Friends with me

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me and a friend get lost in an adventure

Submitted: July 24, 2011

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Submitted: July 24, 2011



Me and Harry my friend went out to go play a game at the field.But what was that? a secret hole? it was glimmering and glitsy. It had adventure and mystery written all over it, i yanked on harry's top and said to her" we should check it out" i knew she liked it she couldent stop staring at it.We slowley walked over to it with the tiny pitter patter of our feet we didnt want to make any noise.BANG!! we stepped back we glanced at eachother then the hole! once we stopped freeking out i looked to my side i said "har.." she went too quickly left my site and was up close to the hole.with in an instant i looked over to her and she got too distracted and fell in i shouted "NOOO HARRY!!!!". i ran like hell to the hole and literally bombed it in she was my bestfriend and i cared about her.

All these weird colours came past me it was like a time machine you see on doctor who or on a film. soo it ended to a little light square i had to step through it then i ,if by magic fell onto some weird disco floor in the middle of the.. ocean? how strange,i'd never seen anything as weird as this .Have you? maybe i was dreaming so i pinched myself but that didnt work so i got scared and didnt know what to do so i sat, and started crying.




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