My Bully

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its about Charlotte a young girl who goes to school and gets bullied bad and then does something horrible...

Submitted: July 24, 2011

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Submitted: July 24, 2011



I just arrived at school i litterly clutched my hands round my mum's leg. I knew i hated school  and i didnt ever want to go to school every day i felt stomach pains and i was sweating every day, i didn't want to dare to go to school. Also what didn't help was my mum would tell me everyday "everything's going to be alright", and i knew and thought no its not but i felt scared to tell my mum about what goes on at school. Lucy the school bully bullied everyone although she had no friends (only fake ones that pretend to be her friend ) i felt so sorry seeing all of my peers getting thrown on the ground and getting things stolen from them. But a voice in my head said to me, charlotte you know what you have to do...


I let go of my mum's leg stood up saw Lucy by the stone stairs and she was going to push someone down them,I walked to the stairs and said "Lucy that's enough!,stop bullying people because you feel like it im   fed up of you thinking your so hard.your not! so stop it all you are is a..a.. mean ugly stupid idiotic bully." I proudly turned around and was about to walk of but... she grabbed me by my collar and threw me down the stairs and said" charlotte you dare to say that to me your nothing but a pathetic downie, tommorow at three o'clock im gonna hurt you like hell!" then she spat at me. I was lying there with blood dripping down my head. I told my friend to get a teacher. luckly for me it was a minor cut but it stung like hell!


whilst i was walking home my knees were shaking about tommorow then i heard a noise... tap tap tap people were running towards me and past me clapping and saying "welldone Charlotte for trying to help us all". At that point i sort of smiled but still had butterfly's and was nearly crying with shock. I thought to myself why did i get myself into this situation, But then my conscience told me if i want to be a good person i have to fight Lucy tommorow and win for the good of my heart, and to save friends from being bullied ever again! Then i started to run home i had to work out as much as i could in my gym, it wouldn't change my strength one bit probally but i had to see if i were strong and try and get stronger (which wasn't possible).


To be continued on the next story "Charlottes fight"





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