The Forest Murder

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A script/skit thing I wrote for my Theatre Performance class. It's the first type of "script" I wrote, so please bare with me! :D It was a type of soundscape performance so that's why I hint at the sounds and such!

Submitted: November 02, 2012

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Submitted: November 02, 2012



(Emma and Serenity walking casually through the forest, talking, arms linked)

(Sounds of crunching footsteps)

Emma: (Turns head towards Serenity) Thank you for taking me out here Serenity, it's so beautiful! What were you going to show me again?

(Sounds of leaves swaying)

Serenity: Oh just wait, you will see

Emma: (Laughs) I always love your surprises! ( Smiles)

(Sounds of animals)

Serenity: (Grins maliciously) Yes dear, this is a surprise you will just die for.

Emma: (Smiles unaware) Oh look serenity! A lake! (Points)

(Sounds of leaves and animals)

(A lake comes into view; cue lights to turn a little blue, but still some green as well)

(Sounds of water lapping on shore)

(The couple watches the water for a few minutes)

Emma: Isn't it enchanting.. (Spots a Boat House in the distance and points to it)

Emma: Looks! A Boat House! Let's go explore! 

(Tugs Serenity along)

Serenity: (Snickers evilly) Yes, let's go explore...

(They reach ther boat house and enter)

(Lights go fully red, and door opening sound is heard)

Emma: (looks around surprised and scared) Serenity, why is it so bloody? And what is this?

Serenity: ( laughs evilly) This, my dear, is wear I slaughter the innocent.

Emma: (Eyes wide with fear and backs into a corner) No! Serenity, why!?

Serenity: ( Walks towards her witha  knife in hand) This is your surprise my dear!

(Kills her)

(Screams sound and die away)

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