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It is something to enjoy on Valentine's Day. Irksome boy exasperates the girl. Entertaining dialogues.

Submitted: February 20, 2013

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Submitted: February 20, 2013



I love you

I knew it. You love me. Since the first day I saw you in the park, I knew it. Deep in my heart, I had always seen a girl like you. And my dream has been answered. I always thought you were following me and today you have come and admitted it. You are


Stop it. Stop it

No, I will not stop. I will do anything you ask me but I will not stop. I have to tell you so many things. My heart is so full of love. It was finding an outlet. And today I have found you. Let me tell you something. I am looking forward to a wedded blissful life. A few kids and we will have a wholesome family. You will like your life with me


Allow me to say something

No, no, no. You don’t have to say anything. You have already said everything. It is my turn to say. I have to say so much. No girl ever said these three magical words to me. I can see stars shining. It is such a sweet feeling. What are you doing this weekend? I


Give me a break, will you? I wanted to say I love your poodle. It is so cute.

Oh! Then why didn’t you stop me from talking so much.


I did but you

Oh! I know. You like listening to me. Most girls are my fan. They love hearing what I have to say. They love hanging around me. I have the gift of gab. Even you…

You are nuts...

Most people do think that ways about me but then they come around. And then... Will someone help me, please? Police, police...
Yes, I am a cop. You will find none friendlier than me. I can help you out in any situation. If you need me in the dead of night, I will be there. I...

(She runs away.)

Oh! She's too shy. She just didn't have the time to hear me out... Never mind. There, that one. Hi...

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