Finding Summer Love

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This is partially just an idea for a poem, but also based on me. I'm excited every summer, hoping that I might find summer love. So this story is kind of expressing the feelings of someone (partially me) wanting to find summer love.

Submitted: June 28, 2008

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Submitted: June 28, 2008



A beam of everlasting warmth,

Shines on the bodies of the cold.

It uses its power of healing,

To comfort the sick and hurt.


This summer’s dream,

This one girls goal,

Is to find true love,

And have it last like the warmth of the sun.


A new look to find,

A new category to be named in,

A new person she will become,

A new life she will lead.


She needs this now,

Something she never had before.

The love of a boy,

Her love returned.


Someone to hold her when the sun no longer shines,

Someone to dance with her in the pouring rain,

Someone to write his heart out about her,

Someone who never wants to be parted; no matter how long.


Someone who can see deeper into her than anyone else,

Someone who understands fully who she really is,

Someone who cares about her and not her face,

Someone who will care no matter what.


Someone who can make her feel happy,

Someone who can make her feel right at home.

Someone she will cry about when he’s not there,

Someone she will talk all night with on the phone.


Someone who is looking for her,

Someone who is also looking for summer love,

Someone who knows he will find her,

Someone who will do all it takes to make sure he finds her.



Someone to take her breath away,

Someone who can kiss her in any way,

Someone who feels that same tingling sensation every time they’re together,

Someone she can trust not to break her heart.


A single touch from the one she needs,

Would bring her into paradise forever.

A paradise where the flowers always bloom,

And that healing warmth wraps her in an everlasting blanket.


True summer love,

Is all she’s asking for,

And crossing her fingers just for hope,

That it’s right around the corner.



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