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Ummm.. this is basically part of a story that i wrote please please please if you read this can you please you have to comment what you think i need as much good comments and critisizm as possible!!! thank you

Love: Darcie Green :D

Submitted: October 31, 2011

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Chapter one:

 It was another day at home were my parents argue my sister gets scared, I go out and do something i shouldn't. We are a family of misfits we don't belong anywhere. My real mum and dad left me and my sister when we were young, We went into care and then some people Martin and Lucy fostered us. They always seem nice at first but when you get to know the real them, You realize no one's as perfect as they seem.

As always in the morning i grab the money from our green frog pot, That sits on the window ledge by itself to go get a loaf of bread. Martin always has atleast 6 slices of toast with butter and strawberry jam every morning, So i get the bread before he wakes up. Anyway once i have brought the bread from the shop to our home, i have to go upstairs and wake my little sister Alyssa up. Trust me she's a pain in the morning. So i woke up Alyssa she groaned and said to me " 5 more minutes..." this is what bugs me, is that she should of got used to the morning routine like me. " Just do what your told Alyssa!" I said in a firm but not fierce voice. "Girls." said a voice behind us we both rapidly looked over to the door to see who it was, "Can we get a move on please" 'yes sorry i was just getting Alyssa up for school'. We went and had some cereal downstairs whilst watching SpongeBob (not my choice). After that we went upstairs to get changed Alyssa was in year 7 so she went to my school. We have to wear a light blue top with a dark blue jumper and a plain black skirt, I pulled my hair into a ponytail and then i put Alyssa's into a ponytail too. Our bags were on the floor we grabbed them and headed on out the door "Bye girls" Lucy said in a normal tone of voice, but when she said it she gave me an evil stare.

Alyssa and I walked through the gates where you arrive and Mr.Kelly (head of English) says "Morning children!", to every child. I grabbed Alyssa's right arm and said " just act normal and don't be weird!" then I pushed her of to the right. "Hey Carina" said my friend Amelia. I replied with a happy "Hello!" i tried to hide my feelings. A few more friends showed up and now we looked like a crowd, There were lots of happy greeting's. I never felt happy I  just pretended i was. A bell went off and it was time for class, I paced down the corridor as if i was in a rush to get to class the first class was English (boring). "Morning class", 'Good morning' the class mumbled, didn't really sound good we sounded immature. "Guys and girls please get your books out, today were learning Shakespeare", 'yea' Angie Louise said sarcastically (The popular type girl). A boy looked over to see her then he smirked like he fancied her or something, The boy's name was Jamie Crampon (The popular type boy, total hottie). Mr.Kelly passed us all a book and told us to read from page 1-23 and write in clues about any thing that similar to our time today. It was complicated-ish. Jamie looked over to Angie again i saw it from the corner of my eye. "Ah-hem" a voice coughed, i looked round to see what it was. "keep your eyes on the book!" said Mr.Kelly with a fierce voice. After an hours lesson of me watching Angie and Jamie get tiny glances of each other each minute was boring, But finally the lesson ended. The day went by hour by hour. Then i ran to the spot where i pick Alyssa up, Then i took her by her bag and took her home.

I rang the door bell, I heard some footsteps then the door burst open "Get in!" I thought I did something wrong. I heard a big noise "owww" Martin grabbed Alyssa by her hair and threw her up the stairs, She started crying "stop it!!".' Martin stop you'll hurt her!' He looked at me with evil eyes and walked closer to me 'Do you want to say that again?', I shook my head and ran upstairs. " Is this going to be like this forever?, i hate this life!" cried Alyssa she looked at me worried and scared, we've been treated like this for so long theres nothing I or anyone can do about it (Or so I believed). I sat on my bed and thought about life, I was scared of how things could go is there anyone i could turn to? anyone i really trust? Sometimes I wonder why my parents left us, and where they went to. It's a mystery never to be solved. I heard a big bang from outside my door. I got up real quick and ran outside my room i hadn't realize Alyssa snuck out my room and she fell down the stairs. I heard Martin say "Just leave her, she needs to realize how to use the stairs" then he chuckled like if he was laughing at a joke. When i just heard that I ran downstairs scooped her into my arms and ran her up stairs. She soon woke up a groaned she felt pain, but i was glad to see nothing was broken. I put her to bed without her dinner, but I went downstairs to have dinner. And I wish I didn't. "Sit" Lucy said in a suspicious tone, 'lovely prepared dinner my darling' 'thank you' she replied. Martin and Lucy spoke to each other different than they did to us. It's almost as if were like slaves to them, but why look after children you hate? " Thank you for the food Lucy." ' Yes well say thank you to your father for letting you eat it'. "Father? He's no father to me, my father dumped me he's Martin to me!" I looked into Lucy's eyes and regretted saying that. Mistake's cant be erased, But people can. That's how i felt all the time, at the dinner table it got awkward i asked if i could go Martin looked at me and told me to just get out of his sight.

When I opened my eyes it was unfortunately the next morning, and nothing was a dream like I always hoped it would be. I got up and I went to get dressed and get the bread loaf from the shop, as always. I got back woke up Alyssa and we had breakfast, got dressed, grabbed our bags then we left. As I walked past Lucy i realized she had a black eye I stared at her whilst walking by, she looked away and didn't say goodbye. "strange.." I said outloud. "whats strange?" 'never mind, just go ahead I probably wont be at school so just tell them IM ill' 'okay' Alyssa said then she skipped off. I ran back the way i came to come to our house, I snuck through the back gate and looked and listened through the window. No one was there. I turned round quickly to see two faces " Hello" they said in a creaky voice, "skipping school today are we" I didn't answer. Martin slapped me " ANSWER CHILD!" he shouted. " No, I saw something and I wanted to see if it was okay" I said in a worried voice. Lucy looked at me, and she knew I was talking about her, "IM sure it is fine now g.." 'NO, shes not going anywhere she wants a day off school we will give her one. Follow me Carina.' I felt a shiver up my spine I wanted to shout for help, bit I knew no one would care.

We were in our basement, I remember because of the stairs and they're funny color. Why were we here? I thought it but never really had the courage to say it. "Now sit over there." he pointed to an old rusty chair that looked like it's 40-50 years old I did as I was told and sat on the chair. I think it might of given me a splinter, cause i felt something small and pointy in my bottom. "Now what?" I said daring to ask 'now I'll have to think of your punishment while you stay here'. I got so worried I nearly wet myself, how embarrassing. Whilst I was alone I started singing quietly to myself, i always do that. Whenever there is an awkward moment or IM alone I just randomly sing to pass my nerves'.


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