When Rain and Tears Collide

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Reigh was never the happiest teenage girl. She never had many friends or much of a sucessful romance life. What will she do to finally stop the pain of the world?

Submitted: November 11, 2011

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Submitted: November 11, 2011



On a cold autumn evening, Reigh ran upstairs to her room and slammed herself onto the bed. Tears were falling faster down her face than she could breathe. Her heart felt black and empty. The only things in her heart were regret, loneliness, and melancholy. She had been hurt and bullied to tears since she was only 8. Now she’s 14, and the only change is that it’s worse. Her ‘best friends’ since 3rd grade have ditched her for new girls, and her boyfriend dumped her for one of them. She lied on her bed and doused the pillow with her tears.

As she rolled over, she looked over at the cuts that were lining up her left arm. Dark red scratches, scars, and bruises were all from the self harm she did. If she cried at school, she would be discriminated and screamed at. But if she didn’t let out her feelings, she would be depressed forever, but the more she would cry, the longer it would seem for the pain to go away, so it didn’t make much of a difference. She grabbed her scrapbooks and looked through the pictures. “Ugly, slut, fatass,” she thought to herself. Reigh wasn’t overweight, but she was large-framed, so many of the girls in her grade appeared a lot skinnier that she did.

She sat up straight and stared out the window. Her life was ticking away faster than she thought. She thought more about how her so called ‘best friend’ Emma Martinez stole and flirted with her boyfriend, and how Brooke Coyne and Justice Page left her standing in the cold when they ditched her on the avenue to see Brooke’s boyfriend. All of a sudden, her depression flashed into anger. Out of nowhere, she grabbed a picture of all of the girls hugging out of the scrapbook, and tore it to shreds, disposing it on the floor. “You know what,” she said to herself, “Screw my life. Screw my mother and father! Screw Brooke and Justice and Emma and all of those bitches! Screw Aiden, who broke my damned heart for that whore Emma. I don’t care anymore. I JUST WANT OUT!”

She screamed that last thing she thought out. She swiftly ran into the kitchen and grabbed the sharpest knife in the drawer, slid it into her pocket, and walked upstairs. Her mother was in the living room watching television, so she didn’t even acknowledge her daughter in the other room. As Reigh walked back into her room, she thought hard about her decision. Is the right thing to do? How will this affect everyone? Will anyone miss me? “Not enough,” she thought. She grabbed the knife, and swiftly pressed the blade of the knife to her other arm, swiping it against her arm like a credit card. She only felt a little bit of pain as tiny droplets of blood fled from the new wound. The amounts of cuts on her arm were like lines of red plaid against her ivory skin. After questioningly staring at the knife, she quickly grabbed the knife and jabbed into her arm and screamed bloody murder. It hurt so badly, but it was no different from the suffering she faced before. After this, the suffering would end forever.

She continued to jab the knife until other parts of her body were numb. Tons of blood gushed from her limbs and made a stain to the white carpet of her room. “Why aren’t I dead yet?” she thought. Eventually, her vicious stabbing took effect. She felt dizzy and weak from the loss of blood. “No turning back now,” she thought. She weakly picked up her arm and threw in into her chest, stabbing her heart. Eventually, Reigh passed out due to all the loss of blood. She lied there on her bed, unconscious and covered in blood, with the knife sticking out of her.

From a newspaper article:

Reigh Lynn Kelly, age 14, and daughter of Terrance and Karissa Kelly, died on November 6th, 2011 by committing suicide. Her mother Karissa Kelly said she found her that night laying on her bed with a knife sticking out of her chest and blood all over the bed and floor. She will be dearly missed by the community and family. Funeral services are being held at Pirnceton Funeral Home on November 8 and 9, and burial services will be on November 10th.

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