Lakeside Adventure

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A lakeside fantasy

Submitted: October 27, 2015

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Submitted: October 27, 2015



Holding my heavenly love one romantic evening, our bodies pressed tightly together. She leans back into my firm chest as my lean arms wrap around her curvy body like a strong endearing security blanket. Our fingers are laced intimately together forming a bond between each of us as we relax on blanket set on a sandy lake-shore.

We watch the evening sun set into the distant horizon of gently rolling hills covered in forests of autumn colors. Trees forming brilliant earthly rainbows of green, yellow, orange and red back- dropped by the sun emitting shades of red, green, yellow, orange, and violet among the fading sky, a few white clouds bringing the shades of color out in contrast. Bright colors promising warmth and joys of the summer past, birds straining above to reach a few more miles on their long journey south, all the while we hold each other and take in the lovely masterpiece our creator has painted before us the evening.

Time slowly slips by, the lingering sun slowly slips beneath the earth, little by little the brilliant colors fade into the night sky. Yet, our creator has decided to paint another masterpiece before our eyes, slowly the stars begin to shine, one by one, they capture the Autumn night sky, the moon surely rises above the hills, it's romantic light casting reflections into the clear lake, ripples wavering the complexion, but the beauty is no less, maybe enhanced by the setting.

My hands sensually caress my heavenly love's body, for she surely is fitting for the mystic center before me, her long dark hair capturing the the moonlight's glare, glistening in night, her eyes sparkling as bright as the North Star, radiating colors rivaling Jupiter above us in the night sky. Her curves entice me to explore her body further, her moans of pleasuring driving me deeper and deeper into a enchantment.

My fingertips trace lines creating goosebumps up her legs, slowly working my way up her soft tight thighs. My lips nibbling upon her neck, working from her shoulders up to her lush lips back down to her neck, finding each hot spot that makes her gasp in pleasure, returning to each time and time again. My fingers find their way up her sundress, teasing her damp panties, tracing the lines of her moist lips, feeling her clit swell as I tease her with the fingers of both my hands. I can feel her hands tightening her grip on my legs as bring pleasure to my love.

My heavenly love slides her panties off and tosses them gently towards my face, smiling as she eagerly places my fingers to trace small circles spreading her honeydew. Slowly I work circles around her clit, teasing and pleasing as she nibbles upon her lower lip. I slip one finger just inside her wet pussy, to feel how wet and eager she is makes my cock engorge with anticipation. Deeper I slide my finger, work long slow circles inside her, stretching her lips I feel her thrust her hips back into me. I slide two fingers deep insider her to massage her g spot, I love the sensation of her pulsating on my fingers, as she bites down my neck and shoulder. I quicken the pace until my lover explodes upon my fingers, moaning loudly, panting my name, collapsing into my arms.

My loves turns around, pushes me down unto the sandy shore, pounces on top on me, passionately kissing me, working my pants down my legs as she bites my lower lip. She slowly works her way down my body, her hands exploring and caressing my body, her lips kissing, her teeth nibbling, down to my waist, where she teases my cock with her hands, stroking my long thick cock with both hands, smiling at the size of my manhood, eagerly swallowing as much as she can handle, my hands grappling her hair, as I bite down on my lip in ecstasy, losing all track of my surroundings, the bright moon and its wavering lake reflection becoming one in my pleasure.

My love releases my cock from the clenches of her throat, I am throbbing n now, eagerly awaiting as she mounts me, grabbing my cock to tease her clit with my thick head. I moan in the pleasure of feeling her wetness drip upon me, slowly she slides down me, inch by inch, slowly taking all of my cock deep inside, I can feel her pussy clenching upon me. She picks up the pace, pounding hard down on me, until I feel her pussy clench and she starts grinding my cock, making herself erupt cum all of me, I relish the sensation of her cum roll down my cock and balls.

I look up upon my heavenly love, the moon shining brightly above her, the moonlight still glistening through her hair, eyes sparkling down upon me, matching the twinkling of thousands of stars back-dropped above us. I puller her down to kiss her passionately,enjoying myself insider her, still feeling her pulsate upon my manhood. I kiss her lips, then whisper my undying love, how she captures my heart with the passion-filled moments, confess my eternal affection of our kindred souls.

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