planet of the apes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Games and book trains!

Submitted: December 12, 2017

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Submitted: December 12, 2017



Planet of the apes


Image result for planet of the apes orangutan


Narrator : one day the humans were hunting for the apes when unexpectedly they raided their habitat stealing all their prize possessions.

Caesar  was yelling at his ape friends to evacuate before the humans killed many apes caesar got his strong apes with him to fight the humans he got

rocket, and maurice.


Maurice : Caesar there's too many humans to fight there is only three of us and at least 40 of them


Caesar : rocket go get more apes, quickly don't get spotted or they will hurt you


Rocket : (running to get other apes) (gets there) Maurice and Caesar in trouble ape kill humans all apes help


Buck : rocket why do humans attack us we didn’t start this war koba did


Koba : buck i started this war. caesar did not me


Rocket : koba and buck stop fighting come on


Koba : Caesar in trouble go! Go!


Narrator : (all apes go to caesar and Maurice)


Rocket : Caesar I have got more apes


Caesar : koba climb up and attack when they don't expect it, get more apes to go with you rocket, go around the side and attack when koba says get more apes as well Maurice you come with me get more apes with us as well we will charge in 3...2..1. Go! Go! Go!


Koba : rocket! Go! Attack!


Narrator (All apes drop from the trees and rocket goes from the sides with his apes and attack)


Maurice : Caesar, all of the apes are dying


Caesar : Maurice, keep fighting


Narrator : (Maurice gets stabbed)


Narrator : Koba sees Maurice get stabbed


Koba : ahh!


Narrator : koba smashing humans


Caesar : no! Hold them in hostage


Rocket : Caesar, why not kill the humans, they tried to kill us


Koba : Look, they kill Maurice, I kill them


Narrator : koba stabs human


Narrator : Caesar is angry


Koba :  caesar brother to humans, caesar love humans more than ape


Narrator : caesar smashing koba


Caesar ahh!!!!!


Narrator : other apes come from behind and fight the apes


Donkey : kill caesar, come on, go


Caesar : donkey, come fight for us


Narrator : koba stabs caesar


Donkey : yes koba kill caesar


Koba: nnnnnnnnnnnnn oooooooooooooooooo


Narrator : (rocket comes dropping down up high on tree and stabs koba)


Donkey  : ha rocket weakling


Narrator : donkey and rocket running hard at each other


Rocket :  come and join us.


Donkey : Never, you kill koba


Rocket : and you kill caesar


Narrator : both bashing each other


Narrator caesar slowly starts to get up and pulls the wound out he slowly crawls to donkey and stands and smashes donkey


Donkey : ah!!


Narrator : donkey stands and caesar is weak and smashes caesar and rocket and takes them to the human general


Human general : ahh caesar and rocket


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