too much (song)

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This is a song about my father LANGUAGE WARNING this does have some cussing in it

Submitted: January 20, 2013

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Submitted: January 20, 2013



I hide the pain behind these eyes Nobody can see these tears I cry I hide my loneliness deep within I've lashed out again

I suffer silently I'm fighting violently I'm losing the war I've made it so far

CHORUS Too many tears Too many fears Too much I still regret

Too many nights Too many fights Too much I can't forget

I can't surrender Too much I still remember Those raging fights All the sleepless nights

All the blood that was shed All these emotions made dead All the nights I've cried With every fight a piece of me died

{repeat chorus}

You are the reason for my pain and tears You are the cause for this rage and fear You caused all those ruthless fights You are the reason I can't sleep at night

You left me numb,broken in the night You left me with nothing,no reason to fight You are the reason for it all But tonight you will fall

2nd chorus Too many times I've lied Too many times I've cried Now I'm breaking down inside

Too many times I've screamed Too many times I've dreamed These memories have overtaken me

I hide my pain within these veins All I have is this bleeding pain This pain I hide so deep within It's the reason for my bloody sin

A knife to the vein To cut away my pain A strike to the heart Should have known from the start

{repeat 2nd chorus}

I'm left here with these scars This time it's gone too far I don't see what's worth fighting for I can't take it anymore

All the hell I've been through What's left for you to do All the shit you have said These emotions you left dead

{repeat chorus}

bridge All those nights All those fights All these tears All these fears Tonight they all disappear (x2)

{repeat 2nd chorus}

No more fears No more tears No more screams No more dreams

No More Fears No More Tears No More Screams No More Dreams


{repeat bridge}

Too much I've seen too much Too much I've taken too much

Too much I remember too much Too much I regret too much

Too much Too Much TOO MUCH

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