MURDER 3: Know Thyself

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It is the review of the recently released Hindi film MURDER 3.

Submitted: February 19, 2013

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Submitted: February 19, 2013



MURDER 3: Know Thyself


Murder 3 is an official adaptation of Spanish psycho-thriller La Cara Oculta (2011, The Hidden Face) and is a sequel to Murder (2004) and Murder 2 (2011). A Valentine Day's release, it is a perfect foil for a romantic endeavour albeit with a difference. Usually a person is killed or murdered but here murder is of a different kind. Here feelings and emotions are ruthlessly killed and a game of deceit is set from the word go. And what else can be expected in this fast moving world, where everything is use-and-throw, including lovers. So, wouldn't it be prudent to know your partner/lover with whom you are going to share almost everything, no matter for how short a time and then move on to the next. Emotions are of no use when your partner has no reciprocity except to conveniently use and dispose of you.


This is the first time perhaps there is triangle which is a tetrangle and finally ends up into a pentangle. The story begins in Cape Town, South Africa where photographer Vikram (Randeep Hooda) is a struggler. But soon opportunity arises when he is offered a plum posting as a fashion photographer in Mumbai. He is in two minds as his girlfriend Roshni (Aditi Rao Hydari) is already an established interior designer. But she is ready to leave her career and go with him. And together they leave for Mumbai. She gets busy with setting up the palatial home and he with his career and also with his hair stylist Naomi (Tonisha Pawar). And suddenly Roshni disappears in thin air leaving behind a message in-camera that it is the end of their relationship. Cop Kabir (Rajesh Shringarpure) suspects Vikram but cannot nail him. Vikram is heartbroken but soon finds refuge in the arms of a waitress Nisha (Sara Loren/Mona Lizza). Things are beginning to return to normal but then Nisha finds the mansion is actually a bhoot bangla. Sppoky things happen that raise goose pimples. And from then onwards it's a race to finish. A photo FINISH of emotions and feelings. And Kabir too expresses his feelings towards Nisha. In this complex pentangle, where does the buck stop? That's the cat and mouse game where Roshni finds freedom, Nisha needs to be rescued and the serpent must be caught and probably punished/killed too. It is something to be watched to be appreciated. There is a subtle play on day/light (Roshni) and night (Nisha). After Talaash, this movie is simply superb.


In the story of Adam and Eve, the serpent (devil) tempts Eve with an apple. But interestingly, in this movie, Adam is the serpent devil who not only has Eve but is tempted/greedy enough to have other apples too. But greed leads no where and there is a downfall. It is a breath-taking climax that does poetic justice to a tale of deceit and two-timing. Trust and faithfulness shouldn't be compromised upon or the feelings and emotions stand murdered.


Full marks to Randeep Hooda the duda for the casanova act where he displays raw sensuality. The role may have been written just for him. He is not acting but living the part. With a chiselled body, he is any girl's delight. And Pakistani Sara Loren (earlier called Mona Lizza in Kajra Re) is the new-age oomph girl perhaps unconsciously modeled after Marilyn Monroe. She oozes dollops of OOMPH. Watch out for her. She may leave Zeenat Aman and Parveen Babi far far behind in times to come. Aditi shines but in part. The movie could have belonged to her.


Rajesh is a complete misfit in this terrific role. And Randeep's boss D K Bose played by Bugs Bhargava, instead of raising laughter increases enough anger to throw torn shoes at him. And the third lousy actor Shekhar Shukla as an investigative cop tries to humour up the act but ends up flat. All of these three should be banned from acting. There is a supporting role of Nisha's friend Sheena played competently by Shraddha Jaiswal. Cinematography is eye-catching. Climax is terrific with a nek nasihat for those, who wish to learn their lesson well. And songs are like icing on the cake especially Hum Jee Lengey. Teri Jhuki Nazar, Mat Aazma Re and Jaata Hai TujhTak are a treat to anyone musically tuned. Lovely songs. Arth (1983) challenged the institution of marriage. Murder 3 challenges the feelings and emotions of true love. Times have changed and so have feelings. And how are we human beings going to deal with it? That is left for us to decide.          


And the three main characters are a clone - Randeep Hooda (of Kunal Khemu), Aditi Rao Hydari (of Kangana Ranaut) and Sara Loren/Mona Lizza (of Esha Gupta/Angelina Jolie). And debutant director Vishesh Bhatt too is a clone (of actor Inder Kumar). For a debutant, Vishesh had done a terrific job of presenting the story suiting the Indian scenario. The message is clear: If you want to have a smooth-sailing relationship KNOW thyself to know your partner. Don't go by looks but what goes on inside your partner's mind. Don't be gullible or you may end up as devil's mate, sorry date as in this pentagon, sorry pentangle. ENJOY this sumptuous treat. It may end up straightening a few viperous souls.


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