Star Wars Quiz II Challange

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Ok folks and kiddies alike, here is another Star Wars Quiz, get 10 questions right and you move upto Jedi Knight or Sith Acolyte in the Ranks.

So far only two people have the Padawan rank, Alex Wolff and Elzeranova. So come on and join in the fun.. and vie for the chance to be named Grand Jedi Master or Dark Lord of the Sith. To those that answered in the first round, if you get 10 right, you go up in rank. Anyone else has to do the first Quiz to qualify for the second set.

Good luck and May the Force be with you..

Submitted: February 16, 2009

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Submitted: February 16, 2009



1. Name the creature in the Pit of Carkoon that Jabba the Hutt was going to have Han Solo thrown into on Tatooine in Return of the Jedi?

A. Gungun,B. Sarlacc,C. Krakana,D. Tauntuan

2. Name Darth Maul's Species/Race?

A. Zabrek,B. Ssi'Ruk,C. Quarren,  D. Bith

3. What is the creature that attacks Luke Skywalker on Hoth in the Empire Strikes Back?

A. Gundark,  B. Wampa,  C. Vonskr ,  D. Abyssin

4. What color is Mace Windu's Lightsaber?

A. Red,B. Green,C. Purple,  D. Blue

5. Palpatine was a Senator of what Planet?

A. Rodia,  B. Chandrilla,  C. Thule,  D. Naboo

6. Name the Falleen Prince from Shadows of the Empire?

A. Xizor,  B. Gardulla,  C. Exar Kun,  D. Xim

7. Name the criminal empire ruled by the Falleen Prince featured in Shadows of the Empire?

  A. Tenloss Syndicate,  B. Zann Consortium,  C. Black Sun,  D. Nal Raka

8. What type of Spice did Han Solo smuggle in the Millenium Falcon?

  A. Ryll,  B. Roon,  C. Carsunum,  D. Glitterstim

9. Name the infamous Run that Han Solo claimed he made in less then 12 Parsecs when speaking with Obi Wan in A New Hope?

 A.  Kessel Run,B. Etana Run,  C. Gamor Run,  D. Byss Run.

10. What is the creature Luke faces in the pit below Jabba's Palace Throne Room in Return of the Jedi?

 A. Acklay,B.  Bantha,C. Ghest,D. Rancor

11. What is the name of Darth Vader's personel command ship featured in Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi?

 A. Ravager,B. Leviathan,  C. Executor,  D. Eclipse

12. What is the name of the deep core world where the Reborn Palpatine hides during the Dark Empire series?

 A. Korriban,  B. Carida,  C. Ord Mantell,  D. Byss

13. Name the Imperial agent once loyal to Palpatine, as an Emperor's Hand, ordered to kill Luke Skywalker, but instead years later fell in love with Luke and married him?

 A. Mara Jade,  B. Guri,  C. Daala,  D. Anya DarkLighter

14. What is the name of the Organization that blockades Naboo in the Phantom Menence

 A. The Techno Union,  B. The InterGalactic Banking Clan,  C. The Trade Federation,  D. The Conferedercy of Independent Systems

15. Jango Fett and his cloned "son" Boba Fett were both members of what renowned warrior culture/organization?

 A. Beast Riders of Onderon,  B. Kathol Republic Marines,  C. The Sun Guard,  D. Mandalorians




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