The Crimson Tear

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What will you find in the darkness?

Submitted: December 04, 2012

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Submitted: December 04, 2012



I stared into that abyss for what seemed like ages. I recall a German man who once said that when you stare into darkness it also stares back into you. Today nothing could be truer. Curiosity overrides common sense and everything else as I take a step towards that deplorable darkness. I can hear the crunch of human bones under my boots as my mind reels at the flash of emotion that impacts my mind almost bringing me to my knees. I hear the wind blow and the trees seem to all bow against me. Waiting for to make my fatal mistake. I can hear the wind... but I do not feel it. All I feel is a sudden chill th- no... not a chill, a freezing cold like fingers it grips the blood in my veins, climbing it's way into my heart as at last it squeezes my and I can feel through it's grasp all manner of dreadful memories, and grotesque thought. These will never abandon me. I writhe in the mental state of agony to a point of unconsciousness. I don't even notice I've woken up as, I have been consumed by that twilight zone of black that had so recently memorized me, paralyzed me with fear and agony as those dark thoughts still reeled in my mind. As I stood groping the walls a thick milky liquid ran over my hands. The walls feel course and uneven. Blinded by darkness I began to feel my way along those soping walls despretly trying to find an exit. My legs quaked and shook under me. I have become week. How long have I been incarserated in this underground asylum? Soon I realize something is wrong. I felt each wall and counted out loud. One... Two... Three... Four.... I'm where I started... I can feel the corners theyre nienty degrees. I can feel them! There's nothing! Then I smell it... The familiar pugnent smell of iron. In horror I realize what the walls and my hands are covered in... Blood... I shove my self from the wall trying to run but my weak legs buckle under me and I crash into the gravel. But even this is an illusion as I realize what my face is pressed against. Though I cannot see them. I can feel the hollow stare of houndreds of deceased men. I feel their cracked and brocken limbs attempt to absorb my legs. I kick them as I scream... and scream. I scream and kick but soon I find what leaves my lips is but hoarse whisper. The muscles in my body contract and begin to ache, I slow. Soon I feel the remains of jealous dead and a longing darkness swallow me up.I stare up into that eternity as I had before. Then I see coagulate into appearance a pair... of glowing red eyes. I stared at those orbs and watched, petrified, as the manifestations rolled back turning white and covered with black veins that hugged the spheres like cobwebs. Eyes so white they illuminate my trap. Helplessly I now watch watch as malevolent beings morph from the walls. I cannot begin to describe what I see. Black bodies that spasm and twitch as if a glitch in a computer game. Faces white... just white. As they converged I saw again from the demon above me, from below the white eyes slipped down a long, thin tongue. Sharp like a razor blade. Slowly advanced apon me and slipped around my throat. As I did not struggle, nor attempt to scream. A tear fell from my cheek. First clear... then crimson. 

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