The New Diva in Town

The New Diva in Town The New Diva in Town

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



Aleigh has been choosen to the be a new WWE Diva. She'll be the youngest diva ever had. She meets her favorite superstar Sheamus, and things go crazy from there.
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Aleigh has been choosen to the be a new WWE Diva. She'll be the youngest diva ever had. She meets her favorite superstar Sheamus, and things go crazy from there.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The New Diva in Town

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Aleigh has been choosen to the be a new WWE Diva. She'll be the youngest diva ever had. She meets her favorite superstar Sheamus, and things go crazy from there.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 01, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 01, 2013





6:30 am. Monday March 25, 2013. Why? Why does he have to call a meeting this early? I guess that’s doing business right? I'm going into the WWE Headquarters to become a WWE Diva. I had won the Diva search this earlier this year, and I couldn't believe it. I beat women that had waited all their life for this opportunity. Their age ranged 18-35. The weird thing is that I'm only 12. I beat women way older and prettier than me! Why would they choose me? I just tried out for the hell of it, and well I won I guess. I wasn't expecting that at all. They told me I was in very good shape, had great agility, endurance, and I aced all of my physical tests. They also told me I looked like a Diva from the day I walked through the door. Why? I was only 12, and I'm not sexy like the other people that were there. 12 year olds aren't sexy. Why did they tell me I was in great shape? Did you see how chubby I am? Well anyway, I've always loved the WWE, and to tell the truth, my brother dragged me into it anyway. Boy, was my brother excited to find out I was a new addition to the WWE. He told all of his 5th grade friends to watch me on T.V. People asked him for my autograph once in a while. When my friends found out, they acted way different. All my friends were asking for autographs day after day, and I don't get why. I was getting asked out more, and I'm all like: “Why are you doing this? I'm the same person as I was before I even started the Diva Search.” I guess boys just want famous girlfriends. But ever since I won the Diva search, we had to move from Wisconsin to California. Right now we're living with my cousins, and their house is beautiful. It'll be hard to travel away from my family when I'm on the show. I'll be away so much, it'll be rare to see my family. I mean come on! Don't we have a break? I still never got Mr. McMahon's approval of being an official Diva yet. I guess that's what he's going to talk about at the meeting.


“Please sit down.” Mr. McMahon motioned me to sit down on a comfy looking chair in his capacious office. I sit down in the chair, sinking a little. Well it has to be comfortable for the Big Show right? “Aleigh, I've seen your pictures and you're progress in the Divas' training camp. I think you have potential. You're also very fit for a 12 year old,” Funny, I thought I was chubby. “I'd also like to welcome you to the WWE.” Mr. McMahon sticks out his hand and smiles. I beam, and shake his hand. “You're officially a WWE Diva, and the youngest one we've ever had.” Mr. McMahon hands me a thick stack of papers. “Here's the script for tonight’s RAW.” Wait, what?! I have to memorize this in like 7 hours?! “Excuse me Mr. McMahon, I'm very honored to be a WWE Diva, but how am I supposed to memorize this script in such a short period of time?” “It's like a play Aleigh.” Mr. McMahon shows me out of his office. I walk out of his office, and he closes the door. I walk into the elevator astonished and confused. I don't notice “The Mexican Aristocrat” Alberto Del Rio behind me. I try to ignore him, but he talks to me anyway. “Hola. May I ask, what is your name?” “Aleigh.” I keep facing forward to avoid eye contact with him. “Why are you here?” God. That was rude. I don't like this guy at all. Never had, never will. “I had a meeting with Mr. McMahon.” “About what?” Wow, he's a snoop. “None of your business.” I adjust my purse on my shoulder. “Come on, you can tell me.” The elevator doors open just in time, and I quickly walk out very disturbed. As I walk out the door to my moms Honda Odyssey, I brush shoulders with Eve. She gives me a dirty look. I walk faster. I don't want to get on anyone's bad side this early in the morning! I hop into the van. “How did it go?” My mom looks at me smiling. I hold up the script and smile. My mom claps her hands, and hugs me. “I always knew you could do it Aleigh!” My mom puts the van into drive, and she drives to my cousin's house. “When's your first appearance?” “Tonight.” “What?! You have to memorize a whole 3 hour show in that short of time?” I nod. “Show biz I tell you. You can do it anyways. I believe in you, so does the rest of your family.” My mom smiles at me. I hope.


Oh. My. God. I just got done reading the script. I have a really big part in this show. I have lines, I'm getting kidnapped, and I have a match! That thing took me 2 hours to read! My mom took me to the nail place down the road from my cousin's house so I could “freshen up”. I can't stop thinking about everything I have to memorize. I'm so nervous, I feel like I'm going to pee my pants. I also found out I'm supposed to meet my favorite wrestler Sheamus during the show. What am I going to do?! What if I mess up? I'm going to make a fool out of myself in front of Sheamus. It's Sheamus. He's a big deal. Well, to me anyway. “Luke, I get to meet Sheamus.” “WHAT?! Aleigh please tell him I think he's awesome! Please, please, please!!!!” Luke drops the X-Box controller he's holding. My cousin Finn scrunches up his face. “Who's Sheamus?” “Dude! You don't know how Sheamus is?!” “No. I don't watch wrestling.” I already knew that. All he does is play Minecraft on his $700 laptop. “Sheamus is 6'4', he's really pale, and he has spikey hair with a cool goatee. Aleigh thinks he's sexy.” “He sounds scary to me.” Finn concentrates in the T.V screen. I roll my eyes, and walk into my bedroom. I finally got my own room here, because I'm technically “famous” now. I look down at my makeup I'm supposed to wear. I smile. Thank god it's not clownish looking make up. Not realizing what time it is, I apply it. When I'm done, I look at myself in the mirror. “Wow.” I say to myself. The girl in the mirror doesn't look like me at all. I look at the clock. 5:30. My eyes bug out of my head. I quickly close my eyes and breath. “Aleigh! Time to go!” My mom shouts. Oh my god. Here we go. I rush down the stairs, and run out the door. “TELL RANDY ORTON I SAY THAT I THINK HE'S THE BEST WRESTLER EVER!” Luke shouts at me. “OK!” I shout back at him, and hop into the van. I take a deep breath. Time to play the game. 


I walk into the Divas locker room, intimidated. “Hey!” All the Divas come to greet me, except Eve who laces up her boots in the corner of the locker room, glaring at me. Drama already? I hug all the Divas one by one, but not Eve. “You'll fit right in here. You're tall enough!” AJ pats my head and giggles at how short she is. “So what's your ring name.?” Layla asks giving me a welcoming smile. “Blakely.” All the Divas talk at once saying “oh how pretty”. I'm so not going to act like that. Kaitlyn shows me to my locker. “Here's your locker! Get dressed. A hair and makeup crew will be in here in 4 minutes.” “Thanks.” Kaitlyn walks away, and I look at the outfit hanging on the hanger in my locker.I gasped. It was really cute, but I was nervous to put it on. I'm chubby. I change out of my clothes and into my uniform. I had a little bit of muffin top going on, but I rolled my eyes and sat down at the hair and makeup table. The crew came rushing in, and messed with my hair. A small Chinese lady looked at my face and squinted. “Why you put makeup on yo'self? Our job.” “I'm sorry, I didn't know.” “Excuse, Excuse.” Rude. I hope everyone else wasn't like this. The Chinese lady walks away, and 3 ladies do my hair. A guy dressed in all purple sits down in front of me. “Hello darling! My name is Jeff. You look fabulous,” He's got some sass in his voice. He's probably gay. “I'm not happy to be in here right now. I want to go into the guys locker room. You know there is some fine looking men in there? Mmn mmn,” Yep. Totally gay. “Are you new here?” “Yes, and can I have a tour please? I don't know my way around.” I try to look in the mirror so I can see what the ladies are doing with my hair. “Of course darling.” He snaps his fingers, and the girls go away. My eyes bulge out of my head, as I look at a perfect Snooki poof on my head. He helps me out of my chair, and leads me out of the locker room, and down the hall. “This is my favorite place.” Oh god. Jeff opens the door, and steam pours out. He leads me into the locker room. My eyes bulge out of my head. So many people in here! Sheamus steps out of the shower, with a towel around his waist. He looks at me and smiles. I blush. He starts walking toward me, and I start to get nervous. I look at the ground, and hope he turns back around. “Hey! You're Blakely right?” I look up and stare into his crystal blue eyes. “Yeah.” “Your real name is Aleigh right?” His Irish accent makes me swoon. I catch myself off guard, and studder, “Th-That's me.” I smile at him awkwardly, flashing my teal braces. “I like your braces. Can I touch them?” Sheamus blushes. I'm surprised his flesh has some color to it. “Yeah.” I giggle. I smile as Sheamus slides his finger across my front top teeth. “Sorry, I've always wanted to know what braces feel like.” “Its fine. People ask me weird questions all the time.” Sheamus laughs. Out of the corner of my eye I see the one and only John Cena put on his shirt. I turn my head to get a full glimpse of him. “Hey!” Someone shouts at me. I whip my head forward to see Cm Punk standing in front of me. “What are you doing in here? No girls allowed.” He puts his face right in front of mine. I back away, but I bump into the Jeff. “Lets go sweetheart. We don't want to get in trouble.” He leads me out of the locker room. “Sorry darling, he's kind of intimidating. Call for me if you need anything. RAW starts in 2 minutes.” He walks away, and my throat starts to close up. 2 minutes? 2 minutes?! Oh my god, I'm not ready. I start to cough, and Zack Ryder comes up behind me. “You alright?” “Yeah. Just nervous.” I can barely speak. Zack hands me his bottle of water, and I drink some of it. “Thanks.” “No problem. Have fun out there.” Zack walks down the hall, and an alarm rings. I jump, and cover my ears. Everyone pours out of the locker rooms, and I follow them. Kaitlyn grabs me. “I'll help you. That alarm just means RAW's starting.” I nod like I know what's happening, but I really don't. I stand in my place. I'm one of the first people to come on. “You ready?” Kaitlyn tucks a piece of my hair behind my ear. I nod. “Just remember that if people are mean to you out there, they're in character. If people are mean to you backstage, they're just mean people.” I nod. John Cena's theme song starts. He runs out to the ring, and he starts to talk. I stand back behind the curtain, waiting for my cue. I breath in and out. Vickie Guerrero goes on. God I hate her so much. I jump up and down to get all the nervousness out of me. The Big Show goes on. I don't like him. He's scary. They talk, and talk, and talk. Wake me up when I have to go on. 


10 minutes. I've been waiting for 10 minutes. I'm waiting to hear my theme song. I'm about to pee my pants from nervousness, but then my theme song starts blaring: Rock Star by Prima J. “Good luck Sis.” Kaitlyn puts her hand on my shoulder. I smile. I love her. I put on my acting face, and I slowly walk out to the ring. I remember what the story line was. I look around at the crowd, overwhelmed by the cheering. John Cena drops his microphone, gets down on one knee, and throws open his arms. I smile, and run to him. I climb into the ring, and run into John Cena's arms. He hugs me. I make eye contact with Vickie Guerrero, and then quickly look away. My theme song dies down, and John picks me up. He holds me close to him, and he kisses my cheek. He gets his microphone back, and the Big Show starts to talk. “What the hell is this?!” The crowd boos as he pokes my shoulder. I try to hide behind John for protection. “This is Blakely. She's our newest Diva.” Big Show laughs. “Yeah right. How old is she? 10?” “She's 12.” “John, I've had enough with your nonsense.” The crowd boos as Vickie gets all up in John's face. “As General Manager of RAW, I declare John Cena has a match with Big Show right now!” Half of the crowd cheers, and half of them boo. John puts me down, and he takes off his shirt. He forms fists with his hands, and stands in front of the Big Show. Big Show laughs. He gets out of the ring, and walks away. The crowd boos. Vickie chases after him, getting him to come back to the ring. John picks me back up, and a theme song starts. John gets pale, and looks around for the intruder. The crowd starts parting as Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose start walking toward the ring. I was kind of excited that the were coming, because I think Roman is cute. I hid it on my face though, and played along with the script. Roman, Seth, and Dean stepped into the ring. John let me go, and motioned me to run away. Dean and Seth started attacking John, and he tried to fight back. I have to admit that I started to tear up. Weird, but its true. I was trapped in the corner of the ring, scared. Roman, Seth, and Dean starting stomping, and punching John. They then picked him up, put him on their shoulders, then they Power-bombed him. John lay in the middle of the ring unconscious. The Shield approached me. Roman picked me up, and slung me over his shoulder. I screamed for John. They walked away, and when they walked farther, John was getting farther away.


What a big relief. I was going to pee my pants in the middle of the ring I was so afraid I was going to mess up. I won't be back on T.V for another 45 minutes, plus its a commercial anyway. The Shield walked up to me, and high-fived me. “Welcome to the WWE.” Roman smiled. “You're a really young Diva.” Dean checked me out. “Yeah, I'm only 12.” “Wow. You look amazing for a 12 year old.” Seth looks at me, and smirks. “Thanks.” “We'll see you later in the show.” Roman smiles, and leaves with the rest of The Shield. “Nice meeting you!” I shout after them. I smile. Its so easier to talk to people now. Sheamus sees me and runs over to me. “Wow, you were great!” I look up at him and smile. Man, he was taller than John. “Thanks. Next time I'm back on I have to be tied to a chair with my mouth taped shut.” Sheamus and I laugh. “There's someone who wants to meet you. Randy!” Randy Orton approaches us, all oiled up and ready to go for his match in 5 minutes. “Hey Blakely, I'm Randy.” He sticks out his hand. I shake his hand. “Nice to meet you.” “You too. Hey congrats on being the youngest Diva.” “Thanks! My brother, Luke, says he thinks you're the best wrestler ever.” Can't forget my little brother! “Well tell him I say thank you. That means a lot to me.” Randy smiles. “I will. He'll be very excited to hear from you.” “I have to go wait for my cue. See you around!” Randy leaves. “Bye Randy.” Sheamus waves to him. “Nice meeting you!” I yell to him. “You know you're really nice.” Sheamus smiles at me. “Well, I don't wanna be mean to everyone. Its only my first day here.” I laugh. “For later in the show, can you write your number on me arm?” Sheamus holds out a pen. “Yeah of course.” I laugh. I take the pen, and write my number on Sheamus' arm. He laughs. “Is this your actual number?” “Yes.” I wink at him. “Oh, getting fancy now are we?” Sheamus, and I laugh. “I have to go sweetheart. I'll see you later.” “Bye.” I smile. Sheamus kisses my cheek, and then walks away leaving me alone. The Shield comes into the room with rope, a chair and tape. “Ready?” Seth asks. “Yeah.” I sigh. A backstage crew member shows us to where our next scene in the show will be taking place. The crew member walks away, and leaves me alone with The Shield. I have to admit, I'm a little intimidated right now. Dean sets down the chair, and Roman ties me up. Seth puts the tape on my mouth. There's a little T.V so I can see what's going on in the ring. John Cena is fighting the Big Show. The camera button turns red. We're on T.V right now at this very moment. The Shield appears on the big screen by the ring. I try to remember my parts. I run through them quick. “We got your girl John.” John and the Big Show stop fighting. John looks in horror at the screen. “Come and get her now Johnny.” Dean says. “You'll have to go through us first.” Seth says. “But lets see if you can find us first.” Roman laughs. “We're coming to get you John.” Dean says. He puts the camera on me, and I try to break free from the rope. John looks at the screen horrified. “RESPECT THE SHIELD!” Roman yells. The screen goes all fuzzy, then back to normal. John turns back around, then Big Show K.O's him. John falls onto the padding of the ring. The Big Show pins John, and Big Show wins. The crowd boos. 


As I sit in the Divas' locker room, the door flies open. Cm Punk bursts through the door. “You!” I jump. “Where were you?” What is he talking about? “I was looking all over for you. We have to go out.” WHAT?! Does he mean “go out go out”?! “Ummmmm.” I feel my face getting hotter. “Just come with me.” He grabs my hands and leads me behind the curtain. “I'm not supposed to be on!” I finally say. “Yes you are. Did you read the script?” He rolls his eyes at me. Now I remember. Cm Punk apparently saved me from The Shield, and then Vickie Guerrero comes out, and says I have to have a match against Eve. Ew. Cm Punk's theme song starts blaring, and the crowd boos. He grabs my hand, and drags me out to the ring. I pretend to act ashamed. We get into the middle of the ring, and Punk grabs a microphone. The crowd boos. “Look what I found!” Punk smiles. He motions to me like a n item on the Price is Right. The crowd cheers. Are they cheering for me? “Come on Cena! Come get your little girl!” Punk smiles, and stares at where the superstars enter. The crowd starts chanting “Cena”. I smile. Someone starts to emerge from the curtain. Vickie. The crowd boos like crazy. “Punk, you may have found Blakely, but she has to prove herself with a match again Eve.” “She's not ready!” Punk pulls me into a hug, and I try to pull away. “Whatever Punk. Her match is right now.” Vickie stands there and smiles. I hate her. Eve's theme song starts blaring, and she emerges from the curtain. The crowd boos. I laugh. Vickie goes back behind the curtain, and Punk kisses my forehead. Punk leave me in the middle of the ring. Alone. Eve then steps into the ring. The bell rings, and I start to back up into the corner. Eve glares at me, and throws a punch. I duck and she misses. I crawl under her legs, and then I kick her in the face. She falls to the ground, and I start beating the living crap out of her. She regains strength, and kicks me right back in the face. I fall to the ground. This is going to be more harder than I thought. I do my signature move, which is kind of like a Brogue Kick, but I don't jump. It's technically a Pivit Kick. I punch her, and hit her till she falls to the ground. I laugh. I get on the top rope, and figure out my new finisher. I stand up, and gulp. I jump off the top rope towards Eve, and tuck in my knees and flip. I land smack dab on my stomach right onto Eve. I raise up her leg, and let the Ref count. 1, 2, 3. I won. Oh my god. I won! I won! I won my first match! I stand up, and the Ref raises my hand. The crowd cheers like crazy. I stand on the second rope, and throw my hands up in the air. I beam, and take in the cheering crowd. I get out of the ring, and run back to the locker room. 


I run backstage, and I run into Sheamus' arms. He picks me up and swings me around. “Good job sweetheart! I knew you do it!” He kisses my cheek, and he sets me down. I bump into Zack Ryder. “Congratulations!” I hug him, and he picks me up. I hold onto him. Sheamus looks at us hurt. Zack sets me down. “See you later babe.” “Bye.” I smile. Whoa. He hasn't called me anything, and I've only been with him one other time. Sheamus smiles at me. John Cena comes running toward me. “There's my baby girl!” He hugs me, and swings me around. He looks down at me with pride. “You did a great job.” “Thanks.” I smile up at him, and he walks away. Sheamus moves closer to me. “Listen Aleigh, um, I was thinking-” “Sheamus! We need you, you're on in 3!” A person running the lights yelled to him down the hall. “I'll be right back.” Sheamus ran off towards the entrance leaving me alone. I hear footsteps behind me. “YOU!” An angry voice yells. I whip around to face the person. It's Eve. Ew. “If you kick me in the face for real next time, I swear to god I will kill you in that ring. You're such a self conceded bitch,” I see someone peaking out from behind a corner, watching us. Kane. “I'll make your first time here quickly come to your last. I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve and I'm not afraid to use them at all. Stay out my way, prick.” Eve pushes past me and walks down the hallway. OK, for one I am not a dude so no need to call me that! And two if anything, she's the conceded one. Kane slowly walks toward me. “Ignore her. She's like that to all the Divas when they first arrive,” Kane stands in front of me. I have to look strait up to see his face. “She's afraid they're gonna steal her spotlight. Just try to avoid her kid.” Kane walks away, and down toward the curtain. “Thanks.” I whisper to myself. I walk down the hall to find Jeff. “Jeff?” I look in every empty space. I hear a sassy voice talking. Jeff! I pull back the curtain to the snack room, and there he is talking on his blue tooth. He holds up a finger, signaling me to wait just a second. “Yep bye,” Jeff ends the call on his blue tooth. “Darling! You were absolutely fabulous out there! You totally whipped that girl's ass!” Jeff and I exchange hugs for a moment. A shrill laugh fills the arena, and I cover my ears. Jeff hurries me to the curtain. “What's happening?” I look around trying to find the answer. “Just get out there babe.” Jeff literally kicks me out onto the entrance platform. I fall to the ground, and I'm pretty sure the whole arena could see it. Wait a second, am I supposed to be on? Does Jeff know my cues better than I do? I see Vickie in the middle of the ring with a microphone. I see Sheamus. Sheamus! “Oh, there she is Sheamus! There's your little girlfriend.” Vickie giggles. Oh god. I run back behind the curtain, and the whole stadium goes black. Oh god, what just happened?! I feel someone pick me up. John? Zack? A theme song started. Kane. WOAH! Wait a second, Kane's carrying me?! He walked out to the ring in his mask, with me in his arms. Well apparently my brain adapted to the cycle of scripts, and I just remembered it without thinking. Fire exploded from the ring, and I jumped. Kane set me down in front of Sheamus and his theme song died down. “Oh there's now way of running now Little Miss Perfect,” Shit. “I know what's going on between you and Sheamus. You two little love birds can't keep everything to yourselfs,” The crowd boos. “You even wrote your number on Sheamus' arm! Oh Blakely, Blakely, Blakely. You're gonna end up just like A.J. It's your first night here, and you already have a man!” Vickie laughs. Sheamus covers from my ears. “Oh how sweet.” Vickie laughs again while Sheamus grabs a microphone. “You know Vickie, maybe you're just jealous. Maybe its because you don't have a man, you're ugly, nobody wants you,and you're still a virgin,” The crowd cheers. Vickie's jaw drops to the ground. “You're jealous of that aren't you Vickie? I know someone that's going to lose their virginity before you. She's gonna lose it tonight.” Sheamus eyes me up and rubs his chin. My jaw drops to the ground. Oh my god. He did not just say that!! Is he for real?! Vickie looks at Sheamus in disgust. “Sheamus, you're sick!” Vickie screams, and runs out of the ring and behind the curtain. Kane walks up to Sheamus, and choke-slams him. Half of the crowd boos, and half of them cheer. My eyes bug out of my head. Kane looks at me for what seems like forever, then he steps out of the ring, and behind the curtain. I look at Sheamus in horror, and I start to tear up. Oh my god! Is he dead?! I drop to my knees by Sheamus' side. I put my hand on his chest. He's breathing. I start to cry. “Don't cry Aleigh.” Sheamus whispers to me. I look at his face. He opens on of his eyes a tiny bit, and smiles a tiny bit so it wouldn't be caught on camera. I hold Sheamus' hand and he holds it back.


I walked with Sheamus, hand in hand, backstage to the Divas locker room. When we got there, I turned to go into the locker room, and Sheamus grabbed my hand. “Aleigh,” I turned toward him. “I was wondering if you'd like to come over to me place after the show. Everyone will be there. We have a week break.” He looked at me longingly with his sparkling blue eyes. “Yeah of course!” I smiled at him. “I think John could give you a ride.” Sheamus eyes me up again. “Thanks that would be great.” I hug Sheamus. “See you there!” I wave to him, and enter the locker room. I skip to my locker, and undress. Eve enters the locker room. She bangs on the metal which makes me jump. “Hey,” I try to cover up my naked body. “You going to Sheamus' in 5 minutes?” She eyes me up. “Umm, yeah.” I look at her. Cm Punk looks out from behind the end of wall, and whips out his iPhone. He takes pictures of my butt. Eve looks at Punk, then at my body again. “Why are you checking me out?” “No reason.” Eve turns red. I laugh at Eve. I drop my towel. I turn around so she can see my butt. She wants to look at me, well now she can. I don't see Punk, but his jaw drops. He snaps 3 or 4 pictures. He looks at my front all amazed. Ick. He's such a pedophile. Eve gives him a signal for him to go away. He turns around to go, but he trips and falls face flat on the ground. “What was that?!” I yell, and walk towards the sound. Eve grabs my arm, but I pull away. “Don't go over there!” I ignore her, and go check it out. I look around the wall, but no one's there. I roll my eyes, and get dressed quickly. I shove past Eve and find John so I can go to Sheamus'. 


I walked into Sheamus' house, blasted in the face with Dubstep. These people listen to Dubstep? I was welcomed by a whole bunch of buffoons that were dancing like idiots. I think Cody Rhodes was already drunk. Cody's mustache scares me. Every time I think about I cringe. Ew. I search to find Sheamus when some idiot comes barreling towards me almost knocking me to the ground. I walk into the kitchen, and I see him talking to Ricardo Rodriquez, Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer. My heart just about leaps out of my chest. He sees me, and walks over to me. “Aleigh!” He picks me up, and swings me around. God, I love this dude. He holds my hand, and leads me upstairs. My heart starts pounding. When we get upstairs he opens a door, and behind the door is a bedroom decorated with candles and roses. Oh. My. God. He wasn't kidding! My heart starts beating a thousand miles a minute when he leads me into the room, and closes the door. “W-Wow. T-this is b-beautiful.” I studder like an idiot. “And so are you.” Sheamus stares deeply and longingly into my eyes. Sheamus leans in, and I panic. I've never actually kissed him before! Oh my god!! What should I do?! I lean in, and our lips crashed together. Fireworks went off inside of me. He wraps his arms around my waist. Oh my god. It's only my first night here, and this is happening?! Talk about time flying. Sheamus lifts me up, and I wrap my legs around his waist. It probably looked like A.J kissing Kane. I pull away from him, and he stares at me, his eyes full of hunger. Oh god. This won't turn out well, I just know it won't. Sheamus lays me down on the bed, and crashes his lips into mine again. Is this really happening? He starts to unbutton my pants, when a wave of guilt and shame rushes over me. I can't do this. Next thing I know, I'm just in my bra and underwear. My heart is now beating sixty-million miles a minute. It's going to happen. I'm going to lose my virginity. Sheamus was already starting to take off his boxers, when I finally shove him away. “I can't do this.” Sheamus' hunger in his eyes disappears. I start to get teared up after I just realized what I've done. “Oh Aleigh. Oh god, I'm so sorry.” Sheamus props me up on the bed, and hugs me. He holds me tight. I love Sheamus. I just can't lose my virginity now. I look up, and stare into his crystal blue eyes. He leans down, and kisses me again. We lay down on the bed, and I fall in sync with Sheamus' breathing. I fall asleep in Sheamus' arms wondering if my parents are ever going to find out. 


My eyes fly open to harsh crying. I'm in my room. Wait, I'm in my room?! Was that all a dream? Nope. I turn and look at the clock. 7:30 am, and crying already?! I need sleep. I have a headache from the loud music. Ugh. I roll out of bed, and slowly open my door. I see my mom crying and my dad comforting her. I also see my Finn, Maddy, and Luke all eating breakfast. I take one step out of my room, and everyone whips their heads in my direction. Aah, talk about a deer in the headlights. Finn and my brother exchange glances then burst out into laughter. My mom starts bawling again, and my dad gives me the death glare. I quickly go back into my bedroom, and lock the door. What did I do?! I never did anything!

My cousin Maddy grabs today’s paper, and runs up to my room with it. She slides it under the door, runs to her room, locks the door, and prays she doesn't get in trouble.

I spot the paper in front of my feet. I pick it up, and carefully unfold it. I read the headline, and my jaw falls to the ground. The color immediately drains from my face. “Sheamus and Blakely Sex Scandal.” I drop the paper and start to cry. What the hell?! I stumble back and fall onto my bed. This can't be happening. This isn't true. We almost had sex. Sheamus is way older than me. I could never have sex with him anyway. There is no chance in hell that'll ever happen. What am I going to tell everyone?! What's everyone going to think of me?! I sprawl out on my bed, and cry my insides out. I need Sheamus now. Sheamus. Wait, what's Sheamus going to think?! 


I hop out of bed in nothing but boxers, and exit me room. All of me cleaning ladies were crowded around the kitchen table, gossiping. One of them noticed me, then everyone noticed me. I was feeling a wee bit uncomfortable. Four of me cleaning ladies rushed up the stairs, past me, and into me bedroom. I watch them as they all start poking cautiously at me bed. “Ladies, knock it off!” The jumped at the sound of me voice, and rushed back downstairs to the table. “Can someone please hand me me newspaper?” Me youngest cleaning lady walks slowly towards me. She holds out her trembling hand. “Here you go Sir.” I snatch it from her, and she jumps. “Ladies! What is all the mixed emotions about?!” I open the paper up, and see the headline. “Sheamus and Blakely Sex Scandal.” Me stomach starts getting queasy, and I drop the paper. I quickly get dressed, rush down the stairs, and hop into me car. I need Aleigh. Now.


I heard the doorbell ring. I decided to open my window for fresh air to help with my dizziness. Doorbell. Well I'm not answering it. I'm not coming back out of my room. Never. I start to cry again. I heard something. It was outside. I blocked it out, and continued to cry. Sheamus then climbs through my window. I see him and I cry harder. He rushes over to me and sits on my bed. He cuddles me, and kisses my forehead. “It'll be alright. I'll protect you. I'm your Celtic Warrior.” He whispered into my ear. He rocked me back and fourth while I cried into his chest. I felt myself drifting off. I relaxed, and fell asleep in Sheamus' arms. Sheamus kisses my forehead, and lays me down on my bed. Hey lay down next to me, and wrapped his big arms around me. One final tear rolled down my cheek. Sheamus quickly wipes it away. “Don’t worry. I'm here.” 


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