Towm Jericho

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Towm Jericho is shackled to a wall in a dark room, what will he do and what will happen?

Submitted: October 18, 2011

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Submitted: October 18, 2011



Towm Jericho awoke from what seemed like a long sleep, when in actual fact he'd been knocked out from behind. It took him a while to relise this, it took him even longer to relise he'd been shackeld to a wall in a dark, probably rat infested room with absoloutly no means of escape. The only light came from a small gap at the far end of the room, probably the door, he thought. There were shadows behind the door moving accros it. Gaurds, he thought. He tried using his magic to undo the shackles but he couldn't, it felt as if his power had gone, dam ruddy shackles. They were nechanted, whoever had caught him new he was powerless without his magic, they were good. 

The even more annoying part of this situation was that his accomplice, Gale Tarot, was no where to be seen which meant that she was totally oblivous to the fact that he was missing or one her way to his location. Then there was a bang coming from a few feet from the door. Flashing lights where coming from under the door, they were Trans-Mages a particularly annoying branch of sorcerers who can use any type of magic. They were barking orders as the battle outside the door got ever closer.

'It's her! His accomplice, bloody hell she's bought everyone with her...' his voice was cut of as he was taken down by 'everyone'.

The door was kicked down and a blinding light took over Ravens vision. After struggling for sight he looked up and saw Gale standing infront of him, she reached for the shackles and took the key out of her pocket, undid the shackles and stood there. 

' Wheres my thank you?' She said.



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