Lost in Space I

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This is part I of a serial, type series. If this gets at least 20 reads, I will continue with a spin-off. When a group of people from Earth join a cause for discovery, they have a mission to discover new species. Therefore they go to a moon (near Saturn) that shows vegetation and may contain life. But, they get stranded there and may not return.

Submitted: June 21, 2009

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Submitted: June 21, 2009




They year is 2055, Earth has established a universal-wide association called a UWS (Universal Wide Salvation). The object of GS is to separate teams of 5 and move them into one galaxy to discover, defend, and protect each planet and species. Each team owns a space station that is at least 3 stories tall. It is able to travel at regular and warp speed. This is about a team (Team Alamo) that goes on a Mission to find life on a moon that show rivers and vegetation.

The five are splitted into different races... This one has Eric Patterson (Irish), Craig Daniels (American), James Hughes (English), Tasha Graves (African-American), and Lu Kao (Japanese). Each had a great past. But this is them 10 years in the future, after they began as Team Alamo. This was thought to be their last mission.

In there ship (Alamo), a video message has been sent from the Emperor Chi of Monquer. He spoke...

"My astronomers have seen signs of life on our moon, Su."

Communicator Eric, replied.

"Signs like...?"

Eric asked.

"Well we have seen trees and vegetation, even a river."

"Well there must be. We shall be there within a few minutes emporer."

Emporer Chi replied.

"Well thank you, and good luck."

Emporer Chi signed out.

Eric called on the others, they agreed to see to it.

The engineer (James Hughes) controlled the ship and flew to the moon Su.

"Do you have the ship while we're down their?"

Asked Craig. James replied.

"Yes, now you and the rest get in the teleportor."

The teleporter is a room in the ship, like a music studio that scrambles the atoms of whoever is in it, and sends them to their destination and connects their atoms back to order.

"Alright, get ready."

Said James as he operated it. The crew suited up in oxygen suits in case of no oxygen on Su... They flashed and with 2 seconds, they appeared on Su, right next to the river. They steel had a connection to the ship.

"How high is the oxygen charts, James?"

Tasha asked James over their communicators.

"Oxygen is at 78%, it should be safe to take off your helmets."

One by one they took off their oxygen helmets.

"Alright, we are fine."

Said Lu to James.

"Okay, I'am detecting heat at 16 yards from each of you."

Said James.

They continued to walk. Near 14 yards, a tall and massive man jumped out off some bushes with a spear and shield, shouting loudly. Then other people with shields and spears jumped out as well.

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