The Smile Leading Nowhere.

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The Road does not go on forever.

Submitted: August 21, 2010

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Submitted: August 21, 2010



The Smile Leading Nowhere.
In the brutal light of morning,
the fake lives fade away,
a million hollow promises
will die.
And as our midnight rendezvous.
turns to morning tears.
there remains nothing left to do but cry.
So I wander through the world,
so cold and empty
crying out to God to end the pain.
On the shipwrecked shore of dreams
no one listens to my screams,
as I swear that I shall never plead again.
My heart still torn by the wound of Cupid’s Arrow
black shadows clouding visions of the past
and the days feel so long
without your joyous song
why our love was never meant to last.
When your hand was clasped in mine
the world was beautiful
when you looked at me I felt so much in love
now I’m stranded here in tears
left to contemplate the years
till we join together once again above.

© Copyright 2019 Xavier Sekula. All rights reserved.

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