Death betrays us

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Have you ever thought of committing suicide? Don't you realize you have other choices?

Submitted: March 12, 2008

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Submitted: March 12, 2008



Excuse after excuse.

Leaving yourself no room to breathe.

Your body is like the dynamite that is lighting the fuse.

No oxygen, no air, you begin to seethe.


Hoping deep in your heart that it will go away.

That you'll wake up in your bed and it will have all disappeared.

Knowing that no one will ever have more to say.

And everything you hated will no longer be what you feared.


Fire burning in your eyes every day.

I pain as I see it burn down everyone you see.

Your heart and soul is all you have to trade.

And now I think you're trading me.


You suffer and cry as you kneel on the floor.

I feel like I can't help you like I had that one time.

The pain and sorrow beating you hard to the core.

And the death bell, oh in the distance does it chime.


You gasp and choke for the air you cannot reach.

It's breaking your rope that you're hanging onto for dear life.

The pain so unbearable clings onto you like a leach.

And now there are no more dreams left for you to strive.


You talk about the knife, and you see it in your hands.

Don't you realize how many people you'll be hurting if you stick that through your chest?

You think it'll be easier if you just make plans.

But don't you realize how much you are really blessed?


It's not a choice, it's not an option.

You need to realize that there are more things to choose from.

Selling your life as if in an auction.

If you take the chance, you will meet the sum.


Death is not your fate.

Death is not your future.

Death will never be late.

Death will never nurture.


Death has betrayed you.

Death has betrayed us all.

You think that there is nothing left to do.

But if you go, we all will fall.

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