The Lone Wolf (Three Types of Men)

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Submitted: September 24, 2015

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Submitted: September 24, 2015



The Lone Wolf

In this dark world of scattered beauty and precious treasures, exists three types of men: the rabid mad dogs, the spineless trembling sheep, and the remote wolf.

The rabid dogs scatter and terrifies the hapless flock, praying upon innocent souls, devouring the hope in life, lashing out at beauty unworthy of him, unbeknownst of the eternal damage wrecked upon the very beings he desires to be closest to, or worse yet, knowingly displaying hateful acts of horror to punish the ones he internally admits to forever be out of his self-consuming love.

The spineless trembling sheep plod boastful through the flocks, unabashedly pronouncing their eternally lasting deeds of good. Yet, when the time comes to stand against evil, they cower and shamefully scatter to safety of the shadows, hoping and praying none close witness the cowardly act while the innocent are punished for the crimes of others.

However, ever so rarely, the remote lone wolf exist. He unselfishly gives his blood and sweat to protect his loved ones. This is not to say he is without fear while facing evil, yet the fear only heightens his love for others and courage gives way to untold acts of bravery and strength, to silently retreat to the coolness of the forest upon the return of safety and justice to his flock.

Unfortunately, ever so often in this mystery of life, evil goes to far, pushes the boundaries and unleashes the justly vengeance of the wolf. From out of the shadows of the ever-reaching oaks pounces a mighty beast bent upon the destruction of all evil. With speed unmatched, fury unrelenting, a holy cleansing occurs through the acts of a lone being, often completely unaware of the significance of his acts, for his thoughts are only filled with the desire and instinct to protect.

Yet, what happens when the three types of man each desire the same woman. The torture she withstands while her only flaw is the possession of beauty unmatched by the most perfect rose, the sweetness raveling the purest of honey, the innocence of an angel, and the heart of love to heal all the past. The rabid dogs outrageously barks and lashes blindly upon the innocent soul he desires. The sheep eagerly struts proclaiming his unwavering affection before all afraid to let his actions to speak for themselves. While the lone wolf remains steadfast, calmly watching all from the shade of his tree, consistently bestowing his love, patiently awaiting his love's realization that his love will protect her from evil, not due to his ability to single-handily defeat all threats but due to willingness to stand beside his love to face her demons as while as his own.

For that is the purpose of love, to forever stand fast, side by side, hand in hand with the one you love to face the terrors and treasures this mystery of life has to offer.

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