Linked Souls

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Submitted: September 22, 2015

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Submitted: September 22, 2015



I often wondered if man truly possessed a soul; if when our time finally ended would we simply cease to exist.  Yet by carrying the weight of my sorrow of my greatest mistakes, by feeling the depth of pain throughout sleepless nights, I've come to understand.  We each possess a soul.

The question is, do we reach down into them, draw from our deepest regrets, our brightest joys, our most enticing moments, our proudest memories, our darkest pains. 

Only by living my hell, raging through the searing anger, plodding through my depthless pits of despairs, climbing the endless flights of hopeful stairs, leaping from all I've held dear, free-falling through the fabrics of time, did I discover the wings on my soul. 

However, this only the where my journey begins.  I learned our souls are linked by emotion, bonded by love, a bond not even death can disrupt.

So as I entered the gates of Hell to accept my eternal fate, it was the bond of love begging my return.  As I crossed the vast oceans of fires, not a pain did I feel for I was protected by another soul.  As I stared into the pitiless eyes of He who is Deceit, I saw the truth. All I had, all I am, is with you.

Out did my wings stretch, forever high did I fly, soaring to the pearl gates of Heaven, sorrow did I feel as I entered.  Down the golden streets did I run, toward a soul I could not see but sense.  Upon the clouds did I skip, but no joy did I receive.  Aimlessly I wondered until I stumbled upon my Creator.  Only glancing into his eyes did I realize where I belong, beside you. 

So down I fall to place of endless grey, here I wait in a life of no color, just waiting, letting time slip by as I wait for the bond of my soul, the love of my life, the other half of my soul. 

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