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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Emos are regular people, just like you. You don't know us? Whatever. You don't understand us? Don't try unless we talk to you. Just read me.







We don't always wear black,

or listen to hard-core music,

just shut up your hatin' self.

we're not gonna change for you, get over it.


We don't worship Satan, 

in love we're always true,

we can be happy as well,

and are normal, just like you.


Hey you, listen to me,

can't you see that I don't care?

I don't care if you laugh at me

or walk by me and stare.


What you don't see 

is that we can be happy, like you.

Look into my eyes, feelings are there,

I can smile, and laugh along, too.


We have our own reasons

for wanting to cry

why we sometimes cut our wrists,

and always hope to die.


We don't suicide to end our lives,

we kill to end the pain,

because sometimes its just to much,

when our hearts are circling the drain.


We don't want to kill everybody,

we don't all wish we were like you,

but let me tell you something, 

that is so desperately true.


The great thing about being emo,

is that we, myself, can let people see,

that we are happy, with self confidence,

and we, myself, are fine, with just being me.



-M.B. 10/25/12/Thurs





Submitted: November 12, 2012

© Copyright 2020 Wyld Astradine. All rights reserved.

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No one has more power and shouldn't think people are weird because of what they do and wear. Gotta love everyone equally. And I accept who you TRULY are.

Sat, June 29th, 2013 12:35pm


omg, im so sorry i havent replied :c but aww thank you hun c: i accept you for who you are to

Sun, August 25th, 2013 5:02pm

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