The Day my mom died

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Story of the death of my mother

Submitted: February 28, 2018

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Submitted: February 28, 2018




It was a rainy Wednesday morning and even at six; I knew something wasn’t right.  My mom hadn’t woken me like normal.  I climbed out my bed in my Spiderman ones and crept out into the hall.  Peter my mom’s latest boyfriend didn’t like me much, and I didn’t want to run into him if he was here.  I tiptoed down the hall and peeked into her room.  I didn’t see her and so I continued down the hall to the bathroom.  The door was shut, and mom had told me not to open it, to knock first, but I was worried Peter was in there, so I laid down and looked under it.  I couldn’t see any feet, so I pushed it open a little and went in.  Again, no mom.

The steps downstairs creaked as I went down them.  I could smell something, it seemed like a familiar smell, but I couldn’t place it as I reached the bottom.  I turned into the dining room and saw broken dishes, but mom was always breaking things, so I ignored them and continued to the living room.  The TV had been tipped over and smashed and there was a hole in the wall.  I got terrified as I hurried to the kitchen.

Stepping into the doorway I saw her there laying on the floor a pool of red syrup around her head.  I crept forward my gut twisting up.  I knew, but my brain hadn’t process it yet as I bent down and shook my mom.  She didn’t move or make any sound.  Part of me knew, but I didn’t want it to be true, so I told myself mommy was sleeping.

I made myself a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal and sat down to eat it.  It didn’t taste right, and I left the bowl there for my mom to clean up and when into the backyard to play.  Mr. Hanson from next door saw me and called me over.  I hadn’t noticed but the feet of my Spiderman ones were covered in blood.

He called the police, and they took my mom away.  I was scared I would jail when they tried to put me in their car.  I screamed and yelled.  I wanted my mom she would tell them I was a good boy.


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