A Poem For Grandpa

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After my grandfather died last April, I wrote a whole bunch of poems to get out my feelings. This is just one of them. It might be a little weird because it doesn't really have a form or rhythm. But I hope you still like it!

Submitted: March 02, 2008

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Submitted: March 02, 2008



I remember him; he's hard to forget.

His sweet smell of tea always brought a smile to my eyes.

I remember that he always at marshmellow fluff.

He taught me how to put it on my sandwich and I've done it ever since.


My grandpa was a great man.

He married a great woman and lived a long and happy life.

His favorite thing in the whole world was fishing.

He told us that for his death, he wanted to die in his boat with a fishing rod in his hands.

But he never got to die that way.


That day I was told he died, I cried and cried for hours.

It was really hard for me to accept that he was really gone.

He always had a joke up his sleeve and would never forget old times.

I miss him with all my life.


But one thing still haunts me.

An accomplishment that I never got to succeed in.

Before he left, before he died,

I never got to say goodbye.


I told him I loved him, that we would visit soon again.

But now I realize it wasn't true.

We never would see him again; and now every time he comes to mind, or I hear his voice rain down on me, these four words echo through my mind.

I love you grandpa. I love you. And I always will.


One last thin, before I close up; I just have a thing to say.

It's for my grandpa, I've always wanted to tell him but I thought I'd hae more time.

So here it is: Grandpa, even if you die we will never need to say goodbye because you will always be with me, right here in my heart.

And I know that you'll never leave me for anything, or anyone because you're with all of us, and I will never let you down.

So no need to say goodbye because we were never seperated.


I love you grandpa, I love you.


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