Josh Thomas's The Rising Part 1

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A plague that ressurects the dead happens. It is present day and only a gun club can fight them off.

Submitted: December 20, 2008

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Submitted: December 20, 2008



Josh Thomas PresentsThe Rising Chapter One

NARRIRATOR- Present day, a gun club is hunting. The gun club has 5 members in Illinois. They are Eric Reid, Daniel Mantill, Elroy Kennings, Michael Mayfeild, and Roy Kennings (Elroy's brother)

ELROY- You see that, got the deer right in the neck.

DANIEL- You can't... (Michael Interupts)

MICHAEL- (Whispers) Sshhh... Listen.

NARRIRATOR- Twigs and sticks are cracking.

ERIC- We got some targets.

NARRIRATOR- They scurry up the hill where the sounds are coming from. They hide.

ROY- That ain't no animal...

ERIC- That's a man.

NARRIRATOR- They walk to the man.

MICHAEL- Aye! You okay?

NARRIRATOR- The man slowly turns around and runs to the gun club.

STRANGER- No I'am not! You have to help me!

ERIC- Calm down, what's the problem.

NARRIRATOR- Blood is spewing from his rist.

STRANGER- Some kind of zombie looking things are covering the town.

ROY- You're bleeding.

STRANGER- One bit me.

ERIC- Come with us, we have aid equpment at our gun range.

STRANGER- Hurry up. Forget me. They're coming this way.

ROY- What is the problem.

STRANGE- Zombies!

NARRIRATOR- They cracked up.

DANIEL- Zombies?

STRANGER- I'm not dealing with this. You want to laugh, then just go into town.They're everywhere.

ELROY- Yeah sure...

STRANGER- Screw you! You're going to regret not listening!

NARRIRATOR- The stranger runs away. Seconds later, twigs and sticks are cracking again. They look over the hill.

DANIEL- What in the hell?

NARRIRATOR- Zombies run over hills and more appear.

ROY- Holy Sh...(Gets tackled by zombies)

NARRIRATOR- The rest run.

MICHAEL- Get to the truck!

NARRIRATOR- The truck waits just over 10 yards. Seconds later they jump in.

ERIC- (In driver seat) Who has the keys?

MICHAEL- Here! (Pulls out of pocket)

NARRIRATOR- Eric is so nervous that he can's put the key in the slot. Withing seconds, sombies ruch over the hills toward the truck.

ELROY- Hurry!

NARRIRATOR- He finally puts the key in and cranks it. He slams the petal down.

ELROY- Where's Roy?

NARRIRATOR- Elroy jumps out.

DANIEL- What are you doing!

ELROY- Oh no!

NARRIRATOR- The zombies trample him and begin to tear his stomach open revealing flesh and blood.

ERIC- Why!

NARRIRATOR- More zombie come over the hills and end up on the side of the truck.

ERIC- Shoot them off!

NARRIRATOR- Daniel pulls out his M-16 and waists a whole round on they're mid sections goind down the road. He looked back at who he shot.

DANIEL- They're not dyeing!

NARRIRATOR- Few zombies run in front of the truck.

ERIC- (Swerving) Ahhh!

NARRIRATOR- The truck begins to spin.

MICHAEL- Christ!

NARRIRATOR- A nearby farm is in the trucks path.

ERIC- Ditch!

NARRIRATOR- They tip into a ditch. Daniel and Michael is dead. Eric slowly climbs out with a slash on his fore head.

ERIC- (In pain) Why! Ahh! Why!

NARRIRATOR- The zombies begin to run to Eric.


NARRIRATOR- Eric pulls out a revolver and jumps over the barbed wire fence that surrounds the farm.

ERIC- Take this @$%#s!

NARRIRATOR- Eric unleashes rounds wildly in the zombies mid sections and hearts.

ERIC- They're not dyeing?

NARRIRATOR- The zombies just push they're bodies into the barbed wire fence with blood just pooring down to the dirt. The fence begins to collapse.

ERIC- No! No!

NARRIRATOR- Eric begins to run limping. The zombies break through running straight at Eric.

ERIC- No! No!

NARRIRATOR- Eric makes it to a truck and hops on top. The zombies surround him and begins to rock the truck.

ERIC- No! (Trying to grip)

NARRIRATOR- In the tower over the truck, a man stood holding a shot gun.

FARMER- Get away from him!

NARRIRATOR- The farmer fires in the zombie's heads making the zombies back up from the truck.

FARMER- Get up here!

NARRIRATOR- The farmer pushes a rope ladder down.

FARMER- Well hurry up boy!

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