The Asylum

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A short story of a kid named Jason, and his opposition towards authority... And his near death experience in the Asylum...

Submitted: April 29, 2014

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Submitted: April 29, 2014



The Asylum

The autumn air was cool as the wind lightly brushed against Jason’s face, sending a chill down his spine as the leaves crunched under his bike a. It was an early Saturday morning; Jason liked to wake up early to go for a bike ride. He always wanted to be out of the house. Call it being distant, call it being a teenager, but he hated having his parents nag at him all the time, so he loved to get out of the house whenever possible. Jason wasn’t that clean at home, his bedroom was always a pigsty, which his parents nagged at him constantly about. He knew he was messy but he thought to himself, what teenage boy isn’t? So he would just leave, to ride his bike around the block, which would lead him into more trouble. His parents were not too fond of him leaving the house without telling them where he was going. They were afraid of something bad happening to him; after all there was an abandoned asylum about an hour bike ride away from where they lived. The asylum had been abandoned since the early 1980’s. It was eerie looking, the paint chipped away, there was ivy overgrowth everywhere, the bottom windows were boarded up, the second floor windows were busted in, probably from some juvenile delinquents with nothing else better to do than to throw rocks at buildings. The thing just screamed creepy. Plus, the thing was a magnet for hobos, who would do anything to protect their possessions. So you could only imagine why Jason’s parents were worried. He decided to go over to his friend’s house, who only lived about 10 minutes away. As he pedaled by his friend’s house, he noticed that no one was there, and then it dawned on him that his friend went to his grandmother’s vacation house for the weekend with his family. He continued to ride his bike aimlessly for about an hour before heading home. As he slowly made his way up his driveway he could already hear his parents yelling at him, and sure enough, as soon as he opened the door his mother was waiting there, with her arms crossed with a look of distress on her face.

“Where have you been, young man?” She said with a strict tone, “I have been worried sick!”

Jason could tell that she was only worried about his safety, but he wanted to be treated like an adult, he wanted more freedom. He was tired of his parents telling him where he can go, who he can hang out with, and keeping tabs on him wherever he went. “None of your business...God, just leave me alone.” He scowled.

“Do you realize how worried I have been? It’s dangerous out there! You could be snatched up in an instant and I wouldn’t even know, you need to tell me where you are going!” She exclaimed, “I told you that last time... and I said if you did it again that you’re grounded. So I took your television, you can have it back in a week.” She said sternly.

“Are you freaking serious?!” Jason Shouted. “I’m 17 mom, I can handle myself!” Jason screams as he storms into his room and slams the door.

“You can clean your room up while you’re in there!” yells Jason’s mom through his bedroom door.

Jason laid on his bed in his room for a little more than an hour, thinking about how he can take care of himself and how he doesn’t need anyone. Then the grandfather clock in the living room struck noon, sending long sustained chimes throughout the house. Almost like an alarm, Jason got up and walked to his window and stared out of it, looking at his bike as if it’s his only escape from the “hell” that he is living in. He quickly slides open the window making a quick, but loud screech. Jason quickly looks over his shoulder at his bedroom door, hoping that no one heard. Without hesitation he steps through his window, like a portal to freedom. He quickly makes his way out from behind the neatly trimmed, waist high bushes and makes his way towards his bike. He quickly gets on and pedals frantically down his driveway and up his street and eases up once he thinks he is far enough away. Jason starts to make his way towards the asylum, figuring that he can prove to himself that he doesn’t need anyone. After about an hour of talking to himself and looking over his shoulder paranoid, he finally sees the asylum of in the distance. He slowly makes his way up to the large iron gate, and stops to admire the whole asylum, the building itself looked like something out of a horror film, but the gate.. The gate was a work of art. So elegant, he tried to imagine what it would look like if the asylum was still functioning.

The thought of the beautifully trimmed lawn, and the artisanally made gate was cut short by the sound of a car pulling up behind him. Jason quickly turns around, and instantly has a bad feeling in his stomach when he sees that it’s a police car. Somewhat relieved, he notices that it was Officer Garcia, a friend of his fathers.

“Hey Jason! What are you doing out here? You know you can’t go in there right?.. It’s dangerous.” Officer Garcia says with a friendly smile as he takes off his “standard issue” sunglasses that all policemen seem to wear, and puts them on the top of his head.

“Oh hey Josue, I-I mean Officer Garcia” Jason says nervously, “I know I was just going for a bike ride and-” Then Officer Garcia cuts him off.

“It’s okay, relax. You are just admiring the disturbing past this town has to offer. I get it. Just be safe out here..” He says as he starts to pull away. “Stay out of trouble now..” Then he slowly drives away and turns the corner.

Jason was surprised of how little he asked, and how un-suspicious he seemed. After a minute he just shrugs it off and hides his bike in one of the bushes outside of the gate and proceeds to climb the fence. Once he got to the top, the 7 foot gate seemed 15 feet high, but Jason was persistent and wanted to prove to that he can handle himself. He jumped down and when he hit the ground his knees gave out a bit and he fell to his hands and knees, feeling the wet grass soak through his pants. He quickly gets up and runs down the gravel path and around to the back, so that no one would see him trying to break in. In the back of the asylum there was a massive courtyard, full of overgrowth. Jason looks around for an opening and sees the only opening, and of course it was a broken cellar window which he would have to crawl through, covered by a quilt of cobwebs.

“Oh great..” He sighed as he got down on his knees and cleared the cobwebs from the opening. He pulled himself through the window and dropped about 5 feet into the pitch black basement. He could only hear the gravel crunching beneath his feet. He quickly fumbled in his pocket for his phone and pulled it out and turned on the flashlight with one swift move. He quickly scans the room with his flashlight looking for anything suspicious. He seemed to be in a kitchen, or what used to be the kitchen. The linoleum floor was gritty, covered with dirt, and the metal counter tops were rusty and were covered in what looked like rat feces.”Ew..” Jason says to himself quietly, “this place is creepy as f-” Jason was cut off by the sound of a can being kicked. “Hello?” Jason yelled by impulse “Is anyone there?”

Jason looks at the large gaping doorway at the opposite room, and sees a faint glow from down the hall. He swallows his spit and cautiously makes his way towards the doorway. Jason gets to the doorway and shines his light down the hallway, looking both ways, and at a far patient room, he could see an orange flickering light. His eyes widened as thoughts of what could be in that room raced through his mind; a forgotten patient, someone dangerous, hiding from the law? Maybe even a ghost.. Beads of sweat rolled down his face, as he nervously made his way down the hall, talking under his breath, repeating: “I can handle myself.” The smell of something burning was in the air, which was good, because it covered up the slightly vinegary stench that left a sour taste in his mouth.

He made his way to the room with the flickering light and pressed his back against the wall just outside the door, he could hear the crackling of a fire. Jason slowly peaks his head into the doorway, a sees a tattered sleeping bag and a bunch of what looked like garbage, at least to him anyway. He could see a figure huddled around a fire; he looked like he was stirring a pot with a pocket knife. Jason’s foot suddenly slides out a little underneath him, making the sound of crunching gravel echo down the hallway as he cringes slightly.

“Who’s there!” shouts the figure, as he turns around holding up his knife as if to defend himself. He had a long, unkempt beard with a torn brown shirt that was probably white at one point. He wore dirty camo cargo shorts, and Nikes which looked like they have been through hell in back.

Jason slowly slides out into view in the doorway, not knowing what to do shaking from fear. “I-I’m sorry I didn’t mean to disturb you I-I was just looking around..” Jason says nervously.

“You’re here to steal from me, aren't ya? AREN’T YOU?” He shouts making Jason jump.

“N-no I just..” Jason backs up panicking as the man slowly moves towards him. “I didn’t mean to-” Jason says as he gets cut off.

Out of nowhere, almost like a miracle Officer Garcia appears behind Jason with a tazer pointed at the man. “Back up! Don’t take another step.. We do not need any trouble here.” He said firmly as the man starts to back away. “Jason, down the hall to the right there is an exit.. Run out and get into the police car, and wait for me..” He says without taking his eyes off of the man. Without hesitation, Jason follows his orders and runs out to the police car and gets in the passenger seat, noticing that his bike was in the back seat. Officer Garcia makes his way out of the building and up to his car and gets in and looks over at Jason with a look of disappointment. “Really?.. Do you think i'm that dumb? I knew you were up to something; I was right around the corner the whole time. By the way, your bike wasn’t that hidden.” He says with a smirk, pointing with his thumb to the bike in the back.

The whole ride home Jason and Officer Garcia both sat in silence, except for his walkie talkie that would go off every 5 minutes, saying something in complete gibberish. He slowly pulls up to Jason’s house parking in his driveway but keeping his cruiser running. He glances over at me and with a half smile he says, “Time to face the music..” Simultaneously they both get out of the car and shut the door, making their way up the path to our front door. His mother must have heard the car door shut, because when Jason looked through one of the windows he seen his mom pull the curtains back to see who was there, and then her face quickly disappeared. Suddenly the front door swung open, his mother standing there with a look of disgust on her face.

“Where have you been?” she asked firmly, glancing back and forth between Jason and Officer Garcia not knowing which one to speak to.

“I saved this young man’s life.. He was inside the old asylum, almost got hurt by someone using it as a shelter. Luckily I saw him before hand, and knew that he was going to be there. You’re very lucky..” Officer Garcia says as he nudges me.

“I’m sorry; I was just trying to prove that I can handle myself. I didn’t realize that it was going to be that bad.” Jason says as he looks at his feet. “I’ll tell you where I am going next time…”

“You damn well better.. Next time you might not be so lucky that I’m there. Your mom is always there to help you. There are always ways to show that you can handle yourself, this obviously wasn’t the best decision.” Says Officer Garcia as he looks at Jason and his mother. “Just next time, listen to your mother..” He says as he walks back to his car, and opens the back door. He pulls Jason’s bike out and closes the door and walks the bike up the driveway and leans it up against the garage. “Have a nice evening.” He says as he gives us a nod and walks back to his car, gets in and drives away.

Jason looks up at his mom forcing a smile, and his mom looks back and gives him a scornful look. “You’re still grounded..” She says as Jason grunts and stomps into the house, while his mom closes the door behind him.

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