What freedom of speech means to me.

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Submitted: November 03, 2011

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Submitted: November 03, 2011



Freedom of speech is a cotraversy that has been brought up in many an encounter. From court cases to the everyday porch talk the meaning of freedom of speech verys from each person. Some people abuse there freedom of speech in belief of a loophole though this is false and these stories endings are normally not in excellence. In my opinion freedom of speech's meaning resites in a more expressional form. Through this written right it is a way we may express both opinion and emotion. This expression is not just exercised through literal speech but through it along with writing, drawing and other artistic ways of expression. I also believe that this is not much as a right as a responsiblity.

As we look back especially on more recent events we find atemps at finding a loophole in freedom of speech leading to an abuse in this gift we are given. People try idiotic stunts such as yelling "fire" in a public area, or other such examples. These cases have been apealed in court many atime but are inevitably shot down in flames. Acts such as these do not exersise the right but rather abuse it. These attempts seem to fall out each time presented. and for the good reason that it is not an american right to be promoter of chaos... to an extent.

In my eyes I see freedom of speech as the gift of expression. One can speak how they will about any subject. This is the way of spreading ideas and opinions. Though this idea is not just limited to opinion but emotion. We can speak our feeling at will thanks to this right about how we feel about others, objects or even life itself. Nor are these ideas limited to just literal speech either. Rather the exorsism of these thoughts can also be expressed through that of writing. We see this constantly in everyday novel but also in short stories and many other forms of written work. Even in poetry we find expression used both in political and general opinion. We also see these same expressions in that of artworks. Paintings, sketches, sculptures, we even see freedom of speech in cartoons.

Through all of this though I believe we must remember that this right was given to us and we should show responsibility with what has been given to us. As mentioned previously we often see the abuse of this right which is sheer wrong. For after all how can we keep what we mistreat. For this reason I believe we should also exorcise this right with caution and responsibility. We should treat the gifts we're given with the utmost respect or otherwise we will be bound to lose what we're given.

So in the end we should exorsise this right less as a right and more as a gift treating it responsibly and not abusing it like so many others have attempted before us. Just because there are rules around this right does not mean we're under a choke hold either. One should take what they get and express it in a wonderfully creative way that others can also learn and enjoy. I hope you agree also with these statments and remember the white lines.

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