What worries can do

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My own worries and the worries of those I love inspired me to write this poem. Of course it came to me when I was trying to get some sleep so I had to get up and write it or the thought would nag at me until I put it on paper. We all know what our worries are capable of. They can make us do some pretty outrageous stuff and it's all up to the person who holds them to quiet the voices of anxiety or it may drive us to harm others or it may throw us into sadness and many other problems.

Submitted: August 04, 2012

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Submitted: August 04, 2012



So many times do worries pry one's consciousness from depths of peaceful slumber  To reopen the soul hounding wounds from the day No longer is a dream a sacred haven from all which drives one to do what He must Or what He may find to be gruesome and grizzly Dreams hold now what ignites fear and anxiety within all ugliness that lie buried in the crevasses of the human heart The monstrosities mold one's desperation and weakness into something deadly  To tame these mighty fiends is a cumbersome task which belongs to the keeper of the soul He holds to his right the keys of beliefs and and the puzzles of the mind  He holds to his left his fury and passion whether it to be glorified or shameful  He himself will decide whether to wield the light of success and contentment  Or surrender control to the darkness that seeps through the cracks of dread along a glorious road of joy and rewards And crawls and drags it sorrowful self upon the dirt and gravel that lines our discontent and hatred to grasp at one's ankles And drag him to very depths of misery and anguish 

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