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Dream job

Submitted: October 28, 2013

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Submitted: October 28, 2013



Take me...

And let me in

Don't break me

And shut me out.

Then Shown bright on our young faces as Danny plucked the strings on an acoustic as I sang along. A cover of an old childhood favorite. It was a cool fall day in downtown San Antonio and in the picnic area that day it also turned to be pretty profitable. We had one more song until a lunch break and we had already made over one houndred dollars.  My voice lowered drawing the small crowd closer.

Does anyone around me feel the same?

Put your fists up and vent your pain.

Does anyone around me feel the same!?

Put your fists up and vent your pain!

Even if we sounded horrible, Idiosynicrasies prided itself on one thing and that was stage presence. That soong went through me as a jumped and spun. A school circle had gathered around us and I stepped off of a table we had been using as a improvised stage. I went up to the crowd and put my hand on someones shoulder, I looked them all in the eye and sung through them.

Take me!!!

And let me in!

Dont break me!

Or shut. me. out...

I turned as the bass and guitar faded to see Danny smiling and Matt's long hair dripping with sweat. Jenna was in her usual state of psyhcosis when she played bass. I swiftly jumped on the table and spread my arms.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! On the drums: Mathew Horten! One the bass: Jenna Hetfield! Guitar: Mr. Danny Lee! And you all may call me Wolfgang Vaughan! We're gonna play one more original song before we take a little break. Please if you can come see us tonight at the Battle of the Bands we will be there murdering the stage tonight until then though we ask that your please tip generously after all we could be out robbing house, your especially!"

In the dark...

All alone...

I'm crying...

And I feel it in my bones!

We sat as we ate lunch that afternoon waiting for the next go around. Some people came up and talked to us and said they couldn't wait to see us at BOTB. Their smiling faces make life worth living for me. To know it those few minutes in the square life worth it for them too. To know they're having a good time enthralls me. I don't think it will ever be enough though. I'm insatiable. There's something about the passion this music puts into people that I don't think I can ever give up.



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