Wraith: Bios

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Bios for the current recurring characters of Wraith

Submitted: April 10, 2018

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Submitted: April 10, 2018



Slade: Abandoned as an infant he was brought into the family and trained to be a Hunter by the head of the family (Cade). He tends to take the easiest and fastest option throughout most events, throwing care for himself and surrounding objects out the window to achieve said goal. He doesn't show care for things he doesn't deem important, often forgetting about them until his daughter (Crystal) mellows him out over time.

Attire: Like most of this family’s Hunters he normally wears a tailored, long coated suit that changes mainly on what his hands reach first. Be it color, style, or whatever else. He only deviates from this if a job requires it.

Height: 5 foot 9 inches

Weight:183 pounds (the vast majority of it being muscle, you couldn't tell with his clothes, looking rather scrawny with them

Crystal: Born into the family despite her mother (Marilyn) or rather father (Slade) actively attempting to get rid her. She was chosen to become the first female Hunter by an intervention from the head. She has a strong ability to subconsciously apply the things she has experienced to the various situations she is thrown into, also allowing her to accept any situation thrown at her, although she may fight it, having never cried despite coming quite close with the tears welling up. She is quite sassy and rude with a bubbly personality losing that trait whenever she gets serious becoming more common as she gets older.

Attire: She almost always wears the same black t-shirt and jacket, being that's all her normal wardrobe consists of. (She also has access to Felicita’s old clothes but doesn't care for them.) She also has a golden flame pendant with a ball of Amber taking place as the gems sitting on her chest with generic black gloves finishing the top half. She switches between a flowy black skirt and thick black tights dependant on the situation with simple black sneakers finishing the lower half.

Height: 4 foot 9 inches 

Cup size: 32DD (diet and genetics,  blame her mother) (Her choice of clothing including her bra having them look more like Cs)

Weight: 92 pounds (she's very thin and lean making her underweight)

Marilyn: Born into the family to serve the fate of all female members that aren't part of the main the family, being prostitution. She learns extremely quick with a seemingly photographic memory aiding her. She rarely if ever lies in favor of telling truths proving to be less damning, using this skill to move up in the ranks while having fun along the way, being just a sassy and rude as her daughter (Crystal) if given the chance.

Attire: Often finding her in nothing but panties if that, when she does wear clothes it doesn't follow much of a pattern ranging between expensive dresses and a t-shirt with jeans.

Height: 5 foot

Cup size: 32G (yes she has back problems that haven't had reason to show up on screen)

Weight:110 pounds (Being a slightly scaled up version of her daughter without her height being stunted and having more fat)

Felicita (reference to Arcana Famiglia because reasons) : Being daughter of the head (Cade), she had been held in the dark on her how the family actually operates. Despite this, she had chosen to pursue goals that would make her more useful to the family for when the time comes, studying health and psychology as well as influencing many of females in the main family to do the same. She will sacrifice anything for the family if given enough time but will hide in saying she’s following in her father's will although it’s all her.

Attire: Her early wardrobe consisting of mainly long pleated skirts and blouses, her current wardrobe consists mainly of various forms of pants, most often being jeans. Her tops mostly being turtlenecks and t-shirts with the occasional blouse being thrown in although being rare.

Height: 5 foot 10 inches (most of her height being in her legs)

Cup size: 32B (her height making it seem even smaller)

Weight:143 pounds

Hair(that's important for her): A thick french braid (Elsa braid) whose width takes up the majority of her back, The length falls past the floor as she has to curl it up, coming back up to her butt. (She has a very strong arm as she flicks it up that far) 

Blade: Although born for political reasons he holds the same significance as any Hunter. He is more than easily bored and difficult to please, taking up inefficient weapons for the sake of entertainment.

Attire: Altered version of his sister’s hand me downs (I’ll update this later when he does have clothes.

Height:3 foot 3 inches (probably maxing out at 6 foot 3 as he gets older (he would be a very tall boy without the growth stunt)

Weight: 32 pounds

Cade: Youngest of his generation in the main family. His mother dying while giving birth to him caused him to be more progressive than his counterparts in pursuing more equality with women. But all his actions were more targeted towards revolutionizing how families in general work towards the goal of efficiency. The lower members of the family took a liking to the approach compared to his older brother’s more conservative or traditional approach avoiding any changes. He has strong skills of deduction being able to predict outcomes with near 100% accuracy, though he may get something wrong on purpose in favour of entertainment.

Attire: Standard Hunter suits of various color combos.

Height: 5 foot 8 inches

Weight: 130 pounds

Victor: Unrightfully cocky as he struggles to use all the information given to him and fails to adjust to new situations well, often taking the more difficult routes and refusing to find easier or more efficient options, standing out among his peers in his work, earning the moniker Joker. When you take away the need to think or adjust he will do well, only needing to rely on his reflexes and response times. He's also secretly a gamer.

Alessandro: More or less the voice of reason among his generation. He doesn't take a side and only gives the opinion he truly deems best. While Slade would take the easiest route and Victor would take the first decent one to come to mind, he would analyze all of them to take the most efficient one.

Kirsten: Stubborn and strong-willed, she is the oldest of her siblings. Her father being the head of their own family kept her close and used her as an advisor for reasons unbenounced to her. Cade’s presence eventually breaks her down but her traits still lie, really only softening up when she feels like being a mother (ignoring when she's disciplining). She's basically a tsundere though.

Attire: straight brown hair, wearing some color combination of a skirt, blouse, and flats rarely deviating from it. 

Height: 6ft (not all Italians have to be short and her bloodline proves that.)

Cup size: 32B (Same as Fel but looks smaller (height takes away from the look)) 

Weight: 146 pounds (Yeah she doesn't weight much more than Fel. Do something about it.)


No Name Girl (or Croix (cr-o-i) despite not getting that part of the story yet): Originally being part of her own family, she was sent on a job violating a treaty of sorts formed by unrelated families. Said families tracked down her's and wiped them out leaving her on her own. She takes to the streets and figures out a life for herself, eventually finding an alley to claim for herself. Over the years she has collected items she deemed needed to turn her alley in a home of sorts. She spends every day figuring how to obtain necessities like food and water, often putting herself into dangerous situations because of it. She also steals other things for herself, lying to herself that she needs them for whatever reason.

Attire: Her hair is blonde and tied up in a mess of a combination, being a bit of a ponytail and a bit of a bun. Her eyes are an emerald green and she wears a dark blue jean jacket coming down to her waist with tight jeans clinging to her legs. They are an extremely dark blue bordering black and have cuts at the joint to not hinder movement. The inside of the jacket contains a thin gray mesh like a hoodie may have. Around her waist is brown, leather ammo belt with two semi-automatic Desert Eagles with stainless steel slides holstered on each side. She also wears fingerless gloves to grab ledges, rides a LS-218, and etc.  Her body looks to be same as what an Olympic runner would have, with a small chest and thick thighs, over her overly toned calves. (i was too lazy to simply this)

Height: 5 foot 3 inches

Cup size: She doesn't wear a bra but if she did something around, 28AA (She may be flat but she makes up for it when you get lower down)

Weight: 100 pounds (leg day is every day but everything else is probably on par with Crystal's build.)

Crymetina (yes that's a two best friends reference): Another girl forced to the prostitute side of the family. Of course, she falls onto the high-end side of the spectrum. She's a mixed girl made from Victor and a chubby black woman that doesn't fall under high-end. (so looks Puerto Rican in my head but ignore that (and the reason why (kinda based on an irl girl I know))). Victor turned her into a gamer, where she latches onto fighting games (Especially Blazblue).  Like Crystal, she has a talent for assassination (but not nearly as talented). She's even more gifted at acupuncture and massages and she may incorporate that well with the assassin thing. With very little effort she gets Crystal to try and turn her into a Hunter... Who's also a prostitute. But she's high-end so that won't be much of a problem for many years if she catches up to the boys. 

Attire: usually Kaka cosplays from Blazblue minus the tail and she wears normal black boots. (Before Crystal started training her she dressed like a normal person more often but Crystal had a couple customs one made for her and that's all she wrote.) The main cosplay with black with blue zippers, paw prints and stuff like that. She tries not to wear pants to be as canon as possible but she may sometimes wear leggings. 

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