letter to paramour

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letter to my girl

Submitted: December 06, 2011

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Submitted: December 06, 2011



My love, my kit. How much you mean to me. I would never reach a hand out to harm you. But i fear a discomfort has come to my attention. my sweetheart you have decieved me. forgive my distrust my darling Rachel but my stare has yet to swim in hazel globes. But from my own dialogue I cannot believe that if I spent an hour begging and pleading your forgivness. T split my heart and let pour the blood of emotion, of sorrow and love. And yet for eight or so days you left me within silence. left me to believe I had been abandoned until I finally recieved word from you and you dismissed my torment as a joke. . If i should have known or learned anything from the one i love I should know you have never been the kind to play cruel jokes. One joke so sick that for six days I wept and bled. For this was no joke this I know. Know that angry I am not for this subject fury doth not grip my soul in its firery clutches. Rather my essence floods with sorrow and pity. For something troubles thee. This im sure of if not multiple demons that you for reasons I know not you feel you cant confide in me. I told you that every night I felt your arms wrap around me as I slipped into somnolent peace. Yet tonight I know I will a weeping Kit. Braced against my bosom with my arms clenched tight, tenderly loving. I have always promised to comfort thee. And in your reply said I already do. I apoligise. I wish to be of more sevice though that of which I cannot do with these tales of deciet What haunts you that you feel you cannot confide in my heart that what pains you. as it is pure if not purer than the next mans. though i will not beg arrogance. I wish not to be nosey. I wish not to be a nuisance. I wish not to end what we together. This is the last of which I want. But with this in mind I would leave thee be if you speak the word. My grievence has only the hopes and purpose to make or love blosom larger than any lotus. To stregthen you and I as a whole. I plead you will not grow agitated with I. My Kit I want truth. I want you. For this I want the real you. I want to see thine true colors. Whilst the fox is red ere gray, I the wolf will still love thee, always. And I need you now nay we need eachother more than ever. As you stated once. People will betray other at one point or another. but may i say it makes us not traitors. but composers of mistakes. Your shy. Fearful of trust. I love this about you though. More inellagable than I who's insignia is perhaps his heart. But I still wish not these fables to continue. Ask anything of me if you wish me to prove that you may ensure your trust in I. For not only do I call you paramour but matriach.



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