Attention is Key by Xavier DeWolf

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A boy meets a girl and falls in love but because of his insecurities it falls apart. Based on a true story.

Submitted: August 16, 2012

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Submitted: August 16, 2012



Attention is key By DeAnthus T. Howard 

Once there was a boy, this boy never fell in love, never really cared for another girl besides family and friends. Girls said that they love him and he just lied to them and said I love you too, just to get them to shut up. Now this boy, he wasn't heartless. He just never really loved, no one caught his eye, he was funny, ambitious, smart, artistic, charming and a whole lot more. He wasn't the cutest guy in school, but he was indeed good looking. He wasn't the most fit, but he did have the muscles to show off. You see, he was your average guy, looking for a not do average girl he would share everything with. One day, on January 6th, 2010 he seen it. He seen the most wonderful thing he has ever laid eyes on, he seen a girl, but not just any girl, but a beautiful girl, she had dark brown curly hair that flowed down like a waterfall in Fiji, she had brown eyes like the brownest you ever seen and sparkled like the one star you see on a gloomy night. She had a smile, but not any old smile but a smile you swear up and down could cure the worst of cancer, just by seeing it. She had curves like a old school coke bottle. She had a laugh, that made you feel genially good about yourself and made you want to do good, even if you were Hitler. He knew from that day on, he wanted her. He found his dream girl. He knew her best friends so he asked them about her. If she is single, what's her name, how old she is, what she likes cause he wanted to impress her. Her best friends of coursed helped him out because the knew him as a good friend and a wonderful guy. One day he got the courage to go up to her, on January  19th, he just said hi to her, and the way she replied was just the sweetest hello to be heard. The way the \"Hell\" to the \"lo\" flowed of her tongue, into your ear was just southing. And an day later, he did something, he stomped on a Justin Bieber folder with some friends not knowing it was hers. When she seen it she did a fake \"oh no\" giggling on about it. And picked it up and went on about her day. He felt bad so he apologized later on. After discussing to her friends about how to asked her out, he and her besties, decided it was great to buy her some chocolates, a bear, and a bloon for valentines day. He planned it, thought of what to say, and mastered it. But her best friends encouraged him to do it on another day. He didn't know what to do so he thought of a cheesy but still cute way to ask her out. After school he tried to ask her out in he native tongue, but couldn't speak spanish well and couldn't say it right so her best friends wrote a letter on a piece of paper that said \"¿Quieres ser mi novia?\" For those who don't know it said \"Will you be my girl friend.\" He then taped it to his shirt, walked up to her and as she read it and he said will you be my girlfriend. She didn't answer tell later on that made him nervous, like a preppy white boy in Compton. And on her Facebook status she replied. \"Yes yes yes, a million times yes! Cutest thing ever.\" And on February 1st they started dating. He soon realized that she was indeed the one he was waiting for. Day by day he gazed upon her, Day by day he sighed with passion,  Day by day his heart within him  Grew more hot with love and longing  For the girl with curly hair like the sunshine. They grew with passion, lives intertwining as well as love. But on March 25th it went apart as she told him they can't be together, because of her father. The next day, devastated and down in the abyss of sadness and heartbreak. It was his bestfriends birthday. The boy was down but the bestfriend birthday was nothing to be sad when to be there. After so, his bestfriend liked him more as a friend but all he could think of was his dear, girlfriend now ex. He then found hisself in another's arms as he had now is dating his bestfriend. He broke his exs heart, by doing so but it was her birthday, and he once just about the only guy who showed up. His ex girl started dating another, because of him seeing another. But deep down she knows the belong together as he did too. He then confessed his feelings to his bestfriend breaking her heart but only together for 3days. And she did the same for her boy but took 2 weeks. So he waited for her to go it. She eventually did, And they start dating again, but as she went on a trip to Florida, his bestfriend messaged him and told him she loved him feelings down. The boy who only thought of her as a friend, said I love you too but he was meaning as a friend. His girl soon after hacked his FB, and seen the message. And cried that night and they broke up again. He was just felling sympathy for his friend but she saw it as cheating. After 3 weeks of talking about it the got back together, and started to love one another again. They went on dates, he met her mother and father, but and their love shined over the summer but, one day his family decided to move to Texas. Knowing he have to leave her because she lives in Iowa, he proposed a promise ring to her. To let her know he will stay faithful and return soon to his love. Soon the day came when they had to leave each other. They last time they seen each other was at a going away party for him. When she had to leave to go home he kissed her one last time. Holding her tight, he didn't want to let go, because he loved her, he had that love for her that makes him weak, that when she left, he dropped to his knees in the middle of the street, crying passionately so hard that his friends had to pull him inside. They then made it a long distance relationship, calling everyday for 10. Months. On Christmas week he bought her the watch she loved and wanted. A all white, diamond incrusted Fossil watch, And her got a all white G-Shock, the one he wanted. Soon after, their 1 year came. They have mad it for one year, loving each other so dearly. Soon he got a plane ticket June 12th to reunite with his heart. When he first seen her he filled with joy, love, and happiness when seeing her. But things took a turn for the worst. The boy started to ignore her for his tech. He didn't mean to he was listening to her when she spoke. But she felt ignored. And their love began to fade. He bottled his feelings for how he felt for when she talked to another guy who wanted to end them everyday. He grew jealous because she ignored him for her new bestfriend who was a guy. Knowing her best Friend meant no trouble or problem their relationship he still bottled his feelings. All she wanted was to talk more to her boyfriend but he couldn't do that. He grew more of anger and jealousy for each time he saw the name of he who wanted her to break up with the boy, so he can have her for himself. The boy really didn't like that she texted him. He confronted her about it and she said he's not even really a friend and that she didn't care about him. The boy believed her, but still his name came upon her blackberry. He grew more angry because he didn't want her texting him. But he promised he wouldn't make her do anything she didn't want. She talked to him about it and said he needs to change so they don't break up. He tried and tried and she said that he needed to change for a third time but still he didn't. He did indeed change, but not completely. She then after he realized he needs to change and did, she broke up with him saying she wants space. She wants to be free for a while and put them on break. She tried to act like nothing happen, and rubbed his shoulder as she walked past him but he just thought of he might never get her back. He didn't talk for 2 days. He was too down to speak and one day when they went to the fair, he felt ignored as she went with her friends and he stayed back letting her have space. He then took it too far, by not talking and stating away from her. She spotted her bestfriend and left him alone as she left with him.He felt unwanted and abandoned. She then in the car asked what was wrong with you today? And he replied everything, he kept bottling up his feelings he couldn't fit no more, he blew up. Slamming the door in her face And punched a tree. He soon after broke to his knees in her driveway crying and apologize for his anger. She forgave him but deep down she didn't want him after that. After not answering his texts and calls she says she doesn't love him anymore and that he didn't change his bratty attitude. She said she was done as he begged for one last chance. They didn't talk for that whole day as they went off on each other on status. They did talk but never got back together. She said she does not want him. That she didn't find what she was looking for. He feels that she does still love him and he will always love her but she wont say. She said she felt sympathy not love when he asked. They agreed to being friends but he knows he wants her back, and always will. He will always love her and hopefully she feels the same. He prays that one day they'll be together again. When streetlights glowing happen to be like moments passing in front of him. And the thought of her not loving him hurts him the most. He knows he messed up and drove her away. That he is the monster, and she is just a victim. I know this because i knew him. He was a part of me, but he died. He died for the one he loved. You see the moral of this story is not just to tell you that love can fall apart but to warn you. That love is not something to take for granted. Not many feel love and many will not experience it. If you have a loved one that says you need to change your ways do so. Don't wait tell the last minute. Emotions are not to be bottled up, but to be free. If. You are angry talk to someone. Don't make the mistake the I made. Don't cheat on your lover, it's not right and will hit you in the long run. Apologize to those you hurt. And if your loved one is beggaring for you attention give it to them. That's all they want. Because if you don't, you might lose them. You don't know what you have until it's gone. And when it's gone you might not get it back. It sucks when your ignored by the person who's attention means the world to you.

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