Life Begins, Life Ends

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Its about Life on Different Perspectives

Submitted: November 02, 2011

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Submitted: November 02, 2011



Life Begins when God made Man

Who can do many things like no one can

Or a cell that fertilized an Egg,

Until a mother gave birth in a Hospital Bed.

Life Begins when you had your First job

Or saw someone that made your Heart throb

A man who gave a bright red rose,

Life begins with Love I suppose.

Life begins when you found something new

And all of the problems that you have passed through

So many things that will happen in Life,

Like a white water river, full of hype.

Life can be compared to a Line

Or a Sun with a golden shine

But the sun always sets, Let’s not pretend,

In this world, Life has an end.

Life ends when counting to three

Or someone has been missing since year 2003

A certain disease that can stop your Heart

Stage 4 cancer can tear you apart.

Life ends when judgement has came

Or a certain someone have forgotten your name

Everyone will be there on the day of your mourn,

And will forget you after, they have to move on.

We Live, We Learn, We Die

But God reminds us to go up high

Life Ends, Life Begins

Life Begins, Life Ends.

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