The Book of Names-Characters of the Dark Warrior Tale

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A list of bios of the Characters of the Tale of the Dark Warrior, complete with pictures representing each character.

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Submitted: September 22, 2008

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Submitted: September 22, 2008




Name: Khaine, Katuun-Yuf, WyrmScourge(Born as Joseph Erik BlackWood)

Age: 34

Hair: Long, silky black, in Homid and Glabro forms, no hair in Crinos form.

Eye Color: Amber-Golden, with Black almond-shaped pupils(in all his forms)

Height: 7'0"(Homid or Human form), 7'6"(Glabro or inbetween form), 10'6"(Crinos or Hybrid-Dragon form)

Weight: 300 lbs.(Homid), 600 lbs.(Glabro), 1,200 lbs(Crinos)

Gender: Male

Ethnic Background: Native American-English, Scot-Irish(Two-thirds Native American, One-third European)

Nationality: American

Tribe: Reborn Croatan

Auspice/Breed : Ahroun(Warrior, Full Moon)/Homid (Human, born to two Human Kinfolk)

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois,U.S.N.A; United States of North America

Year of Birth: 1976

Skin/Hide: In Homid form, 50% of his body is covered in Green-Grey scales, the rest is tanned, muscular skin. His Torso, upper arms, upper legs, are scales. In Glabro form, 70% of his body becomes scales, all his arms and hands and neck. In Crinos form, his entire body becomes covered in his Dragon-like scales.

Powers/Gifts/Training: Khaine is highly trained in KungFu, Kailindo(Garou form of Martial arts), and Tae Kwon Do. He is also a highly skilled user of the Klaive, or large silver Garou fighting knive. He is also trained in the use of the unique, Croatan double-klaive, a long wooden or metal pole with a klaive at either end of the pole. Khaine is skilled in the use of firearms, namely heavy, semi-auto pistols. He also has learned both urban survival, jungle survival, forest survival, and desert suvival. Though with his Garou nature, powers and considerable training, Khaine could survive in any enviroment.

Khaine like all Garou gains incredible strength when in the Glabro and Crinos forms, being able to lift from 650 pounds in homid form to 1200 pounds in his Crinos form. If he were his Might of Thor gift, he could lift upto 10,000 pounds, but only if needed, for this Garou gift greatly weakens the user. Khaine as other Garou can heal nearly any wound quickly, unless caused by silver, fire, Balefire(which is the foul, green acidic fire of the Wyrm and its Minions), and the claws and fangs of beings such as Vampires and other Garou. Khaine has the power to transport himself and anyone he carries into the Near Umbra or Spirit World. He can move very fast, upto a hundred feet in a second, as well as jump a hundred feet in one leap. Khaine can see in the dark, hear and smell as a wolf can. Khaine as other Garou can enter into a Rage, which greatly enhances the ability to fight multiple enemies, but in doing so risks losing control.

Khaine has the ability to create powerful sonic waves with his Thuderclap Gift, and call forth beasts of myth and legend, like a Dragon. However for reasons unknown, Khaine cannot take the Hispo(Dire Wolf) or Lupus(Wolf) forms, and his abilities are lessened slightly under any phase of the moon, except the Full Moon, then his abilities are slightly increased.

Owned Possesions: Khaine owns of course his klaive and his double-klaive, his pride and joy 1965 Black and Chrome Harley Thuderhawk heavy hawg, a 19th centuryEnglish-sytlegold pocketwatch, that belonged to his Father's Grandfather, a leather necklace of feathers, amethysts, tiny animal bones, and a rough-cut moonstone centerpiece. Also arround his neck he wears on a gold chain, the platinum friendship ring given to him by his first love, Michelle, when he was 15, for his 15th birthday. Khaine has his left ear pierced with a leather cord earing, adorned with a set of five claw bones, taken from Black spiral dancers he killed, and a single piece of rough cut moonstone, on the bottom of the cord.

Appearance: Khaine wears nearly all black clothes, all the time, usually a pair of black, baggy cargo pants, a long black loincloth piece over the front and back of his pants. He is also always wearing a black, kevlar-weaved leather vest with elbow-length sleeves, and kelvar-weaved, leather shoulder guard on his right shoulder, and on his right hand and forearm, a leather and kevlar-weaved, fingerless gauntlet, adorned with three spikes, made of steel-hard silver, each an inch long. On his forearm, is a black full moon, with three red teardrop shaped spots under the moon, this is a symbol of his pack, the BloodMoons.

History: Khaine was until his 14th birthday, a normal kid, went to school, had friends, and was loved by his parents, lived in a simple, yet nice middleclass neighborhoodin southwest Chicago. That all changed, when a pack of Black Spiral Dancers, twisted, evil Garou servants of the Wyrm, eight in all, came calling one night, lead by a Black-Haired, Blue-eyed female vampire, who as it turned out was his Great Aunt, sister of his Maternal Grandfather. Nemesis as she called herself, knew about Khaine's hertitage, and came to kill the boy before his first change, and kill his family as well. The Black spirals crashed into the house, and took Khaine and his parents into the street, Nemesis ordered the house be burned to the ground. Khaine's mother, Julia, went to attack Nemesis, who grabbed and tortured the poor woman, slowly ripping off Khaine's mother's skin and tossing her alive into the fire. Khaine's father struggled, but his head was torn off by a Black Spiral, screaming. That, along with the fire, and the rage Khaine felt, triggered his first change, but not into a wolf-like form, no he took on the aspect of a Dragon. This threw off Nemesis and the Spirals, using that, he ripped apart two of the Spirals, and gashed open Nemesis's stomach badly with his sharp claws. And Khaine ran, that is until he found the gang of Hollow Ones, who took him in.

It was with them he meet Michelle, a lovely young redheaded girl, also 14, and over the course of a year, the two became close friends, and companions, sharing a deep, soulbond and love. On the night he left, a year later, he made love to Michelle, and on that night, their daughter, Morgan was conceived, under a Full Moon. Khaine left in pursuit of his destiny, first to New York, where he spent 3 months with a group of BoneGnawers, the street and sewer dwellers of the Garou tribes. They eventually got him to a cabal of Silent Striders, Garou from Egypt, keepers of hidden knowledge. From there they sent him to Egypt, to Yusuf, a Mummy or Immortal being who was a friend of Garou, and for the next six months, Yusuf taught Khaine much about the World's true face, and even gave Khaine his name, to anger Vampires and to bring insult to their creator, Caine, the first Vampire. Once his training was done, Khaine went west again, this time to New Mexico, to his Mother's people the Reborn Croatan, descendents of the thought lost Croatan Garou Tribe of Roanoke. Here Khaine learned his true hertitage, and what is was to be Garou, and were he was made a warrior of his people.

Over the years, Khaine went to Nepal to learn from the StarGazers their ways of Marital arts, four years there, now 20, Khaine, made his way in the World. Going from place to place, from the Jungles of South and Central America to the Frozen wastes of the Arctic, Khaine spent the next 13 years battling the Wyrm and its minions, Fomori mutants, Vampires, Black Spiral Dancers and Bane spirits. Then he was called to New Eden, to begin a new chapter in his life.


Name: Michelle Abbigail Rosencraft

Age: 33

Eye Color: Blue

Hair: Auburn red, with some orange highlights

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 136 lbs

Gender: Female

Ethnic Background: Irish-Native American(Over Three-quarters Irish, less then One-Quarter Native American)

Nationality: American

Mage Tradition: Orginally an Orphen mage, joined with the Hollow Ones(Emo/Goth-punk Mages), later joined the Verbana(Naturist/Wiccan Mages)

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.N.A.(Moved to Chicago, after running away from parents)

Year of Birth: 1977

Skin/Hide: soft, pale white skin, some freckles, has a few tattoos on her body.

Powers/Gifts/Training: Michelle is a master of the Forces sphere or school of Magick, speciallizing in summoning storms of intense power. Michelle can also sense and speak with spirits, travel into the Spirit world, as well sense see Auras, and the use of Magick. Michelle possesses the ability to sense the emotions and feelings of others, especially those closest to her, and has a passing knowledge of healing magick, able to heal herself and others. Growing up on the mean streets of Chicago from the age of 13, when she ranaway, she also learned quite quickly on how to use a knife and a gun, and how to survive in a harsh urban setting. Thanks to the girlfriend of the Hollow Ones group leader, that Michelle ran with, Michelle learned basic self defense moves.

It was later on from her staying with a coven of Verbana in Southern California, in her late teens and early twenties, while raising her and Khaine's daughter Morgan, that Michelle learned how to channel magickal energy to fuel her spells and shapeshift into animals, her favorite form being that of a wolf, a large blackish-red furred wolf, with blue wolf eyes.

Owned Possessions: Michelle gained a number of things over the years, a sizable collection of semi-precious and natural stones, wands, ritual daggers, a silver ritual chalice, a Verbana/Wiccan altar, pentacle and Goddess neckalces, a large collection of books, music, candles, and cars. And a ring, a gold friendship ring, with a tiny red garnet in it, Khaine's birthstone. Which she still wears to this day. Michelle also owns a number of goth/emo chokers, collars, clothes and an assortment of combat boots and shoes.

Appearance: Her skin as pale as a winter day, her body a form a graceful beauty, her hair soft and deep red-orange, like fire. Her lips like a pale pink rose. Michelle is a vision of beauty, natural and pure, though her clothing style is not so innocent, the darker colors of black and wine red, a cross of Goth/Punk and Emo, she appears more as more, dark, lovely Fae Princess. Besides the tattoos she has, including a black rose, with black thorns, and blood dripping from the rose tattoo on her back, and a rather large one at that, Michelle's lips and ears are pierced.

History: Michelle was born into a conservative, christian, working class family, her parents rather strict, did not approve of Michelle's Goth-punk style or smart ass, rebelious attitude. Especially when she hit 13, and beacme to talk to spirits and see spirits, they thought her mad and tried to have her commited, not for Michelle, she got out of that house in New York City, and hitched her way West. For some unknown reason to her, she had a pulling to the west. And after about two weeks on the road, Michelle made it to Chicago, and as fortune of the Goddess would have it, she came across a gang of Hollow Ones, young kids, living on the street, being able to do the same things she could. Relieved to know she was not crazy, but was doing magick, Michelle fit right in, learning how to survive on the street, going to Raves, getting into trouble.

It was trouble that brough Khaine into her life, and more, far more, the Hollow ones saw Khaine was different, Michelle saw Khaine as a kindred spirit, it was her word to Jack and Isabel, the two leaders of the group of Hollow Ones to let him stay with Khaine. Days and weeks went by, Michelle and Khaine, or as she called him Erik, his middle name, as he went by that name still, were inseperable. Getting into trouble, playing tricks on people, sneaking into movie theatres, and even the City fair. They would sit on the shore of Lake Michigan, watching the Sunrise and Sunset. Over the weeks and months, the two feel in love, the first real love in their lives. Michelle saw in Khaine a protector, Khaine saw in Michelle hope and an Angel. The night before Khaine had left to New York City, the two 15 year olds, slept together, that night Michelle conceived a daughter, Khaine's daughter, Morgan.

Michelle was full of pain and sorrow when Khaine left, had a series of boyfriends and girlfriends, and was pregeant with a child. She was also very bitter when Khaine left, and hated him for going. Nine months later, Morgan was born, that gave Michelle a lot of joy and happiness, but part of her was empty. When Morgan was four, and Michelle now 20, and having gotten into some majot trouble with the law, by killing a young man of a prominent family, who tried to sexually assult her, and not only cut out his heart, and flay him alive with her magick, Michelle, along with another Hollow One named Nina, took Morgan, and headed west, to Southern California, far from anyone, in a small town, living with a cousin of Nina's, who happened to be a Verbana, the Naturist/Wiccan Mages. For the few years Michelle raised Morgan here, and was made a part of the Verbana tradition. Went to a Junior College, and got a degree in Art, as well as earning moeny on the side for telling fortunes. Michelle was finally happy with her life and was a proud mother, and found that her daughter, though not a Mage, had gained the abilities of Telepathy, Telekinesis and sensing of supernatural beings.

Tired of life in the small farming town in Southern California, Michelletook Morgan north to Seattle, at the age of 24, Morgan was eight at the time, and started asking questions about her father. Michelle would come up with excuses and little lies and distractions. Enrolling Morgan into school, helped for a while, that is until Morgan used her powers at age 11 for the first time. Then had to transfer her daughter to another school in Tacoma. Here Michelle opened up a Tattoo Pallor and Occult bookstore. Earning a good living this way, and looking after Morgan. That is until Morgan turned 16, and went into Highschool, were she got into trouble, using her powers, and Michelle became very mad with Morgan, and her daughter wanted to know who her father was. Michelle showed Morgan the picture of her and Khaine at the photobooth from the City fair in Chicago from years ago. The next day Morgan was gone, and Michelle was heartbroken again, shutting down her business, living in her car, for two years nearly, looking for her daughter, that is until she heard about Khaine in New Eden and saw Morgan on the T.V.. Scraping what money she had, Michelle took a bus to New Eden, and was finally reunited not only with her daughter, but with her first love, Khaine. Finally Michelle found some peace.. and had a family.


Name: Morgan BlackRose(Taken from the names of her parents, Khaine and Michelle)

Age: 17(will be 18 in November 30th)

Eye color: Blue-Green

Hair: Auburn-Red, with Orange highlights

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 127 Lbs.

Gender: Female

Ethnic Background: Native American-English, Scot-Irish(One Third Native American, One-Third English, One-Third Scot-Irish)

Nationality: American

Faerie Clan: Sidhe(Shee') The Nobles, descended of the Children of Danu of Ireland

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.N.A.

Year of Birth: 1992

Skin/Hide: pale, slightly tanned, has a silver sheen to it when in Moonlight

Powers/Gifts/Training: Morgan was born with the power to move objects, Telekinesis, which she has honed in being able to blast people down with, or walls and objects. She also has Telepathy, able to read surface thoughts and emotions, being highly empathic. The young girl can detect auras and see spirits, and sense supernatural beings like Vampires and Werewolves. Upon her 18th birthday, Morgan well come into her Faerie heritage, now that Magick is back in the World, with Banality only a dream, she can walk among people as her true self, a Sidhe, or Noble Faerie. As her Mother's mothers family are of Fae Blood, going back to the Children of Danu, thousands of years ago. When Morgan changes, she will gain the power of Glamour, Faerie Magick of trickery and illusions, and the power of Flight, having wings she will be able to summon at will. Morgan as all Faeries will also be able to travel back and forth between the Earth and Arcadia, Kingdom of the Fae, as well as other domains within the Spirit world. However, as all Faeries are, weapons made of Iron can do her great harm, and even kill her. Morgan well more then likely have a long lifespan, though not immortal as her parents are mortal.

Thanks to her father's training, Morgan is learning how to fight with both knife, sword, fistand gun. Though Morgan prefers her powers and her steel fighting knife, made by Khaine, and enchanted with magical energy by Alex, so it can do great harm to Vampires and other supernatural creatures.

Owned Possessions: Morgan has collected a variety of knick nacks, odd items, and what some would call junk, she calls her treasures. Including an old black and white photo of her parents when they were kids. Cheap dimestore jewelry, inexpensive goth/emo clothing, fantasy novels, music of the rock, punk, goth and alt rock genres. Dolls, snow globes, and pop culture posters, round out her collection, as well as a music box, of a beautiful redheaded fairygirl dancing. A gift from Alex, who bought it as an early birthday present for the girl he loves.

Appearance: Morgan has her mother's hair, and a touch of the Fae runs deep in this girl, lithe, yet muscular, cute and sensual. Morgan upon her 18th birthday well sprout her large, bluish-grey with black stripe wings and her ears well become pointed, taking on the aspects of her ancient Fae ancestors. She has all the grace and beauty of her Fae bloodline, and of her mother, and the temperment of both her parents. Morgan almost always dresses in dark blues, purples, greens and blacks, festooned with her jewelry. Morgan has a creasent moon tattoo, silver-blue on her lower back, at the small of her back. On the nape of her neck she as a tattoo of the Mother Goddess, done in blue-green.

History Morgan was born in Chicago, some nine months after Khaine had left to begin the road to his destiny, Michelle saw her daughter as a blessing and a great source of joy. However is was evident from an early age that Morgan had gained supernatural gifts, being the daughter of a Garou and a Mage. Morgan displayed telekinetic and telepathic powers, being able at first to pick up on her mother's sorrow and being able to move small objects with her mind. During the years Morgan and her mother spent in Southern California, Morgan was taught about the ways of the Supernatural world, and in time was able to feel emotions as well as see the auras of people, sense spirits and other supernatural beings. Both Michelle and her Verbana friends taught Morgan that her powers were not bad, but had to stay hidden otherwise evil beings and Witch Hunters would seek to destroy her, or use her gifts. Also while living amongst the Verbana, it was discovered that Morgan had the blood of the Fae in her, as it was with her mother, though it was strengthened even more by her Garou ancestory, Khaine's Father's family long ago married into Fae clans, centuries ago in Ireland and Scotland.In her heart, Morgan wanted to know who her father was, a subject Michelle tried her best to avoid explaining to her young daughter. All she knew for the longest time was that Khaine left before she was born.

It wasn't until Morgan and Michelle moved to that things became very strained between mother and daughter, Morgan was starting to become rebellious, and getting into trouble using her powers in school. Michelle and Morgan would fight and Morgan was transferred to other schools. She had also ranaway a few times, but was found by the cops, or came home the next day or two. One night, after Morgan's 16th birthday, things came to a head, and the two got into a real bad argument, using their powers to trash the house they lived in. Michelle finally gave in and showed Morgan, the old black and white photobooth photo of Khaine and Michelle when they were kids, with Michelle kissing Khaine on the cheek. Michelle told Morgan the truth about her father, about him being a Garou, that he left in search of his destiny. Daughter and mother held each other for hours, crying, though Morgan now more then ever wanted to find Khaine. That night she left, packing up some clothes, jewelry, and some money, and left Michelle in search of Khaine. Wandering on the streets of Seattle, Morgan came across a pack of Brujahs and their ghoul allies, they attacked her, which was a huge mistake as she used her powers to crush three of the Brujah with a large frieght truck. Weakened by this Morgan ran through a park, being chased by the others, that is until she came across Simon Verdis, Wolf and Jessica Castvale, the three main hunters of the Nighthunters, a group of Supernatural hunters. The three hunters in a vicious and bloody firefight and brawl, took out most of the other Brujah gang. With Morgan rescued, and telling the hunters she was an orphen runaway from a halfway house, they took her in. A few months later they discovered she had the ability to sense supernatural beings, and made her part of the group.

This was not what she wanted, she wanted to find her father, yet not go back to Michelle, besides she had a place to stay, and food and a warm bed. Morgan was a young, confussed girl that just wanted to belong. However over time, as the NightHunters began to capture and torture Garou, who were apart of her heritage, Morgan wanted out, but she couldn't leave. It wasn't until the first encounter with Khaine, that she had a way out, she was secretly overjoyed, and yet affraid of her father, upon seeing him in his Crinos form. But deep inside she knew she wanted her father back. Whe he came to save her, looking for her, Morgan took that chance, and helped her wounded father and the other captive Garou out of the NightHunters' base. She found her father, and a home, Morgan was still empty though, she had missed her mother, that is unitl her mother found her, and the three of them reunited, Morgan had a family, and it wasn't long before Morgan fell in love with Alex, and he with her. The young woman finally left at peace, Morgan found her place in the world.


Name: Alex Hagan

Age: 20

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair: Black

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 188 lbs.

Gender: Male

Ethnic Background: English-Welsh, German, French

Nationality: American

Mage Tradition: Hollow Ones(Emo/Goth-Punk street dweller mages)

Place of Birth: Bonn, German Fourth Reichland, Europe

Year of Birth: 1990

Skin/Hide: Pale, slightly tanned

Powers/Gifts/Training: Alex is an adept Mage, very knowledegble of Life, Spirit and Matter magicks, able to heal himself or others, he can use his artwork to peer into the Spirit world, or the Umbra. Alex can also see the past, present and future, with a certain amount of accuracy. When in a fight Alex casts gouts and bolts of pure silver-blue magical fire, that burns any opponent, even spirits, Vampires and Garou, dueto the fact that this Arcane fire is powered by magical energy, and spiritual energy. He is also a skilled artist, painting with such mastery,Alex is considered a prodigy, and has an amazing grasp for puzzles, riddles and other enigmas. Thanks to Khaine, Alex has begun to learn medative Buddhist techniques, some Martial arts, mainly Kung Fu, and how to fight with swords, and knives, which Alex charges with his magick into order to harm supernatural beings when he fight such creatures. He and Morgan always team up, using their various powers and training to overcome pretty much any foe the two young adults face.

Owned Possessions: Alex owns a 1957 black, with chrome trim, Cadiliac, fully restored, with plush, black leather seats, and a 250 horsepower, V-8 engine. He also owns a large collection of Anime and horror comics, movies, music, mostly Goth-punk and metal, as well as having a large collection of poetry from people such as Keats, Byron, Shelly and Poe. His home, a very nice 3-story, brick and granite townhouse, located in a nice neighbor about a mile from New Eden University, is decorated with a number of Japanese, Chinese and Celtic works of art. Though his two most favored possessions is his antique 19th century art painting kit, and silver, celtic cross necklace, given to him by Morgan.

Appearance: Angelic, lithe, yet fairly muscular, swift, and graceful in his own way, Alex is a vision of handsome youth, verile, and free. He dresses in the nicest of Goth/Emo-urbane styles, as he can afford to do so. He has a soft touch, and sweet voice, with piercing, intense yes, and thin, yet lush red lips. Some would mistake him for a vampire, with his seemingly youthful form and charm. Alex has no tattoos, but both ears are pierced, with simple silver earrings, nothing too fancy. And he always has at least two or three rings on his fingers, and his fingerless black, soft leather gloves are a common sight. He also at times wears a long, black leather trenchcoat with a high collar, and straps for buttons to close his coat, when it gets cold.

History: Alex was born into a very wealthy shipping company family, his father Victor was a powerful somewhat stern industrialist, though loving father, and Alex's mother, Grace, was a loving, kind and beautiful woman, with a gift for art. A talent that Alex inheritated, he was a prodigy, drawing and painting by the age of four. His parents had the best tutors and nannies for the boy, and Alex traveled all over the world, but had few to no friends. He was a lonely child, and his parents never had another child. Alex's mother wanted Alex to become an artist, Alex's father wanted him to follow in the family tradition of shipping. This all changed when his parents were killed in a car accident in Italy by a drunk driver, the trauma of their death as the car exploded, while Alex escaped nearly unharmed, awoke Alex's avatar, which to the teen boy was an Angel. It would be their deaths that made Alex become a healer with his magick, as well as being able to see dark things to come, or back in the past. After the death of his parents, young Alex was sent to live with his Great Aunt Julia, his father's aunt, a stern, old fashioned old woman. He lived with her in an old mansion in New Eden, though Alex was kept as a virtual prisoner, he wanted to see the outside, she would have none of it. He would rebel, causing small fires with his magick, she would discipline him. For a year this went on, and at the age of 14, Alex was sent off to Boarding School in England, a private school for rich boys and rich girls, only Alex caused more trouble, though he was a superb student.

The four years he spent in the school, Alex got into the party scene, did some drugs, found that he not only liked girls, but boys as well and had a number of affairs with both sexes. He was also beat up for it too, this made Alex go even deeper into himself, and his art darker. When Alex turned 18 and was to leave school, he received his parents' estate, inheiriting about 400 million dollars in assets and properties. Promptly, Alex returned to New Eden, got all the affects he had at his Great Aunt's home and told her off. He got his own place, and started to attend New Eden University, going into the Art program there, Alex after about a year there fell in with the Night Children, a group of Goth/Emo Mages of the Hollow One Mage Tradition, he found a family and a home with them. Quickly becoming fast friends with the mages of the gang, and finally accepted for who he was. Though his art was still dark, and he had nightmares still of his folks death. It was one painting after he turned 20, that changed his life, the painting of Khaine battling two dark figures, it was the attack of two Toreador vampires that brough he and Khaine together. Of course it was not all one sided, Alex burned one of his attackers with a blast of magickal fire, though this made him go unconcious, Khaine had to rescue Alex.

Over the insuing weeks and months, Khaine and Alex became close, and for a brief time were lovers, and Khaine did treat Alex with a kindness and a gentleness. It was this treatment that made Alex see Khaine as more a father figure, rather then lover, especially since Morgan, Khaine's 17 year old daughter came into Alex's life, and he was in love. and after all the two had gone through, that Alex and Morgan found that they were in love with each other, kindred souls. After so long, Alex found his one true love in Morgan, and she in him, found her one true love. He now has a very good reason to fight for what he loves and believes in.


Name: Nemesis(a.k.a Antonia Zanovich-RedWolf)

Age: 125( appears to be in her late teens to early 20's)

Eye Color: Blue, when using her powers or when she is angered her eyes turn a golden-yellow

Hair: Black

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 124 lbs.

Gender: Female

Ethnic Background: Hungarian-Reborn Croatan kinfolk(Native American)

Nationality: American(Born of a Native American Father and a Hungarian Immigrant woman)

Vampire Clan: Lasombra(Sabbat Clan)

Place of Birth: Santa Fe, New Mexico Territory, U.S.A.

Year of Birth: 1885

Year of Death(Year of Turning): 1906

Skin/Hide: Pale, cold, has some black veins running through her arms, neck and legs. Smooth as porcelain, cold as ice.

Powers/Gifts/Training: Nemesis, having fed upon and killing her sire, the Lasombra Elder that made her into a vampire, Nemesis has all the powers of a 6th Generation vampire, despite her young age of only 125. This of course has made her extremly strong, fast and able to take far more punishment then most vampires of her age. She has the power to turn into a wolf or bat, become mist, or sink into the Earth, as will as being able to see in the dark, which makes her eyes glow red, and she can grow sharp deadlyclaws. As like all Lasombra, Nemesis can control and manipulate shadows, even turn into a living shadow, and move about in this dark, cold form. This dark, and powerful vampiress has as well enhanced speed, she can see the auras of beings, supernatural and normal, command mortals, make mortals forget things or alter their minds, or steal memories. Nemesis can cross into the Lands of the dead using the Discipline of Nercomancy, as well as create zombie-like servants, and summon swarms of vermin. In her over century of life, Nemesis has learned how to use firearms with deadly accuracy, swords, knives and her most favored of weapons, barbed whips. In life Nemesis was a submissive young woman, in undeath she has become very dominate, and manipulative, controlling and using men and women, using them for her purposes. She is a most deadly spider in whatever web she weaves, speaking poison into the ears of those she will rule over.

For all her powers and strengths, Nemesis has a few things against her, one is theTrue Faith of those that have it within them, she cannot abide confronting anyone with such faith, and those who present Holy symbols of Faith, be it Islam, Christianity, Buddhism or the medicine bag of a Native American Shaman, Nemesis well back down in terror, and if such objects touch her, she well be burned as if sunlight hit her skin. Nemesis also casts no reflection in any mirror like all Lasombra and her touch kills all plants, which angers her greatly as she loved the smell and touch of flowers as a human woman.Nemesis also cannot enter any place that is Holy, unless it has been defiled. Though this does not count for Graveyards as they are places of Death, which she brings. And as if to mock her for betraying her Croatan Garou heritage by becoming a Vampire, by accepting to become a Vampire, she is greatly harmed by silver weapons. Nemesis being a Sado/Masochist, loves to deal pain to her enemies, and receive it back, however fire, holy items and the fangs and claws of other vampires and Garou are not things she enjoys feeling. Nemesis has mastered the Art of Bondage, Torture and many other so called deviant sexual pleasures of the flesh.

Owned Possessions: If there is one thing Nemesis enjoys owning more then anything it is slaves, blood slaves that worship her and fear her, from which she feds, her ghoul servants who fight for her and guard her, and anyone else she happens to get her claws and fangs in. Nemesis has a rather large collection of Bondage torture devices and tools, from all over the world, all her havens have a dungeon full of all kinds of strange and wicked tools, and she knows how to use them all, as Nemesis is both a Sadist and a Masochist, loving to give and receive pain. Nemesis always has to have the best clothes as well, she is very vain, though her clothes are always weaved with kevlar or made of some hard, flexible leather/rubber material with polymers for armored propection. But such clothes are form-fitting and always somewhat revealing, when not in combat, she will wear low-cut, tight fitting dresses, and always in black. Nemesis wears very little jewelry, accept of course her pierced nipples and ears, and the occassional chained, spiked choker, however she belongs to no one, but herself.

Appearence: Nemesis appears as some dark, dominatrix goth queen, cruel and beautiful at the same time, she moves with the grace of a cat, is as deadly as a black widow, and is as cold and cruel as the winter. Yet she loves to crush and use, her passion and lust are like a fire that is ever hungry. She is ever seeking more power, more slaves, and more of just about anything she wants. If she can't get what she wants, she will do anything to get it, no matter how long and how many die to take her object of obsession. Though beneath her veneer, if she were to be faced with an even greater and more powerful being, she would scrape, grovel and bow to get her way, in this way, she still manipulates and uses, though she has to be careful or less she gets destroyed in her quest for more. Nemesis is the very personfication of all the Seven Deadly Sins, and does each one, every day, in her own way.

History: Antonnia, as she was once know as, was born to Samson RedWolf, a Reborn Croatan Garou chieftain and Anya Zanovich, an immigrant woman from Romania, who met Samson, a widow with his 3-year old son, Jacob, in Santa Fe. Samson was acattle rancherand chief of the Reborn Croatans' village or as they were still know back then in 1883, as the Wanderers' Tribe. Anya came to America with her family from Romania, some ten years before this, but Anya left, moving west and met Samsom in a feed store in Santa Fe. A fairly rich cattle rancher was the thing Anya was looking for, and she was a very lovely woman, and mainpulated Samson into making her his wife. Over a year later Anya was pregnant with Antonnia, and had her daughter in 1885, Jacob doted on his little sister, but hated his domineering stepmother. As Antonnia got older, Anya filled her little girl's head with things such as using men to get your own way, by using your beauty and charm. Though Antonnia never would manipulate either her father of half-brother, she loved them both, and was at a loss when Samson died when she was 12. Jacob, had left by this time, being 15, and made chieftain of his people. Anya took what she could, as well as Antonnia to Tuscon, Antonnia grew to hate her mother, missed her father and her brother, and by age 19, Antonnia left her mother, moving to San Francisco in 1904.

While in the booming city of San Francisco, Antonnia started out working in saloons as a dancer and serving girl, she had writen to her half-brother Jacob, telling him she had left her mother, and wanted to see him again. Jacob did as such, and over the next year, he would visit her when he could. But he was concerned for her, Antonnia was getting into prostitution and gambling, and opium use, and told her that she could come back to the Reservation. She would have none of it, and in 1905, near the end of the year, before he left, Jacob had bought Antonia, for her 21st birthday, a gold heart-shaped locket that held a picture of them, with an inscription of a brother's love to his sister and he left. It wasn't until nearly a year later that he returned, having received word from some friends that Antonia had killed an abusive customer of the brothel, who tried to kill her. Stabbing the man, with a knife in the heart, it turned out this man, worked for a powerful Lasombra elder, who ran a number of the brothels and gambling houses in the City. He took Antonnia as payment to be his little pet. Jacob tried to find his sister but it was too late, the Lasombra elder and Antonnia were gone. Sadly however Antonnia was turned into a Vampire by this Lasombra elder, but he made a grave error, this only enhanced Antonnia's desires and lust for power and control, one night about two years into her servitude, as her master slumbered in his lair, after feeding from some opium-drugged brothel girls in New Orleans, Antonnia, bit deep into her sire's throat, drinking in deep his blood, taking all his power and age into her blood, Diabolrie, the greatest offense a childe could do to a sire. In one night, Antonnia became as powerful as any other 500 year old vampire, and not only left behind her name, but her life, all humanity she had left was gone.

Taking from Greek Myth, she became Nemesis, using her power and the wealth she stole from her former sire, Nemesis grew powerful and feared in the Sabbat, gaining not only the rank ofan Elder in the Sabbat, she was accepted into the Black Hand, the elite secret society within the Sabbat. But Nemesis hit a snag, her brother, Jacob, a Reborn Croatan had found her in Paris, and nearly killed her, this was back in 1910. Using her minions and her authority, Nemesis disappeared, and her brother over the years would have his own life, and in 1940, he started hisown family, having three sons and a daughter, Khaine's mother, two of the sons were born as Garou, and the middle son, and his daughter were Human Kinfolk. Nemesis knowing of this would target his young daughter, born in 1958, and would plan to one day have her revenge. Manipulating and charm and fear, got Nemesis the rank of Cardinal overseeing the Eastern SeaBoard of America, for the Sabbat, this territory streched all the way to Illinois, to Chicago,Khaine's parents home in 1990. Jacob was dead since 1974, and Nemesis knew of her Grand Nephew's special hertiage, having had him and his parents watched for years. It was time to strike, she figured to get Khaine before his first change, after all he was 14 and still no first change into his true Garou self. Nemesis and a number of her Black Spiral Dancer allies went to the home, and not only tortured and slaughtered Khaine's parents, but they burned his home. This only served to force Khaine into his terrifying Dragon-Hybrid Crinos form, something even Nemesis had not expected, so fierce and terrible was his visage, that even Nemesis took pause. Long enough to kill two of her Black Spirals and wound her badly, before he escaped. From that day, Nemesis has hunted he greatest and most dangerous foe, the only one who could possibly destroy her, where so many before failed. Now that she has found Khaine again, though he has a great number of allies, and a family, she seeks to destroy him, but she must be cautious, for if she slips up, Nemesis will face the claws and fangs of Khaine and his Rage..and meet Final Death.

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