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How much longer can I pretend that you really want to be my friend?

Submitted: January 23, 2008

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Submitted: January 23, 2008



Deep inside.

I wanna cry.

It's not a lie.

I know you want me to die.


I'm all alone.

In the darkness.

With no one to hold.

Because you've left.


I remember the times.

They're painful and decreipt.

But now they're all lies.

Though they're still kept.


We were best friends.

Till he came along.

You went around the bend.

It was wrong.


I'm sad you don't care.

She is too.

We want to see you happy.

but what are we supposed to do?


I'm stuck between decisions.

Two I wish I didn't have to make.

Tell you to leave him.

Or have us leave you.


Please tell me the reason.

Why you're being so cold.

Don't you care for me?

Don't you like me at all?


He's nice and he's sweet.

He's a real keep.

But you left me in the dark.

Without a light, without a mark.


I wish I had more options.

I wish it didn't have to come to this.

I wish you had more choices.

You should see the list.


You used to be run down.

Broken hearted and demolished.

But then that boy was here.

And your heart became one again.


Now ever time I see your face.

It's bright and with a smile.

Every time you see him there.

It's like its been a while.


The helpless hope of getting you back.

Is less than likely.

The hopeless wish for him to leave.

Is just another doubt.


Every time I look in your eyes.

I see a life of love.

Every time I look away.

I see the strangled rope.


You helped me get past all the lies.

You helped me get through all the tries.

You helped me from dying away.

I just wish that I could do the same.



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