Treat Dollies Like Babies

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Is babysitting fun?
When you have to do it at night when everyone is asleep except you?'re not the only one awake
And someone wants to meet you...

20:00pm (8PM) Thursday Night, The Braden’s house

‘Are you alright with taking care of Addison and Quinn tonight?’

No, I’m not. I wanted to shout.

‘Of course, I’d love to stay with them. What time will you both be back?’

‘About two in the morning, will your mum be worried?’

‘Of course not.’ I smiled, ‘After all, I’m seventeen.’

‘Yes.’ She smiled then turned to her husband. ‘I told you Leanne would be a great babysitter.’

‘I didn’t say she wasn’t a good one.’

‘You didn’t say a lot of things.’ Mrs Braden said to him.

‘Right, so we’ll see you later?’ Mr Braden asked me.

‘Totally.’ I replied and put on a brave smile. ‘I’ll busy myself by watching a movie.’

‘That’s the spirit.’ He replied and took hold of his wife’s hand. ‘You ready Priscilla?’

‘Yes.’ Mrs Braden turned back to look at me, ‘We’ll pay you once we get back.

‘Sure, no problem.’

‘We’re off then.’ Mr Braden walked out with Mrs Braden and closed the door.

I turned around and walked into the living room, sitting down beside Addison on the sofa.

‘You two hungry?’ I asked, trying to sound not freaked out about having to look after them past midnight. They both nodded but Addison nodded a little too ferociously that her blonde hair was starting to whack my eye. ‘Okay, so what do you wanna’ eat?’

‘Curly fries.’ Quinn said, looking at me through her fizzy blonde hair.

‘With dinosaur nuggets.’ Addison added, looking at her sister with a grin.

‘Okay, come into the kitchen. The food will be ready in a min.’

‘Okay.’ They replied.

They followed me into the kitchen and I quickly took out the cold curly fries and dino nuggets. I looked inside the fridge and looked around the shelf that had the drinks.

‘What do you wanna’ drink?’

‘Sprite please.’


Please.’ I added.

‘Please.’ Addison said, annoyed.

I took out the cans of drink and placed them in front of them. They cracked open their drinks and tookasip. I put the fries and nuggets on a tray and placed them in the oven.

I served their food with ketchup on the side. They ate hungrily, taking a bite of their food then taking a sip of their drink. I watched them blankly as I thought about what all my friends were talking about on MSN.

They both finished off their food, burped then mumbled apoligies as they made their way up the stairs to get ready for bed. It was 21:47pm now and I still wasn’t tired. I walked upstairs and tucked them in their beds then switched on the lights, whispering a rhyme that I learnt in primary school.

Night night, don’t let the bed bugs bite.’

I walked out of the room and headed straight for the toilet.

I sat there, doing my business when just then, I heard some humming. I ignored it the first time but then it carried on. I couldn’t hear the words properly so I flushed the toilet and washed my hands. The humming continued, I walked over to the door and pressed my ear against it. I listened as I was able to make the words out.

Mmm..dollies blood

Like babies blood

They are exactly the same.

The oxygen in my body started to run cold. I sounded as if someone was standing right outside the bathroom door, actually singing it to me. I bent down and looked through the key hole. A blood-soaked eye looked right back at me. I stumbled back, shocked as I tried to regain my breath.

Leanne, stop acting like such an idiot, there aren’t any monsters in this bloody house I kept on saying to myself. I took a deep breath and once I had the courage, I opened the door. No one was on the landing. I sighed in relief and just then, I remembered what might’ve been the cause of my strange mind. I was watching a film at my friend, Cynthia’s house before I came over to babysit. The exact same thing happened to the girl in the movie, she was in the toilet and she heard humming, then she looked through the keyhole and an eye looked right back at her. I shook my head in disbelief as I made my way downstairs.

My skin felt damp as I walked down the corridors so I thought I should stop in front of the mirror. As I was walking, I felt as if someone was walking right behind me. I spun around and no one was there. I closed my eyes when I was in front of the mirror. When I opened them, it was me looking back at me. It was someone else. She was drenched in blood and you couldn’t see her pupils. Her eyes were colourless, plain white. She was holding ared-stained knife and was pointing it directly at the dolly she was holding in her arm. When she saw me looking, she smiled at me, her teeth covered withdark liquid,as if it had been there for ages. She looked at me directly in the eye and said to me,

‘I treat my babies like dollies and dollies like babies’

I screamed and smashed the mirror with my hand. Her laugh surrounded me, with the same humming I heard earlier

Mmm..dollies blood like babies blood...

I ran into the living room and switched the lights then sat on the sofa, shook. I shook my head, not being able to believe what I was seeing. I actually think that Cynthia’s movie is freaking me out. What did that woman in the mirror mean; she treats her dollies like babies? I looked down at my hands, glass glistening silently in the dim light. I shook the peices off and grabbed my laptop. I logged onto my MSN and no one was online. Just then, someone IMed me.

Dolly-Lover: Hi

Leanne-rocker.x: Hi?

Dolly-Lover: How are you?

Leanne-rocker.x: Who are you?

Dolly-Lover: I’m one of Cynthia’s cousins.

Leanne-rocker.x: Oh, what’s your name?

Dolly-Lover: Yoillilluk Eleann

Leanne-rocker.x: Woah, weird name

Dolly-Lover: I know

Leanne-rocker.x: So where do you live?

Dolly-Lover: You’ll find out

Leanne-rocker.x: How-

Just then, my computer turned completely black and I heard the same laughing again. I’m seriously freaked out now, and it’s 22:58pm, come on parents, come home!

When I placed my laptop down on the table, that’s when I heard the terrifying blood-soaked scream. The humming was coming around again but this time the words were different,

I play with my dollies

Just like how I play with my babies

I heard another blood soaked scream then a thump from upstairs. I ran up the stairs and ran into Addisons room first, she was wasn’t in her bed. I started to panic. The window was closed and no one could’ve kidnapped her. Just then a thought hit me, she might’ve had a nightmare and gone to Quinn’s room to sleep with her. I ran into Quinn’s room but she wasn’t there either.

Water is like blood

Drip Drip Drip

Blood runs like Water

The words sang again. I soon realized what it was saying. I ran into the bathroom and my feet froze where they were.

Addison and Quinn’s heads were stapled on to the wall and their lifeless body were in the bath tub, with water that had been turned intoa red bloodbath.I screamed but quietened down as my eyes started to go blurry. I blinked back the tears and started to read the message that was written in both their blood onto the wall.


Underneath their heads, sat a doll with her head hanging to the side. Her dress was coloured with the twin’s lifeless blood and she lifted her head and smiled at me. I screamed loudly this time and ran out of the bathroom, down the stairs and out of the house. I need to get as far from this place as I can... and I remember that Yoillilluk Eleann who talked to me on MSN wasn't Cynthia's cousin. She was that weird reflection girl withthe doll. If you rearranged the words, it spelt out: I'll Kill You Leanne....

News Headline:


Note from Girl in the Mirror: Read me and Tonight, you might get the chance to meet me yourself. But don't be scared, you're whole family will be waiting for you in the bathroom...

Submitted: September 01, 2010

© Copyright 2020 x3 Your Poison. All rights reserved.

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WOW, that was great. Eerie and suspensful and morbid. Loved it! One thing though: I think you may have over-used the word "blood." A bit of a contradiction (since this is a horror story) but it sounded strange when used so many times (not including the scene of finding the bodies and the killer's little message). May just be me, though. Regardless, a wonderful story. =)

Wed, September 1st, 2010 3:35pm


:O I so know! I'll go check it out xP

Thu, September 2nd, 2010 1:10am


Thanks to you I'm gonna have the scariest nightmare tonight :) :) I now know why you warned me so specifically!!!!!!!!!!! But the good thing is, no-one was home, so when I screamed as loudly as I could, it was okay, cause no one was there to hear me.........or were they.... :O LoL

Thu, September 2nd, 2010 1:37am

Reply least you're not a baysitter ;)

Thu, September 2nd, 2010 1:12am


OMG!!! Now I'm glad I turned down the opportunity to babysit my nephew the other day...this story is freaky...but good!!

Thu, September 2nd, 2010 9:22pm

Reply turned him down? How come? xD I'm happy you liked it xP

Thu, September 2nd, 2010 11:07pm


Wow that was freaky. I could actually feel the chills going up my spine! Keep up the great work please! ;p

Fri, September 3rd, 2010 8:11am


Haha thank you soo much, would you like me to update you once I have other spooky short stories?

Fri, September 3rd, 2010 1:52am

Alila Tasha

okay technically you make my night sleepless...I keep hearing the same word in my mind... that

Treat dollies like babies,treat babies like dollies

It freak me out especially the last paragraph...Keep Me Update for you spooky stories...I love you

Wed, December 22nd, 2010 1:43am


Scary much, I babysit quite a lot.

Thu, March 3rd, 2011 10:52pm


Good narrative, you build and keep the suspense well.
Well written except for the already mentioned overusage of blood. But sure talented. I like it.

Sun, July 3rd, 2011 6:31pm

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