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chris is a teenage gearhead with a project sitting in his mother's driveway. one day his mother tells him to get the eyesore out of the driveway. he goes to rent a storage unit to put it in but he
picked the wrong facility.

Submitted: September 18, 2017

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Submitted: September 18, 2017



There is the sound of wrenching and a boy visible underneath a rusty, lifted, matte black, 1987 Ram 150, with a hitch attached to the front in a driveway. When someone walks up to the car and knock on it.

"Don't touch the car!" The Boy shouts as he pulls his way out from underneath the car.

"Sorry..." says The Man the boy has scolded. "May I speak to your mother Chris." The Man is wearing shades and an expensive suit. 

"She's inside just knock on the door. She should answer." Chris crawls back underneath the truck in a different spot than before.

"What are you doing?" The Man asks.

"Putting in a new prop shaft." Chris points to the old one in the grass behind the man.

The shaft is rusted all the way through and has holes in it. You can visibly see that it is weak enough that you can rip it apart with your bare hands.

"You know you are not supposed to be doing this in the driveway right?" The Man asks.

"Yeah but I don't have room in the garage for it and I need a car. I don't have the money to store it anywhere so here I am." Chris replies as he drops the shaft catching it nearly before it hit the ground. He begins to hyperventilate as he panicked about the situation. "I thought you wanted to talk to my mom. Go, you are distracting me."

The man walks over to the front door and rings the doorbell. Chris focuses on his work. A groggy woman in a nightgown opens the door and greets the man. 

"Hello, Mr. Wolfe. How may I help you?" The Woman asks as she rubs her eyes

The Man looks to Chris as to check if he was listening. He is absorbed in his work.

"It's about the truck. It's a complete eyesore. I am going to report you if it stays there." Wolfe states.

"I know but It runs and gets him where he needs to go." Chris' mother replies worried.

"I don't care, I don't want to continue to see that monstrosity every day, I am tired of it," Wolfe states angrily.

"And how is he going to get around? Are you going to pay for something else?" Chris' mother asks.

"That's not my problem, just get rid of it. I'll give you a week." Wolfe walks away.

As he walks past Chris, Chris puts his pry bar down outside the car where Wolfe would step on it. Wolfe slips on the bar and falls. 

"Oh, shit. Sorry, didn't notice you walking by. It was in the way." Chris states.

The man gets up and walks away grumbling.

"Fuck that guy. I can't get rid of the truck. If I clean up they can't fine us right?" Chris asks his mother.

"You were listening?" She replies.

"Here and there," Chris states as he torques the bolts.

"They can fine us just because it looks like that. All that rust just doesn't look good, that thing shouldn't even be road legal." His mother replies.

"We can't just get rid of it. How am I going to get to work?" Chris asks.

"I don't know but It can't stay here. We just can't afford it. Look into some storage facilities, maybe we can scrape something up for it. Maybe you can find a place you can ride a bike to." She replies.

Chris crawls out from under of the car, gets in, and starts it. "Fine, I'll look for a place." He drives off. "I'll just go for a joyride first."

Chris drives around town and comes to a dirt road. Was this here before. I could have missed it but the grass is cut around it too. He drives down the road and comes up to a large facility with a sign that says Renold's Storage 2.00$ a week...

"Cheap. Too cheap to be true but I don't have much of a choice." 

Chris parks, gets out, and walks to the front entrance. He sees someone at the front desk so he walks in and she greets him. The woman is chubby with a pretty face but nothing to marvel at. Chris reads her name tag. Viola

"What can I help you with?" Viola asks. 

"I would like to know more about this facility. I need somewhere to store my truck." Chris replies.

"You can do that here. We can supply you with a garage for 2$ a week." The woman responds.

"Isn't that really cheap?" Chris asks.

"I can assure you that your truck and anything else you may like to store will be perfectly safe. We just want to supply you with the space you need for the lowest price possible." The Woman answers.

"I guess. How long has this place been here?" Chris asks.

"For a while. I recently procured the rights for to the facility and cleaned it up." The woman answers.

"That's why I never noticed it then. This is close to my house and I never saw a road here. You should advertise yourself better. Put a sign at the end of the road or something. I only came here because I got curious." Chris states. 

"Well, it's here. I appreciate your consideration and will put it into effect soon. Any more questions?" The woman asks.

"Is there a fee for potential damages?" Chris replies.

"There are only about two or three things you can break in the spaces. So we don't worry about it. If something happens we will contact you about it." The woman answers.

"Last thing, Can I look around?" Chris asks.

"Yes, you may. I will call someone to escort you just to make sure you don't get lost." The woman pushes a button under the desk and intercom activates. "Juuzo please come to the front desk."

Soon a large man walks in through some doors on the left of the lobby.

"Walk this young man around and show him the facility." The woman orders.

Juuzo nods and waves for Chris to follow. He brings him to a gate and opens it. 

"This place looks military grade even the gates. I don't think I could break this if I wanted to." Chris states

Juuzo nods and then tours the entire facility with Chris to give him an idea of where everything is. They then return to the lobby.

"You like it?" The woman asks.

"Yes," Chris replies. You sure you want to have a place like this be so cheap. I should ask mom first but we don't have much of a choice anyway.  "I'll rent a unit." Chris hands her the two dollars

"Great, here are some papers that have to signed, be sure to read them thoroughly." The woman replies as she hands him a clipboard.

I thought contracts with minors were void. Works in my favor I guess.  Chris thinks to himself as he takes the clipboard and sits down to fill out the sheets.

He finishes filling out the contracts and gives them to the woman. 

"Thank you for your business. You may buy one of our locks or use one of your own." States the woman.

"I'll use my own thank you," Chris replies before he leaves.

Chris drives home and tells his mother about the facility as she cooks.

"That's great" His mother states. "Now we don't have to worry about that prick."

"Too bad I have to get in a little more exercise during my free time." Chris states.

"You'll be fine." She replies as she stirs the pot.

"Sure, I'll be just fine," Chris replies sarcastically.

"Go take a shower while I finish this up." His mother states.

"Do you know where any of dad's old locks are," Chris asks.

"look in the tool chest." She replies.

"Thanks," Chris states before as he gets a lock and put it in the truck along with his bike and other things he needs.

It is the next day and Chris goes straight to the facility after school and work. There is now a sign at the end of the road.

Chris looks at a piece of paper the woman gave him. "Lot 316. If I remember correctly that is in the back." He drives to the gate. "Wonder why they put me all the way back here. It's not like the ones up front are being used." 

Chris backs the truck into the space, hops out, and begins to pull stuff out the bed. What should I do today? The coolant leak, stiff shifter, screeching bearings, or the plethora of other things. I guess the shifter is the most important.

Chris checks to fluid "that's fine." what else could it be. He begins to look through all the possible options when suddenly the bay door closes. that's weird I put the lock in and I didn't  even hear the chain jingle. He walks over and pulls up on the door but won't go up more than a few centimeters.  It's locked? How? He bangs on the door and calls for help. No one responds.

It's not a big deal. Mom knows I'm here. Except its pitch black in here! Chris continues to bang and pull on the door for a few minutes before he completely gives up. He walks over to the truck, starts it and turns on the headlights. Is there anywhere I can attach the hitch? He looks around the door for a weak or extended point to hook onto. He finds one, attaches the hook and starts to pull but instead of the door being pulled the truck pulls itself to the door. 

"That's not going to work." Guess I'll just wait then. Chris goes back to working on the truck with the light he has. Time goes by but no one comes. He decides to sleep in the truck and neglects to lock the door. Later the door opens but Chris doesn't wake up to the sound. He is pulled out, woken up, tied up, blindfolded and taken elsewhere. He shouts the whole way there. He can hear other people struggling as he is dragged into another room.

He is thrown down and then there are footsteps going away from him. Why? What do get gain from having me? Chris thinks to himself in horror.  He waits a few minutes before he calls out.

"Hello, is there anyone else here?" Of course there is why am I asking.

The voice of a man who has accepted his fate replies "Yes, there is no point in struggling you're not going to get out of the rope on your own. Might as well wait and see what they do with us."

"How long have you been here?" Chris asks as he calms down.

"A few hours it feels like but who knows. When you're in a state like this..." The man replies.

"I get it." Chris pulls himself in a single direction looking for a wall or something to lean on or to find something he can cut the ropes with if he could be so lucky. He bumps into someone on the way. "My bad. I can't exactly be aware of where I am."

"It's fine." A light-voiced woman replies.

Chris pulls his way around the woman and finds a wall. He pushes himself up and tries to get comfortable as he waits to find out his fate. 

In what feels like a few more hours someone walks through the door. "Hello, my wonderful customers." It's the Woman from the front desk.

"I am Jasmine for those who may have neglected to ask before." The woman states confidently. "You may be thinking why am I here or why am I here? For the first question, I'm not going to answer that. For the second one, nothing particularly special. You were just in the right place at the right time... Seems like you don't have any other questions or you just are too afraid to speak. Just know, we are going to have some fun, at least I am anyway." She leaves.

"She's cocky, isn't she. Not that she has a reason not to be." The foreboding man states.

"Wonder what she is going to do? Torture us and if so how? Experiment with us and then again how?" Chris states calmly.

"Don't say things like that!" a separate concerned woman exclaims.

"What else could "Fun" be?" Chris replies.

"You don't have to mention it!" She replies.

"Let's just wait quietly. Maybe we'll hear something outside." The foreboding man states.

No one speaks throughout the rest of the night but no one sleeps either. The next morning a group of people enters and drags everyone outside. They cut the ropes and leave. No one is able to attack the men or do anything in their tired, disoriented state. Everyone takes off their blindfolds to reveal an area reminiscent of a prison full of inmates.

Chris walks off on his own. He comes up to a tall wall-like gate. Guess that how we got in here and how we're not getting out. I should probably stay with other in case Jasmine returns... But that's no fun.

Chris walks around to find any weak point people may have missed doubting the existence due to a number of people there. 

"What are you looking for." an older tan-skinned woman asks. 

"I don't know. A way out I guess." Chris answers.

"You're not gonna find one. This used to be for military storage they wouldn't have left weak points ordinary people like us would be able to find let alone use." The woman replies.

"Wouldn't our families and friends call the police or something. I mean this place isn't hard to find." Chris asks.

"That's what I thought when I first came here but, no one came. It doesn't make sense but that's how it is." The woman answers.

"This whole place is part of the military base though. You don't think she may have a connection with the higher-ups do you?" Chris asks.

"She? The person who brought us here was a man." The woman replies

"She did say she recently obtained ownership." Chris states.

"So someone else is running this place now?" The woman asks

"Guess so. What  is this place exactly?" Chris replies.

"What it looks like. A prison, The only difference is that this is far more brutal than a prison. This is like their torture house. We walk around and interact when they let us but when the time comes there is someone getting beaten and cut. You should have seen some people while walking around, they're everywhere." The woman answers.

"Didn't notice but you don't seem to have any bruises or scars," Chris states confused.

"It's random selection. I just got lucky. Some people go in multiple days in a row. It's surprising how some of us are still alive." The woman replies. "You may get lucky also."

"If they have people that have never been brought in why do they bring more people into the prison?" Chris asks.

"To change the numbers. Not only do more people give a larger variety to pick from it changes how the system picks. It's like how if you put your music on shuffle but the same songs play all the time. You download more hoping there would be a difference. It's the same principle." The woman states.

"How do you know all this?" Chris asks.

"I've been here for a VERY long time. You learn some things. I've never put my music on shuffle if that gives you an idea how long." The woman replies as she walks away.

Chris returns to where the others were but no one was there. He decides to find someplace comfortable to stay and sleep until something happens.

He wakes up to the darkness of night. He can hear his stomach churning so he walks around looking for a cafeteria or someplace where he can find something to eat. A thin man that looks related to Juuzo Walks over to him and tells him to follow. Chris follows calmly.

The man takes him to where the others are and leaves. A few minutes later Juuzo comes in with cart with a large pot on it and paper bowls next to it. He nods and leaves.

I guess we are supposed to serve ourselves. Chris thinks to himself as he walks over and gets himself a bowl of what looks like curry before the others. No rice or anything to go with it. Whatever .

The others wait for him to eat before they go up. Are they really gonna wait to see if it poisoned?

They Wait a few minutes to see if a poison or anything kicks in but Chris is unaffected. Everyone then swarms the pot.

Chris goes to sleep in a corner. Later on in the night a bell rings and a name is called out over an intercom. "Lincoln Price." 

Juuzo and the other man walks into the room and pulls a screaming man out. Guess that's Lincoln. Chris thinks to himself before he goes back to sleep.

This repeats every night for a few weeks. A name is called and someone is taken from one of the spaces. The screams can be heard across the facility. Until the day Chris' name is called. He is dragged into a storage space and tied to a metal chair. The men leave and a few minutes later return with Jasmine and a tool chest.

"Hello, Chris." She states as walks up to him. "Why is his shirt still on?"

Juuzo runs over and rips Chris' shirt off.

"You should have done that earlier." She scolds. "Any questions before we begin Chris?"

"Just one. How has no one found us?" Chris replies as Juuzo drags the chest over to them.

"This base is a no-fly zone so no one can see us. If the police come to search the place they can't see over the wall. It doesn't even resemble a door on the other side. Overall, this is the perfect place to run this kind of operation." She responds as she reaches into the bottom drawer and pulls out a whip. "Is that really the only question you have? Most people ask why." She cracks the whip.

"I just assume that you are insane," Chris replies.

"Don't call people crazy or insane just because you don't understand them." She strikes Chris with the whip. "That is the problem with society. If you don't conform you are then, crazy." She strikes him again. "But kings and queen used to get off on torture and punishment and they weren't crazy then, were they." She strikes him again.

"Humanity has done a lot of things ass-backward in its history," Chris replies holding back tears.

She strikes him again. "I would suppose but, your opinion is distorted by this society. Your sense of right and wrong is built on what you were taught. If you were to have lived without being taught these things what would you have thought then?" She strikes him "I did and here I am."

Chris looks at her as though he wants to know more.

"I was part of an experiment testing this theory of humanity without society's influence." She strikes him. "Turns out, people will follow those in power no matter what. It's not the first experiment to figure that out." She strikes him."When given true freedom of choice they become what you would call barbaric or "crazy" " She strikes him. "There are increased amounts of rape, murder, torture, robbery, etc." She strikes him again."So I guess you  can say society is a good thing." Chris winces." But you see me, I find human nature fascinating and believe that it shouldn't be repressed. Let humanity become its own downfall. We have already overstayed our welcome." She whips him. 

"Let's change things up a bit shall we. " Jasmine states as she places the whip back in the drawer. "How about we use this." She pulls out a pair of jumper cables. "I rarely use these. You should feel special. Jason fetch me a battery please." The thin man leaves.

"Why do all your names start with J?" Chris asks

"I wanted to keep a theme in naming my sons. Why not align them with my own?" She replies.

"Did you not teach them how to speak?" Chris asks.

"I thought you only had one question." Jasmine states.

"Just enjoying our time together," Chris replies.

"We are going to be spending a lot of time together. You know something, I am really starting to like you. I never told anyone unrelated about the experiment either. I feel like there is something special about you." 

Jason returns with a car battery. 

"Thank you." Jasmine states.

Jason places the battery on top the chest and steps back to his previous position and Jasmine attaches the ends of the jumper cables to the battery then touches the opposite ends together resulting in light sparks.

"This one is almost dead. Fetch me a fresh one please." Jason leaves again. "In the meantime."

She snaps the clamps on Chris' nipples. He cries out as he shakes in the chair. Jasmine takes them off. Chris begins to openly sob.

"Definitely dead." She mutters to herself.

"It get's worse than that!?!" Chris shouts.

"Oh, yes it does," Jasmine replies as she goes to attach them again.

"No, no please no! Anything else!" Chris shouts as he cries even harder.

"Complaining like that just makes me what to do it more." She states as Jason returns.

She attaches the cables and touches them together again, resulting in huge sparks. 

She smiles "Much better."

"Please, please anything else. Cut me, beat me, it all has to be better than that." Chris pleads.

"I can think of a couple of worse things but I'll save those for next time." She replies as she snaps them on again.

Chris screams at the top of lungs high enough to seem as though it would cause hearing damage. Jasmine takes them off again.

"You have some fun reactions." She laughs as Chris cries in the chair.

"Please, no more." Chris pleads.

"Fine. Take him back." She orders. "I can't wait for our next get together. I have a feeling that luck would have us back together very soon."

The men drag the chair back to the space, cut the ropes, and throws the sobbing boy in. Chris cries himself to sleep.

Chris wakes up late the next morning and helps himself to a cold breakfast. He walks outside and goes to the area he was resting the first day.

I like this spot. You see a good chunk of the place and it has a  comfortable temperature. He thinks to himself before he notices the woman he spoke to before. I would talk to her but I benefit nothing from it. Actually, She might be able to tell me something I didn't think was important on my own. Still not talking to her.

The woman walks over to him instead. "Looks Like you been picked haven't you?"

"Don't ask stupid questions. Did you come here just say that?" Chris replies.

"Do I  look like that kind of woman to you. I want to see if you can supply me with information. I do this everyone." The woman replies.

I guess I haven't really spoken to anyone else while I've been here. I couldn't have heard anything. He thinks to himself.

Chris tells her about what Jasmine told him yesterday.

"Nice to know. Thanks for telling me. You didn't have to" She replies.

"No reason not to. What do you do with information anyway?" Chris asks.

"Nothing really. I'm just curious. Maybe I can learn something that can get us out of here or click to pieces of information together. Like how I can deduce that she was probably related to the previous owner in some way." She replies

"How so?" Chris asks.

"He's mentioned that experiment as well." She answers.

"interesting. Maybe I can drag something else out of her next time." Chris states.

"You say that like you want to go back. I hope you don't.Something would be wrong with you." The woman replies.

"No, but anything can happen. If I happen to get called again I see what I can do for you." Chris responds.

"Let's hope you don't get called again." She replies as she walks away.

Guess I should take a nap. Nothing else to do here. Not even a ball to play with. Chris thinks to himself.

He sleeps until nightfall. When he wakes up he goes to the space to wait for food.

After they finish eating another name is called and it Chris' again. Chris begins to shake in his spot traumatized as the fact that she said this time would be worse and how quickly has it's been. The men come and drag him back to the space. They tie him to the chair again.

Jasmine walks in. " Really. Again. This quickly. I wasn't expecting doubles. especially this early." She states clearly awestruck by the fact. "None the less I am happy with these turn of events. I let you off easy yesterday."

Chris rocks in the chair as much as the ropes allow him as he hyperventilates. "Don't bullshit. You rigged the selection."

"I know I seem like I would do that, but I assure you I didn't," Jasmine replies. "Now I have two options for you. You can pick what you want."

Juuzo walks outside and returns with a gas can and a large water bucket and slams them down in front Chris.

 "Waterboarding or burning. The two worst ways to die are drowning or burning to death. What do you prefer as a torture method?" She continues.

"Fuck. You." Chris replies.

"Now that was rude. You know I didn't answer your question yesterday about the boys and speaking. If you are still wondering. They do know how to speak, they just choose not to. I don't know why and I really don't care. It's not much of an issue." Jasmine replies.

"Are you trying to soften me up?" Chris asks.

"I thought that was obvious." She replies. "Now make a choice before I make it."

"Water." Chris sighs.

"Was that so difficult?" Jasmine asks.

Juuzo removes the gas from the room and comes back with a towel. Jasmine kicks the chair over and has Juuzo prepare Chris. He tacks down the towel and applies the water.

"Aren't you forgetting something? We can't just use the chair." Jasmine interrupts.

Juuzo hits himself and leaves. He quickly returns with a folding table.

"We have the proper tools for this!!! How have you forgotten!" She exclaims. "This will work for now." She sighs. "Prepare him, then take your brother and get the proper table."

Juuzo puts up the table then adjusts it.  He releases the towel, cut Chris' ropes and repeats the process. 

"Thank you. Now get the proper table." She states

Juuzo and Jason leave and lock the door behind them.

Jasmine pours some water and Chris replies with muffled screaming "Do they really think I can't handle you if you escape. You can't actually get out if you did anyway. I'll just have them bring you back."

Chris tries to talk and immediately regrets it. 

She laughs. "Guess you didn't know you aren't supposed to talk in this position."

He moans in irritation. She pours more water.

"I hope I don't screw this up. Don't want to kill you." She pours more water. "You know trained people can only last seconds when they are waterboarded. I wonder what secrets I could get you to tell me." She pours more water. 

Speaking of secrets. I'm supposed to get something out of you. Chris thinks to himself.

She continues to ramble and pour for the next few minutes until the boys return.

"What took you so long! I showed you where it was earlier!" She exclaims. "Just set it up." She sighs at the boys' sorry looks.

When they remove the towel Chris gasps for air and hyperventilates as he tries to recover.

"Don't apply the towel again. Let him fully recover." Jasmine states. "Wanna talk about anything?" She asks Chris. " I know you are curious about something I saw your face change earlier."

"How to get out of here for one?" Chris replies.

"Happy to know that you can still tell jokes." She laughs.

"Okay, a serious question then. How did you get this place? Did you buy it or what?" Chris inquires.

"It was a gift. I guess that's the simplest way of saying it." Jasmine replies.

"From who?" Chris prys.

"Why do want to know? You gain nothing from having that knowledge." Jasmine asks.

"Got nothing better to do while I'm here. So why not learn more about this place and you." Chris replies.

"I guess that's fine. Remember that experiment I mentioned, of course, you do. This was the facility, for the same reason I'm using it right now. The experiment was illegal, It was using children which can't consent and parents can't consent for them in an experiment of that caliber." She answers. "But that doesn't answer your question does it?" 

Chris nods.

"You're poking at who I got it from right? Well, the experiment isn't exactly over but at the same time, it is. I am not the only one here. We are being monitored. They are observing me as well as you in this camp to see your reactions and breakdowns. At least that's what it was meant to be, now we mostly do it just for our entertainment. They periodically change out the ones that handle things here, I'm the first female though." She continues. "Before you say it. I admit changing titles of ownership for this is ridiculous but we have valid reason."

"I wasn't going to say it. I can think of a few reasons myself. You left some things out but I learned what I wanted to." Chris replies.

"Let's continue then." Jasmine states.

Juuzo applies the towel then attaches a heartbeat monitor among other things. Jasmine picks up the bucket and begins to pour in intervals. watching to make sure not to cause too much permanent damage to Chris. They don't mention anything else important for a good amount of time.

"I'm getting bored. Let's do something else." Jasmine states.

Juuzo removes the towel and Chris fights for air again.

She begins to look through the chest "I don't think switching to knife after that would satisfy me and I don't want to use the whip again... actually let's use the whip again." She pulls out a preset rope and points to a set of hooks on the ceiling. "Let's see if you can remember this one." She tells the men.

The boys tie the rope on Chris and hook him up to the ceiling. The rope is tied so Chris has to support his own weight to avoid it tightening around his neck. Jasmine takes the whip out the chest and begins to periodically strike Chris. They continue this until Chris begins to hang himself. They take him down, let him rest, and reset him. They repeat this throughout the night Chris lasting shorter and shorter amounts of time.

When daylight starts to seep through the door they stop and drag Chris back to his space. Chris can't even stand let alone drag himself anywhere so when they throw him in he just lays there. They close the door and leave him.

People have different reactions to his state. Some are too frightened to move, others disgusted at the sight of the battered boy, overall no one going to help him.

Chris has deep red wounds going around his wrists, neck, and legs in the shape of ropes. He has thousands of lashes all over his body. Some of the cuts are deep enough to have a steady bloodstream while others are beginning to scab over. He looks like a cut up piece of raw meat. Chris begins to pass out as the adrenaline begins to leave his body and is completely asleep within minutes.

He wakes up after a few afternoons, sleeping the days away. He hasn't moved an inch from the spot and has scars everywhere. He gets up and walks outside. I'm leaving. He cringes with every step due to the nerve damage and can barely breathe.

He walks up to the large door needed to exit the facility and overlooks the pad they use. It has a keyhole and that's it. Turn the key and the door opens simple enough He walks away from the door as not to raise suspicion. Looks easy enough to break open also but I don't think I will have to do that.  Chris has an idea. I'm going to need so help. He puts his hands up to his head in frustration. But if I say it out loud they'll fix the weak point and I can't do this by myself either.I guess I'll have to find a blind spot then.

He returns to the space and awaits the next morning so he can talk to the tan woman as he goes to sleep in the corner. The next morning he goes to the spot and waits for her to walk by and walks up to her when she does.

"Hello again." The woman states.

Chris promptly tells her what he learned about Jasmine as they make their way back to the shade for Chris to lay down.

"You don't beat around the bush do you?" She replies.

"You wanted to know. But that's not the only reason I wanted to speak with you." Chris states.

"What did you want?" She asks.

"Do you know where there would be any blind spots?" Chris asks.

"Didn't even know we were being monitored. No one has mentioned it, I had no reason to look." She answers.

"I need to talk to you about something where they can't hear. Can you figure something out?" Chris states.

"Why should I take out the time to search?" She replies.

"Just trust me. I'll make it worth your while." Chris replies.

"I'll see what I can find." She states as she walks away.

And just in case you can't I'll start breaking things. Wait, if I had whispered in her ear would I have been fine. Shouldn't have risked it.

Chris goes to a corner of the facility and searches for bugs and cameras. Breaking whatever he can find. Let's hope I didn't miss anything and they don't add more by tomorrow

He finds her the next day and asks her if she found a place. She hasn't so he brings her to the corner, checks for new bugs, and begins to whisper softly into her ear hiding his lips.

" I think I found a way out. The door panel is outdated and simple. If I can get the battery and jumper cables she has I can break the doors." 

She cups his ear. "And how do you propose you get those."

"By either breaking into the weapons rooms or ambushing them when they are using them." He replies.

"Should be easy enough. You want me to get the bodies or find the weapons. That is what you're getting at right?" She asks.

"Yep." Chris replies.

"I'll see what I can do." She leaves.

A few days go by and nothing has changed about the facility.

Guess they didn't hear anything. Chris thinks to himself.

He later walks by her again and she nods to clarify something has happened.

They return to the spot the next day and remove the replacement bugs. 

"The weapons are outside the wall. Don't ask me how they retrieve them so quickly." She states.

"So we have to get lucky," Chris replies.

"You're forgetting they lock the doors." She states.

"I can handle a couple doors." He states confidently.

"How so?" She asks.

"Pick the locks. I've broken into a few places. Have to make money somehow." Chris replies.

"With what?" She asks.

"I always keep picks on me." He kicks his shoes together. "Just couldn't think of a point to use them before."

"So we have to figure out when they use the battery and we only have one shot before they take your picks. Wait, can't you just pick the door." She replies.

"Electronics. It's not that outdated. It's like how a car won't start without a chip. If I break the door we can get out when they fix it." Chris replies.

"Then why don't you just break the box?" She asks.

"With what exactly. I can get in with a knife and break the circuit boards but that would take more time than just sticking on the clamps." Chris replies.

"So you have a backup plan at least. Let's do it tonight then. I got the bodies, You just need to get the doors open." she states

"Let's do this." He replies "But, how did you get them so quickly?"

"I have my connections, nothing you need to know." She replies as they split off.

Chris waits until the next name is called and prepares to move but it is his that is called. He gets up and has the men guide him to the room.

"You don't have the best of luck, do you? " Jasmine says to him as he walks into the room. "But it's for the best since you've been plotting. I also see you've been healing well no infections at least." 

The boys begin to tie him to the chair placing the ropes around the same places the scars from the previous attempts were.

"Nice to see you too." Chris states as he winces.

"They've said I've been telling you a lot. Nothing they believe is important but they are worried I might have let something slip that you could have used. So I'm going to hold back more. mind telling me what you've been thinking about." She prys calmly.

"Nothing really," Chris replies.

"Then why have you been sneaking around with that woman?" She asks.

Chris blushes. "That's an embarrassing question." How did I do that?

"Oh..Ohhh, But you haven't done anything." She replies.

"It's not like we have any privacy here." Chris states.

"I see...let's...let's begin then." She hesitates to reply.

"Isn't this a little out of character for you?" Chris asks.

"What do you mean?" She replies.

"Getting flustered about this, I mean."  He clarifies

"It's just that she's so old. It goes against the natural order of things. I mean she's not a proper mating vessel. Someone you age should be chasing someone your age." She hurriedly replies.

"She takes good care of herself. Surprising well considering how long she been stuck in this place. I find it sexy." Chris states.

"Let's just change the subject." She states as she signals for the tool chest.

"Fine by me. You're not so bad yourself if it wasn't for the whole serial torturing thing I would consider it." Chris states.

"Please stop that." She replies.

"You say that like you don't believe me." Chris states.

"Oh, I believe you it just disgusts me. I am the one who is supposed to be torturing you here." She replies.

"I'll stop then. What are we doing today?" Chris asks happily.

"Why are you happy now!?!" She asks.

"You have fun reactions," Chris says grinning ear to ear.

"Get the battery again." She demands Juuzo.

This would have been great if I gave her own set of picks. Maybe someone knows how to pick or can get it right without breaking the picks or on their first try. Chris thinks to himself.

Throughout the rest of the night, Chris' screams were held consistently throughout the camp as Jasmine refused to speak with him. But before they drag him back out.

"I hope you don't suffer more from the lack of conversation. It's supposed to help with maintaining your sanity." 

The boys haul him out. After Chris eats he goes and apologizes for his absence and tells her about the situation with jasmine just be safe.

;"I told her about us." He winks.

"You did what?! That's supposed to be our secret." She replies.

"I know but It was for the better. She thought I was trying to escape or something." He explains.

"It's fine, it doesn't harm anything. But it defeats the purpose of sneaking around before." She sighs.

"I'll see you later. Take this though." He hands her some picks wrapped in scraps of his shirt.

"I'll see what I can do with it." She turns to leave. "I forgot something. I never told you my name did I. It's Ririna." She walks away.

When it's time for names to be called Chris prepares to move again. "Helena Wayne" a Woman from a different space.

Chris moves to the door and waits a few minutes after the shouts muffle behind the torture space's door. He begins to pick the lock. When he gets the door open he peeks out to an empty yard and moves to one of the other spaces. When he gets the other doors open everyone moves to the torture room and waits for either Juuzo or Jason to leave the room. 

The person next to Chris whispers "Why are we waiting?"

"If they hear or notice me picking It makes things a lot more difficult. Play things safe." Chris replies.

"And if they don't leave again?" They ask.

"We move. Just be quiet so I can hear inside. stay behind the door so they don't see you if they open it." Chris replies.

Chris listens to the door and learns they won't be opening it again at least not for a while. He begins to pick hoping they don't notice. The lock opens while Chris is picking it and he jumps away cringing as he lands but manages to hold in his outburst. Jason sticks his head through the door and someone kicks it in on his neck.

"Dude." Chris reacts as he pulls open the door "Move in!" 

The room floods with people and Chris makes his way to the tool chest but doesn't see a battery. "Of course we aren't so lucky." He reaches into one of the drawers and pulls out a knife. Hopefully, we can get out before reinforcements get here. I wasted too much time.

Chris forces his way out and moves for the door. "Wish I realized they could send reinforcements earlier."

 "Let's change plans then," Ririna states holding up the key.

"How did you get that?" Chris asks.

"Pulled it off her," Ririna replies.

"Sure it's the right key?" He asks.

"One way to find out." She states as she points in the key and turns it to no reaction from the door. "Nope. Why does it turn the lock if it doesn't do anything."

"One, it could be a decoy. Two, This door is a decoy. Three, There's another way out and this door takes forever to open." Chris replies. "I'm just going to break this one regardless." 

He opens the pad with the knife, pulls out the boards, and snaps them in half. "Now we wait."

"Can they open it from the other side?" Ririna asks.

"No. This runs on a circuit. I separated it." Chris answers.

"How do you know?" She asks.

"I've worked on enough circuits. The wiring in this box shows it breaks whenever disconnect one of the lines." He replies.

"I'll trust you on this one." She states as the walk back to the room.

They go back to find Jasmine in the chair and Juuzo hanging from the ceiling as Jason lies on the ground grasping for life.

"I'm going to see if I find anything out about another door." Ririna states.

"I'll wait at the door then," Chris replies as he walks away.

"Why don't you stay?" She asks.

"It's crowded and If someone comes I can warn you." He replies without stopping.

Ririna meets him at the door later.

"The pad was a decoy. There's another way to open the door." She states.

"They went a little far for a fake door. Let's open it." Chris replies.

She pulls out a garage door opener and pushes the button. The door opens quickly but no ones attention leaves the torture room.

"Guess they are more focused on revenge than leaving. Doesn't make sense because this place changes hands so often." Chris states.

"See yea." Ririna states as Chris walks back to the room. "Where are you going?"

"To get some wrenches. I have to break the lock to get my truck. I wouldn't put it past them to put it back on." Chris replies.

"Have fun." She states as she runs off.

Chris gets two wrenches and goes to the gate. "Yep, they locked it up." He puts them in the lock and pushes them towards each other breaking it. He pushes up the gate and gets in the truck keys still in the ignition. He starts the truck locks the doors and drives off but is intercepted by armoured trucks. '

A man with multicoloured hair steps out clapping his hands. "Well done young man!." He shouts at Chris. "You're the first one to get out but you aren't leaving. She didn't get very far on foot and you did most of the work of that's what you're thinking" He explains.

Chris hammers his foot down and tries to ram through the trucks with dirt flying everywhere behind him but they don't move. 

"That was rude. I don't know how powerful you think that truck is but It's not getting through ours." The man states as Chris continues to hold down the accelerator shifting through the gears.

He does realize I can't hear him right?  Chris thinks to himself.

Men get out the trucks and surround Chris. He backs up and tries to run them over and rams the trucks in front of him again to no avail.

"I said that won't work." The man shouts.

Still, can't hear you. Chris thinks.

A man goes to break Chris' window but the multicoloured man grabs him.

"Leave him. He will have to stop eventually." He lets go. "I will reward for your efforts but you will not be leaving the facility. You will be taken off the selections list and get your own space but other than that nothing will change. We will take that woman off also if you would like. it not as if she doesn't deserve it."

Chris continues to drive in circles ramming the truck. They aren't moving an inch, he eventually gives up and gets out the truck.

"Will you listen to me now?" The man asks.

"To be honest, I couldn't understand a word you said," Chris replies.

"What, really! That glass should be thin." He replies astonished.

Chris shrugs his shoulders and The man summarizes what he said earlier.

"Sure, take her off the list. Don't know why you think I would say no to that." Chris states.

"Just wanted to see what you would say. I am a researcher after all." The man replies.

"Whatever." Chris states.

"Did you have to release everyone though? Now I have to replace Jasmine faster than expected and it will be a pain getting the paperwork done this time around."  The man asks.

"What do you mean?" Chris replies.

"They killed her while you fetching your precious truck. Some of them forced their way through and slit her throat. Sorry scene if you ask me but it was a sacrifice worth making. take him back in and be sure to check thoroughly for picks this time. Can't have this happening again can't we?" he walks back to his truck and signals a man inside to leave as they haul chris away.

Years pass with no other breakouts and the facility changing hands multiple times. Chris has earned free rain to move around whenever he wants and eventually develops an actual relationship with Ririna as they spend more time together. He isn't content with where he is but has accepted this is as good as it's going to get.

© Copyright 2019 Wyn. All rights reserved.

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