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I was in a bad car accident and luckily made it out alive, in order to share my story and passion for life

Submitted: August 12, 2012

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Submitted: August 12, 2012




Here it is; the greatest piece of plastic I ever possessed.  I hop in my car, and I’m off on a high speed chase.  As one of the first in my class to get a driver’s license, I am on cloud nine.  For the first three days, I drive around fearlessly and without a care in the world. When Day four of my new found freedom comes along, I timidly ask my brother if I can drive his car home from school. With a hesitant head nod, he agrees, and off I go.

Once again, I’m speeding around every turn and running every yellow light.  As I impatiently wait in the left turn lane, I see my break in traffic, but it is not a huge gap so I have to go fast. I accelerate hard; I lose control.  I hit the median block marking the entrance to a neighborhood, and my car collides with a gravel patch.  Then, as I am about to destroy a mailbox, I manage to quickly turn the wheel to avoid the metal post of death.Unfortunately, however, as I stretch to hit the brakes and save myself, I accelerate instead.  Suddenly, I am lying on my side, looking up at the sky.  With some assistance from the random people who had stopped when driving by, I climb out of the passenger side window.  As I am sitting on the curb questioning how this could have all happened, sirens interrupt my thoughts.  Six police cars, a fire truck, and an ambulance have all come to see what an idiot I am.

  The ambulance driver examines me; my finger is sliced open from all the broken glass, and my elbow has a huge gash in it.  The chief policeman approaches me and thoughts race through my head, not about the fact that I am glad to be alive but about the scolding he is about to give me.  Nervously, I watch him as I have prepared myself to be yelled at and questioned about why I was even given a license.  But the words he says next are words that have forever changed my life.  “Whitney, I have looked over this several times, and I still can not figure out how you survived.  If you believe in a creator or a higher power, I would thank him.”

 Again I am sitting on the curb, but this time I am wondering about the small gap between life and death.  Was I given a second chance at life for a reason?

After the accident, Monday nights at 7:47 quickly became my comfort zone, the time when Younglife club meets once a week every week. I had been to Younglife in the past, but it was always more of a social event rather than a chance to build my relationship with God.

As I got to know the people in Younglife, I soon considered these people a second family. I learned why God chose me to live and why I completely deserved it.  I want to live my life as God intended for me to do and to make an impact by understanding why I was chosen to give life a second shot.  I became a Younglife leader in hopes that I could make the same dent in someone’s life that my Younglife leaders had made for me.  As I go through the motions of setting up games and doing the little things that may seem minor, I know they can make just one kid feel that much more comfortable.  I know that many of these kids show up just for the games and to hang out with friends, but I hope that eventually they will hear the message about God, and I would love nothing more than to be a part of that.  Younglife use to be all about me and what I could learn, but the impact my leaders have had on me inspires me to have the same impact on others.  I want to make just one kid feel more comfortable and spread the message of God to those around me before a car accident spreads the message instead. 

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