I Hate You So Much I Love You Chapter 3

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Alyssa ran away after Josh kissed her but where did she run? whats going to happen? is this love?

Submitted: November 05, 2011

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Submitted: November 05, 2011



I ran as far as I could I pushed through the school gates, ran through some fields. Because it began to be the end of the day the teachers had asumed Josh and I had snuck out to go home earlier on the bus. As I was running through fields i could here him behind me shouting my name, I tripped over some twigs and fell on the floor. My wrist was a big cut then Josh came "Alyssa" He puffed "Are you okay, im so very sorry I really like you, Really I do 'I Hate That I Love You' Alyssa" I started crying 'That is not how it's meant to be Josh!, You I hate you for making me fall in love with you' I got up and dusted myself off I kept walking through the fields though. We walked onto some kind of road, it was old and looked like no car had ever been down it for a while."Please Alyssa im sort of asking you out, your the only girl in this world that I could ever love" 'and if i said no...?' "I would die, I've loved you for so long all our Hate-mance has got me fired up, us being together is wrong but I love you". I just stood still then turned around and looked him in the eyes and said 'If only i liked you back!' After saying this I just left the road he followed and we walked 3 miles together in awkward silence. It started to rain and get dark, we saw a long dark road forward of us. "Well at least were some where lets get out of this place, and find home" He said.'Look theres a little pub over there it looks old and rusty, but lets see if someone could help us'.

I knocked on the brown door "Hello? is anyone there?" 'YO, OPEN UP!' Josh shouted."Josh just shut up and be quiet boy!" I said giving him my evil eyes. Some man opened up the door he looked about in his early 50's 'What do you want children' He said 'Umm.. were lost and we wanted to know if anyone could help us' I said with my worried face. "Does anyone know your here" 'no' Josh replied. The oldman grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me in, then he pushed Josh on the floor and slammed the door. I screamed really loud "HELP JOSH!!!!!"

Coming Soon Chapter 4 then the last chapter 5 :D

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