Hunger Games Review

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A review of the first book in the Hunger Games trilogy.

Submitted: February 10, 2012

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Submitted: February 10, 2012




This is my first ever review so I dont really know where to begin but i simply had to review this for you as it is one of my favourite books at the moment. The story plot is quite unique and enters a sort of dystopic situation but the book isnt completly sad book in fact its quite the opposite as it has a mixture of emotions including lots of excitment as this fast paced book is a joy to read and pulls you in from the start as you will be dying to know what happens next. Let me explain the plot; basically a girl called Katniss has to compete in a live televised event called the Hunger Games, set in the near future, and against 23 other candiidates from other districts she has to compete to win and the rule that they have is simple... kill or be killed.

I'm sure that last phrase gave a lasting impact and of course there are action scenes between candidates which often end in death but this is also the story of a poor teen girl who just wants to protect her family so you feel a connection to the characters throughout the book and it isn't all violence as there is also a love plot that occurs in the books however this happens more in the next books and end of the first though of course you'll have to read them to find out more ... :) xxxxx

P.S i know there are some bad spelling mistakes and punctuation mistakes but this really was rushed so sorry :(

xxxx thanks for reading!

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