I will No More

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no more will i have to deal with consequences of your mistakes

Submitted: February 04, 2008

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Submitted: February 04, 2008



Stealthy and slow.

Through the hopeless it flows.

Empty and dirty like an empty gate.

No more will I be under your weight.


Creaking and groaning.

The rust has dried.

Trying so hard to open.

But you're stuck with all the lies.


It's hard to believe, to think that it's true.

That really all the blame was on you.

But you shoved it all onto my shoulders.

And the troubles came as if on cue.


Endless tears, because of you.

Endless years, nothing had been true.

Endless lives, dying for no reason.

Endless days, full of over rainy seasons.


Splattering like blood on the cement.

I look up into your eyes.

Fearfull lies.

It's all I see.


I can't handle the guilt.

I can't handle what you've built.

I can't handle the suspense.

I then climb over the fence.


Running for lives.

Running from the knives.

Tears have stopped.

I'm done paying your cost.


So here's the secret.

If you ever choose to listen.

It's not having to live with everyone else.

It's having to live with yourself.


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