what he thinks you can become compared to the greatest heroes the guild has ever seen. It’s hard to impress someone who’s so focused on the past. He’s long past his prime, he’s not the Guildsmen he used to be, the guild and its reputation is all he has left. Try not to take it too personally,”

While it seemed an unfair thought, I had larger things on my mind, “ Does this mean I made it in?”


Highborne turned away from me and again leaned on the barrister, “ Well, it’s not so much joining the guild that will be the issue. However forming the Guild’s team and apprenticeship will be more of a struggle,”


“Team?” I pondered


Highborne picked up his head, “Ah, did I forget to tell you? I didn’t pick you, for your individual skills. I’ve been planning to put together a team for a bit now. All i’ve been missing is a rational leader to keep the other two in line,”


My interest was sparked, “ The Fugative, and the Runaway?” After I spoke Highborne began walking on his way downstairs.


“So you were awake to hear that line from the Guildmaster? I wouldn’t worry about the other two, the Guildmaster may have over dramatized them somewhat. However we have more important things to be doing right now. We’ll need to find them first of course. Then i’ll need to take you to see The Guild Legion,” Highborne spoke. I made a confused look toward Highborne to which he responded, “ Ah, the Guild Legion is the leader of the guild,”


“Don’t get me wrong i’m excited I get to see someone of such stature. But why do we need to go see him?” I asked


Highborne stopped walking about halfway down the stairs, “ It may have been a lie earlier when I said I was apart of the guild. In all honesty it’s a bit more complicated than that,” Highborne turned to see a scowl growing on my face, “Don’t misunderstand my intentions, I work very closely with the guild, i’m just not…. Apart of the guild,” The look on my face said I was still not convinced, “Look, i’ve gotten you this far. Is there any more reason to distrust me now, than before?”


It was true I felt tricked, I didn’t like getting fooled. However what he said was true. He had gotten me out of trouble earlier, he had brought me to Ivanhall, and currently he was trying his best to get me into the guild.


I managed to whisper, “So when do we leave?”


I swear I saw a smirk on Highborne’s face as he turned and began walking again, “ Glad to hear you’re on board then. First I’m going to need to find the other members. You’re welcome to stay here or walk about town, but it’ll be easier for me to find the others alone,” Highborne threw open the door letting a blinding stream of sunshine into the establishment.


“Ugh, why’s it so bright? Wasn’t it just dusk?” I asked shielding my eyes.


Highborne lifted an eyebrow, “ You slept through the night like a baby. You can thank Kami, for that good night’s rest,”


Submitted: August 05, 2015

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