Carnival Of A Lifetime

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A not so good poem that i wrote when i was slightly pissed off and slightly pissed!

Submitted: January 14, 2013

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Submitted: January 14, 2013



Three months on crutches

I've no hope, just despair

Forced to quit all my jobs

No money, no one to care


But I've got to fight on

Live a life of some sort

Not sit here upset

A quitter before I've fought


Soon I get a text

'Carnival nxt Sat?'

'Yes please!' I reply

(now I won't get fat!)


A few days later

I have a costume to wear

I'm the broken fairy in a dress

That will make people stare!


Its silver and gold

And ends just above the floor

With a neckline so low

I can't show much more!



Carnival day arrives

We've no float – so I walk

Crutches at the ready

People start to talk


" She's not going to make it!"

"She looks too weak!"

Inside my head I say:

"You won't say that in a week!"


You'll remember a girl

In a pretty gold dress

Who did a mile on her crutches

And had courage, you'll confess


That pure determination

To achieve all I could

Gave all like me hope

That someday we'll be good

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